December 8, 2022

In episode 7 of Drug Talk, I discuss Bupropion as requested by one of our facebook followers.

Everybody welcome to another episode of drug talk this is episode 7 and we’re going to be discussing the medication known as the program now if we program is similar to the medication we discussed in episode 6 searching in the sense that they can both be used to treat depression we’re searching with a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor propria is a serotonin

And norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor so if touches on two chemicals instead of just the one if you’re not familiar with the name you propria on you can actually find this medication marketed under other brand names such as wellbutrin xl as well as some generic forms of appropriate iron and also as i ban when is used for smoking cessation so i mentioned that

It can be used in depression as well as smoking cessation aside from those two conditions the connection is to treat the seasonal affective disorder as well aside from those main uses there are also some off-label uses where you can see that medication use sometimes these off-label uses are obesity depression associated with bipolar disorder as well as adhd or

Attention deficit hyperactive disorder in the state it’s american under of wide variety of brand names but here in canada it’s mainly just wellbutrin is iban and then it’s just different generics of the appropriate ex-ira so in terms of how it’s available i’ll just discuss a couple of them you turn xl which is the extended-release version is available as a 150

Milligram tablet as well as a 300 milligram tablet it’s very important with this specific formulation to try to get 24 hours in between dosing as well as not to crush or true the tablet as you may disrupt the delivery mechanism the sr version that i talked about usually seen with the generics is a sustained release mechanism it’s important to separate these doses

As well but it doesn’t have to be like the excel in 24 hours with this one mainly has two separate doses by eight hours and it’s usually taken twice a day common practice that a physician would start you off on a lower dose and slowly increase the dose as your body gets used to the medication to try to decrease the risk of any side effects happening to you brand

Diovan that we discuss is only available in a hundred and fifty milligram tablet before stereo medication or being prescribed as medication or positionally check out your kidney and your liver function for your kidneys where there’s impairment the manufacturers label does actually recommend to decrease the dose but it doesn’t give a specific recommendation you

Position we make this decision this is similar for your liver in the sense that with mild impairment there’s no specific recommendation given just that you may want to reduce the dose again this would be decided by their physician and pharmacist with moderate to severe impairment your physician would be able to find specific recommend dosing for this medication

Now there are some contraindications of communication as well that is reasons your physician could not prescribe the medication to you one contraindication is a history of eating disorders another is the history of seizures or if you currently had epilepsy as well as different conditions which may put you at an increased risk of having a seizure such as a severe

Head trauma now assuming that you met with your physician got a prescription and it’s been being necessary for you to take this medication there are a couple things you should know so you can take this medication with or without food it does not have to be taken with regards to meals it’s important as mentioned not to crush or chew these tablets especially when

You see that excel extended release or sr sustained release on your vial that means that these tablets are formulated in a certain way that the medication is slowly released over the course of hours or even with the exo over the course of a day if you chew the tablet you’ll disrupt this mechanism and the medication won’t be delivered as it’s supposed to be the

Best thing you can do to assure that you’re taking the medication appropriately is to follow the directions on your leg and take the medication as prescribed by your physician there are some side-effects worth noting with this medication as well around eleven percent of individuals experience a rapid heart rate while using this medication anywhere from about 10

To 40 percent of people experience insomnia that is difficulty sleeping for this reason it’s important to take the medication in the morning when you first are taking it so that it has less than effect on your sleep in five to thirty four percent of individuals experience headache now this is a wide range but anywhere from two to thirty two percent of individuals

Experience agitation and anywhere from six to twenty two percent of people experience dizziness up to twenty two percent of individuals experience sweating and from 14 to 23 percent experience weight loss will beam down to your gastrointestinal tract about eight to twenty six percent of individuals experience constipation you can also experience nausea and vomiting

Or just nausea as well your experience blurred vision or tremors you may want to let your physician now as they may want to change or lower the dose of your medication although this continuation symptoms are less frequent with wellbutrin when compared to other antidepressants it’s still important to taper the medication gradually that is come off the medication

Slowly so that you can decrease the chance of having re-emergence symptoms as the medication makes its way through your body and heads towards the exit it’s metabolized by the sip p450 system with many of these difference i’m taking some take in their part now the major one is actually sipped to be six that’s all i’m going to talk about today would be appropriate i

Apologize i’m not in the virtual pharmacy today we i just finished a move and we’ll have the green screen set up for the next episode so i can jump back in there as always only use this channel for information purposes only and don’t make any personal decisions after watching these videos always consult your personal health care provider if you think i’m providing

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