March 22, 2023

These are some horror stories from people who suffered seizures from taking the anti-depressant, Bupropion (Wellbutrin)

Welcome to the world of tales i have bipolar disorder and have faithfully been taking wellbutrin xl 450 milligrams every morning for the last four years at the time i was not on a mood stabilizer and was in the midst of a major depressive episode i don’t believe that had any effect on the physiological symptoms however after drinking enough to be fairly inebriated

I thought it would be a good idea to take approximately 9 tablets of 150 milligrams of wellbutrin xl because it was the only drug that ever worked for me if it didn’t improve my mood i’d hoped it would at least kill me or knock me out for a long long time i took the pills around 2 or 3 am and went to bed immediately after around 6 am i practically jumped out of

The bed extremely disoriented due to the incredible nervous energy radiating throughout my body and mind i was twitching uncoordinated and had slight difficulty choosing words i snuck out of my apartment without waking my boyfriend or friends and hopped on a bus to get to a train station which would take me to a hospital i knew fairly well i definitely blacked out

On the bus and probably looked like i was overdosing on something at this point my sense of time was non-existent and i knew that wellbutrin can cause hallucinations i was terrified that my heart was going to simply stop from beating so fast and incredibly paranoid that i was seeing and interacting with things that weren’t there or failing to register important

Information like oncoming cars 30 feet from the bus stop i had a seizure and fell down all the stairs leading into the subway i have no idea how long i was unconscious or whether it was because of the seizure or my head making the acquaintance of each and every stare i woke up feeling very strange and all i can think of is why is my face so cold why do i feel

Like i’m lying down when i’m not why is my face so cold that went on for a while then i realized there was a man standing over me he asked me if i was okay i definitely was not okay but i nodded on post seizure autopilot i kept laying there on the ground and he walked away without another word that was a fairly strange interaction so i’m not sure if he was real

I was growing more and more disoriented incoherent and i knew my auditory visual and tactile perception was distorted i eventually made my way onto the train and wound up getting off at the wrong stop and having no idea where i was where i was going or if people i was seeing everywhere were real i kept hearing fast footsteps all around me hissing whispers and male

Voices and gentle muffled feminine voices almost like singing after i saw there wasn’t a living soul on any of the blocks i could see my thinking was a little less realistic instead of suspecting a rapist or mugger i thought maybe they were demons and angels arguing and coming to escort me from this world but they were definitely auditory hallucinations i had

Lost my phone when falling down the stairs and had no money or id thankfully i remembered the word hospital and my heart palpitations increasingly fast pulse rate higher and higher blood pressure and terrifying confusion kept reminding me of my mission i believe i found my way to the hospital myself because that’s where i wound up by the time i got there around

10 to 11 am i was so incoherent that i insisted it was the year 2006 but i did know who the president was when they asked how many pills i took i said a multiple of three like three or nine or 12. well it obviously wasn’t 3 and for personal reasons it makes a lot of sense that i would take a multiple of 3 so 9 or 12 is what i’m sticking with 11 to noon is when

The barfing began it wasn’t cathartic in any way i was afraid my heart was going to come out of my mouth literally everything felt like it was shaking and twitching including my heart and other organs it was probably exacerbated by my frantic and incoherent racing thoughts and distorted sensory perception that went on for hours it was impossible to sleep or rest

Because of the terrible nervous energy and thudding heart they kept me in the cardiology unit for three days hooked up to an iv met electrodes and just so many wires that i couldn’t get out of bed without help after about a day and a half my heart slowed down enough that i could sleep fairly well after two days i felt mostly fine and eager to get out they gave

Me some more brain scans and sent me on my merry way throughout the entire experience i felt incredibly guilty terrified embarrassed and later belittled by understandably insensitive hospital staff i do not recommend taking wellbutrin recreationally i have experimented with smaller dosages 750 milligrams to 900 milligrams and the effects are the same only a bit

Less intense none of them are enjoyable because there’s an overwhelming sense of paranoia and any visual hallucinations are usually terrifying or startling at the least here are some examples from my personal experience male voices hissing and female voices singing which are quite disconcerting when alone seeing movement and shadows in my peripherals which

Disappear rapidly the second i turn to look i once saw an overturned bowl in my kitchen with two wasps flying around inside and buzzing clear as day i didn’t understand how they possibly could have gotten there so i had a friend come over to verify there were no wasps and amusingly there was no bowl either very convincing footsteps every time i have overdosed

Or even taken one or two extra the creepiest part is that when i stop to turn around and see if someone is following you the footsteps always stop too i thought maybe i was hearing my own steps but they’re always the same i’d hear healed boots hitting concrete even when i was walking barefoot on carpet pair that up with the sneaky shadows and movement in the

Peripherals and you have created a nice little nightmare for yourself that can last up to 24 hours there are so many better things to do recreationally than wellbutrin do yourself a favor never take more than 450 milligrams and only use it for its amazing depression ravaging properties i’m not sure as to why i decided to do it anything for a high i guess but

Anyway one night near the end of the summer i took a bunch of my wellbutrin pills at first i didn’t feel much i got a little drowsy after about 40 minutes and i laid down and watched tv i started to see little things on the floor and they look like spiders but i knew that it was just in my head so i didn’t care and then i felt sick so i got up and tried to

Walk to the bathroom it felt like the world was flipping violently from side to side and i couldn’t even make it out the door so i had to crawl the rest of the way the rest of the night is extremely hazy to me but the things i do remember are that i spent most of it by the toilet and the rest lying on the floor outside the bathroom because i couldn’t seem to get

Any farther than that i remember thinking that i was going to die and hoping i would because i’ve never felt that bad in my entire life my mother found me the next morning lying on the carpet in a pile of my own vomit and the next couple of days were spent in my bed i was unable to walk properly for days and i chewed the skin off the insides of my cheeks i’m

Pretty sure i had a seizure wellbutrin is known to cause seizures in high doses and my memory has been pretty messed up ever since it was without a doubt the worst experience of my life trust me it’s not worth it this incident took place last thursday night it was one of those events that removes the divide between your secret of hidden life from the life you

Portray to others like two worlds colliding in an instant and after it’s over you better hope you have a good character to fall back on after you lose your blanket of lies anyways this was one of those it sucks ass by the way i have recently obtained a prescription for wellbutrin sr 100 milligram tabs for a major depressive disorder that i’ve struggled with for

Who cares how long i discontinued prozac for no good reason it worked fine but i heard bupropion could give you a buzz being a dopamine i take adderall xr in addition for add but mainly because it can you up but that’s a different story this is what happened on thursday morning we had a snow day when i have nothing to do i get in trouble it’s just how i am i

Spent the morning at my neighbors snorting cocaine and feeling cool that night i was in my room and had no high whatsoever and so reality had sunk in and due to my major lack of coping skills i had to get high again any kind of high all i had was wellbutrin i popped five or six 100 milligram tabs and waited for about a half an hour felt nothing i went to eat

Dinner with my mom and soon enough i started to feel pretty good i told my mom i feel pretty damn good and then everything goes black i awake roughly 10 minutes later in the kitchen sitting in a chair someone has their hand in my shirt and i assume it’s a weird dream it becomes apparent there are two emts crouched next to me putting electro things on my chest

And about seven firefighters surrounding them i don’t know what to think i was very very frightened and very very disoriented i remember yelling what’s going on and my mom telling me that i had a seizure and explaining to the paramedics what had happened it was very bizarre and strangely horrifying it was the lapse in time that i found particularly disturbing

I was escorted to the ambulance and was hysterical at the idea of being taken away the ambulance seems to scare me more than being put in a police car but yeah i was freaking out i was hooked up to the monitor and all that and away we went on route to legacy emanuel hospital my heart rate was roughly 180 beats per minute pretty damn high the paramedic put an

Iv in which hurt like a i was asked all sorts of questions about my meds i explained that i abused all of them yadda yadda it was no fun at the hospital i was wheeled in on the bed and felt like a lazy bum and insisted on walking but they weren’t having it i got my own room and spent some very strange and silent moments with my mom and little brother finally

Calm enough to ask what the hell just happened i explained my log hidden adderall addiction to some relief my mom being cool about it they took some blood gave me a cat scan and some funny looks but no lollipop which really pissed me off the blood showed traces of cocaine busted now all my meds are regulated and my relationship with my parents is very strained

But getting better i was unconscious during the seizure but being told what it was like was heartbreaking coming from my little brother he wrote me a long letter begging me to get off of drugs because he loves me and it just tore my heart out it’s been a miserable week wellbutrin should not be with of course neither should any pharmaceuticals grandma’s

Seizures are very very scary it is now a haunting experience and a valuable lesson peace i am no stranger to substance abuse and have literally tried everything including the hardest street drugs but this was by far the scariest experience i’ve ever had now to get to my story i was prescribed wellbutrin 150 milligrams and circle 100 milligrams which i took

For several weeks with no problems and i did not abuse i generally felt no effects of being up from the wellbutrin but the circle did make me feel very tired and disoriented around the fourth week of taking this combination i took my meds as usual before bed and told my girlfriend i was going to sleep it was around 11 pm and she stayed up to watch tv about

20 minutes later i was staring at my girlfriend and all the lights were on i asked her what she was doing and she said i had a seizure and the ambulance was on the way i had no memory of this i didn’t believe her and was pissed about what was sure to be an expensive ambulance ride i tried to sit up in bed and was absolutely crippled by the worst back pain i

Had ever felt the emts arrived and had to take me out on a stretcher as i could not move i was admitted to the er and they gave me the works cat scan x-rays mris you name it when the x-rays came back the doctor told me i had five fractured vertebrates in my back he didn’t believe that i had not fallen and said the injuries looked as though i had jumped off

A three-story building and landed on my feet i had no memory of the seizure but my girlfriend witnessed it all and ensured them i never left the bed the seizure was just so violent that it was able to do that kind of damage i recovered in the hospital for five days and was unable to walk normally for months it was an absolutely terrifying experience i later

Found out that both these medications lower the seizure threshold and taken in combination can be dangerous i found out the hard way please research your meds before taking them doctors are human and make mistakes just like everyone else i will never take these medications again and unless i was currently in a psychotic state i would not take circle thank you you

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Bupropion Seizure Stories By Tales From The Trip!