March 28, 2023

Bupropion SR, XL 150 mg and XL 300 mg dosage and side effects are discussed. This popular antidepressant is sold under the brand names Wellbutrin and Zyban in the US. Talk about weight loss, warnings and other potential effects.

Hi this is josh with pharmacists today to talk about bupropion the medication bupropion the uses for it the dosage as well as the side effects so the topics i’m going to cover in this video what is bupropion the uses in dosage of this common medication the most common side effects withdrawal symptoms concerns and the warnings associated so as with all my

Videos this is for informational purposes only not intended to serve as a substitute for your healthcare provider always speak to your health care provider before you make changes to your medications or lifestyle so what is bupropion it’s an antidepressant it’s inhibits the reuptake of a couple neurotransmitters known as dopamine and norepinephrine so it works

Different than the ssris which affects serotonin in the us have sold under the brand name wellbutrin and zyban the approved uses are for depression seasonal affective disorder and smoking sensation other the off-label meaning it wasn’t studied for this but over time we found that it helps with that adhd can help with that bipolar the depression associated with

Bipolar disorder and sexual dysfunction from ssris so some of those there’s antidepressants that have the effect on serotonin can have some sexual decide affects things like fluoxetine citalopram and sometimes bupropion bupropion is used to offset those side effects so dosing for bupropion the immediate release is usually started at 100 milligrams or your final

Dose is typically 100 milligrams three times a day there’s a lot of variation in there many people can get by on a lower dose maximum dosage considered to be 450 milligrams a day the srr formulation this is also the formulation that’s generally used for smoking cessation started a 150 milligrams every morning for three days and then up to twice a day thereafter

Maximum dose on the s are typically considered to be 200 milligrams twice a day of 400 milligram daily dose the xl typically started 150 milligrams daily in the morning a lot of folks end up on 300 milligrams a day again it varies but maximum dose considered to be 450 milligrams a day so what are the most common side effects now you’re gonna see there’s a lot of

Range and these side effects and it is dose dependent so the higher you go on the dose the higher risk of side effects rapid heartbeat or tachycardia can incur in 10 percent so 1 out of 10 people could notice some changes in in their heartbeat insomnia again varies from 11 to 40 percent headache anywhere from a quarter of people to 30 percent of people who use

This can experience some side effect now these can occur initially and a lot of times they will improve the longer you’re on the medicine so just because some of these occur it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re not going to be able to tolerate the medicine if the side effect is bothersome you of course would want to talk to you prescriber see if they want you

To continue or adjust the dosage agitation can occur anywhere from two to thirty percent dizziness six to twenty percent excessive sweating or diaphoresis five to 20 percent weight loss can occur in 14 to 22 percent of folks on this other common side effects can include dry mouth constipation nausea tremor and blurred vision and again dose dependent and a lot of

Times the longer you’re on it it will improve other side effects can include anxiety muscle and body aches high blood pressure pitching rash a weight gain can sometimes occur increase risk of respiratory and sinus infections cough abdominal pain diarrhea flatulence change in appetite either increase or decrease increase in urination ringing in the ears and others

Again these are less than 10% so less than 1 in 10 people will have these what about withdrawal it’s really not considered to have a terrible withdrawal symptoms although in my experience most people do prefer to taper down the dose they feel best if it’s not stopped abruptly and like i said the symptoms for most folks can be generally mild but you typically want

To taper the dose over two to four weeks kind of depending how long you bet on it how high the dose is and of course that’s something you and your healthcare provider can work out some of the warnings suicidal thinking that can occur with any antidepressant the risk is very low but we do warn on all antidepressants that can occur change in mood unexpected change in

Mood especially smoking cessation folks you know they’re taking it to reduce the urge to smoke and they may notice some changes in mood they’re not on board with of course contact a health care provider seizures if you’re if you’ve had a history of seizures in the past this medicine could increase the risk that you’ll have a seizure again if it seems like the best

Medicine for somebody with a history of seizures the dose is usually started very very low and increased very very slowly mania and psychosis so some of the folks with bipolar disorder sometimes this can send them in the too far past depression into the mania episodes occasionally vision or eye problems so you’d want to follow up if you notice a change in vision

It can increase blood pressure so we need to be careful if we already have high blood pressure already have some cardiac heart disorders we need to be mindful of that sexual dysfunction although it’s a lot lower risk than a lot of the other antidepressants that can still occur we want to avoid alcohol it is just best to avoid alcohol completely with be appropriate

Bupropion we want to avoid sedatives like alcohol but also like benzodiazepines things like valium xanax now they are used together sometimes so you know under the doctor’s supervision they can be used but we need to be very cautious about using them together i do thank you for watching i hope you appreciate this information i’d like it if you’d like the video and

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Bupropion Review Uses, Dosage, Side Effects, Warnings and Weight Loss By Pharmacist Tips