March 24, 2023

So i’m back updating you guys with another video the last time that i came on here we were talking about my me starting wellbutrin i’m sure that the the generic of wellbutrin and its boo boo propria my eyes are like kind of itching because i have i put powder on my face just now and i think i got some in there but um i wanted to talk to you guys because that friday

When i talked to you guys i was on my way to my doctor’s appointment and um i had told you guys that i was having to i’ve been having trouble with my weight and stuff like that and apparently that day um you know how you go to the doctor’s office and then they weigh you apparently i lost 5 pounds so you know that’s pretty good and i was like all shocked because

I didn’t try to lose anything you know like i didn’t go on a diet i didn’t exercise or anything like that so that was pretty like encouraging to hear and i was like what the heck cuz you know when he’s done those um those scales that they’re long here in the front and then the little weight things and then they move on whatever it was right in front of my face

And i knew how much i weighed the last time i went in there and this time when i when i went in there i was like what the five problems and i mean i was just like i was all excited you know so that was good that’s been one of the ups for me on it and actually i haven’t had many side effects with this medication except for headaches and trouble sleeping and i’m

Still having that trouble sleeping like it does get me a while to really feel tired but not to the point where i’m like exhausted in the morning and oh my gosh you know i didn’t fall asleep or anything like that it’s just i don’t know because i’ve always fought my sleep but um now i just feel like it’s not that i’m not fighting it she said i’m just not tired and

I’ve had so much more energy and oh and also that said i wanted to talk to you guys about also oh i had talked to you guys about my weight problems and stuff like that and i had talked about it with my doctor already and he said he would start me on something once i once i am was a little more like calmed down from like the depression part of things and like not

Crying and not so emotional and stuff like that so this last time that i went in there every time that i would go in there to talk to him i would cry i was just crying crying crying the moment i went in and we were just talking about it i was crying crying crying and this last time that i went i didn’t cry at all like i wanted to cry but because they were it’s like

A nurse in him that go in there with me and i felt like crying but because they were telling me you look so much better and i said that whatever and to me myself i wanted to cry but like of happiness because i was like i know i know where i was a week ago you know like mentally i know where i was a week ago and it really scared me like this time with my depression

It really got to me like i was like what the is going on like i did not see a way out you know what i mean and i thank god that i had the courage to finally go to the doctor and say i need help because i’m like literally going crazy and i need help so i didn’t write this last time because i was just going sad or whatever like that i and he noticed it he noticed

That was better so i did tell him you know is it a good time to like start something for my weight and he’s like yeah yeah we could start you on something and i was like ok cool so he was gonna give her give me thinner me better me but he said since i do have anxiety it wouldn’t be like the best thing for me because he’s like it really has you like really up and

Like oh my gosh like in a way shaky and i said okay you know that was his advice to me so i was like okay and then he gave me a prescription for contrave and it’s been i’ve liked it it’s given me a lot of energy and i’ve started walking and i mean i’ve only walked for like two days already but i got my ass up and got ready to go walking and i’ve been walking with

My boyfriend and he has african pokemon game he has that pokemon game and it tells you how far you’ve walked so we’ve been walking 1.6 kilometers which equals a mile or something yeah which equals a mile so we walked 1.6 kilometers and then walk back so it’s like two miles you know so it’s been really good and today i don’t know why my shins are like really sore

In there hurting but um i’ve liked it you know like i’m not the type of person to go running like i hate running even when i was a cheerleader in high school i hate it i mean i just hate running i don’t link to it so the walking part is good for me you know like i could walk i’d like to walk much better than ready and so yeah i started walking and stuff like that

And i’m still into the point where i like it i’m still not to the point where i like get fully ready with myself but now i do feel more like okay i need to get dressed to go to the store and stuff like that rather than just saying my like stretchy pants and not that there’s anything wrong with being like that because i do like to feel comfortable most of the time

If you guys would see what i’m wearing under like as bottoms right now it’s my pajama shorts and it’s like 4 o’clock in the afternoon and but i did get dressed early today because he’s a little warmer so at one point today i didn’t have jeans on so that was good i’ve just been feeling a lot better you know and also with this pill the only downside is that it’s so

Frickin expensive and my insurance doesn’t cover it so i don’t know he had given me a prescription for 120 pills and i literally had to cut that dose like to take home for me to afford it because for i think he was gonna give me a 30 b to play gonna be like $70 and right now i just can’t afford that so i had to cut that in half and then it came out 230 something

So i was able to get two weeks worth of it and i’ve taken a week already of it yeah a week of it so now in a week in a week i need to figure out how to pay for that but it’s just so expensive right now because i have my son’s birthday in a week and you know it’s have peter piper and those things cost money so i don’t know i don’t know i really hope i pull something

Out of my ass and just make some money and also i mean i’ve been making if you guys have me on facebook i bake cakes and i make tutus and i’ve been doing that right now i’m actually doing a batman 2 – i’m not really so yeah if you have me on facebook you see me do that as in making cakes and making tootsie’s or right now really like i live right next to a fire

Station so um right now i’ve been doing that but the money that’s been coming for it it’s been like literally just like helping me out as i go like okay i made $20 off a tutu but i need to put gas or i made $25 off a tattoo and i need to buy diapers and wipes so it’s been helping me but i have not been able to save you know so it’s a little frustrating but i mean

Look at their struggle but we’ll get there um so yeah i’m excited to see i’m not supposed to go to my doctor until two months so we’ll see i’m hoping i lose like a good amount of weight i feel it already like especially right here i feel a lot thinner and in my shoulders around the year i felt like really swollen in a way you know what i mean and by the end of the

Day i’m not kidding you my feet would swell my in physics well and that’s what i mean like this you’re getting heavy yeah and i don’t want to be skinny i don’t want to be super thin honestly the only insecurity i have with myself right now would be like my stomach and i think any mom has that insecurity because you’ve had kids their stomach has stretched out and

Back in out and back in so many times and many times of these have kids and then it’s hard for you to lose the weight afterwards ends i mean not all of us snap back you know at least i don’t soul it’s that’s just like my insecurity right now and then like i wish my legs would be a little more firm but i like like the shape and like i don’t want to be super thin

I don’t want to lose a lot of weight i just want to feel good about myself you never mean like i’m not bothered by whatever numbers on my jeans and stuff like that i don’t care i just want to fit intimate close the way i want to fit into my clothes you know i mean and that’s just my goal like the pounds okay yeah it’s like okay cool you know i lost weight but

That’s just not what it looks important to me you know what i mean and i don’t know i’m just gonna try to really like keep going with this and like i told you i’m gonna pull money matter out of my ass i wish it growing on this tree right here but doesn’t so we’ll see i just need to i mean i could do it i need to do it and two weeks i need to get $30 get my pills

And that’s it and i mean it’s like people say the pills are not a quick there are quick fix you know what i mean yeah they’re gonna suppress your hunger yeah they’re gonna help you out with your metabolism and all these things but at the end of the day you do need to change the way that you’re eating because i know that once i stop taking the pills i’m fully

Capable of gaining weight back you know to me so i have been trying to eat more healthy and honestly with these pills it really does help me like i really don’t like until today actually i did crave like a burger and stuff like that but before that i wanted a salad and something like really fresh you know i mean so i don’t know i’m just trying to honestly like i

Could have a burger but take off the buns you know what i mean like i have no problem doing that and me and my daughter because she is pre-diabetic we have no trouble doing that with her you know so i just buy the lettuce and we make a burger and our buns are the lettuce you know what i mean so i’m just gonna keep going with that and just try hard and get it done

You know what i mean so i think i say you know what i mean like a million times but you know it so i don’t know i’m just a lot happier right now with myself and i do feel like i’m losing weight and stuff like that like i’m looking at my face right now in my phone camera and i do feel like thinner and it makes me feel like i’m so happy you know but um i don’t know

I’m just trying to take it day by day because i tend to like overwhelm myself and i don’t want to do that so i’ll just take a day by day if today i up and i ate a burger tomorrow you know what i can have a really really good fresh salad with grilled chicken in it and that’s okay i’m gonna up i’m gonna up i mean how many years has it been that i eat crap you

Know what i mean and this is only it’s only been a week that i’ve been on these pills and stuff like that so like i said i’m just gonna take it day by day you guys have any like help me recipes to attract along to me please passing along to me please comment down below and give them to me because i think that’s like my main downfall that i’m just like oh what the

Do i cook know what do i cook now i have salad yesterday so i just i get to be like oh no you know we have this bread right here let’s make a sandwich and if i was to know i really need to write down a lot more as recipes and just be like okay you have chicken you can make this a bit okay you have this you can make this a bit then i be a lot more calm about in just

Like okay that’s what i have something to make it you know so if you guys have that please comment down below then i’ll try them out but um i think that’s it and then after this laughter i’ve been recording this video for you guys i’m gonna record another video which is just something like personal that i has been like growing in this brain of mine and i need your

Guys’s opinions and it’s like kind of a touchy subject so if you’re watching this video and you’ve waited this long to the end of the video please watch the next video and give me some advice because i’m just going crazy about this so i’m gonna cut this video off now minute video vegas

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Bupropion Update + Diet pills By Tati Barraza