November 29, 2022

day 3 of bupropion frustration aniexty

Okay so what’s up it is sunday march 27 it is about ten thirteen and um my day off so i get to enjoy it and do everything i didn’t get to do during the week just catch up so what’s going on is that it’s actually gate three of you profane and yeah three days into it and i’m yeah i’m not liking it that much because i’m actually getting more anxious at work i i don’t

Know it just is weird because i do want to lash out on people and i know i shouldn’t so i don’t and the fact is that i’ve just been busy all week so it’s not it’s not good to add this on top of it and start it off so day three ibuprofen i took it this morning um not sure if it helps really but i’ll give it a week and if not i don’t know i’ll probably stop it after

A month and just do this full moon love the pills and we can see if it actually helps me out because if it does i don’t know i really don’t know but it’s just time to move on with everything and get my life in check and i’ve had this before i even got a while be true but be broken so the problem is that i i knew my problems i know my problems and i know it’s how

I’m holding myself back but the thing is that it’s just a little hard to get motivated and just yeah so i just need to look for a job that i like and you start sam you know so i can move out and live around because doesn’t slide living with people because you don’t get as much done and you always have to worry about other people but when you live alone you only

Worry about your own so scare weight my goal by 2012 will be to have my own place and a better job and hopefully be in school by then because i’ve been trying to get in school but just a lot of things holding me back because i really don’t want financial burdens right now i don’t want to owe anybody money at the moment and that’s my only options so what’s going

On is rebuilding day 30 angry doesn’t do anything with constipation wise i’m not sure yet but i’ve only been taking it for three days so everything works well moody yes moody definitely i’m guessing that’s because the the attic chemicals that going into my brain whatever the whatever it’s supposed to be doing but i’m pretty sure it’s with my chemicals in my head

So there’s definitely side effects but we’ll see what happens and if it works out well i’ll probably go for the full the eye wellbutrin instead of bupropion so you guys enjoy your sunday and hopefully i’ll get more videos out today i just reinstated my cox cable service because they had a promotion for 30 bucks for thirty bucks a month for three months and then

After that they raise it up but i was like okay so i’ll be back later see you guys in a bit you guys enjoy your day

Transcribed from video
bupropion day 3 By silver fire