March 28, 2023

Bupropion / Wellbutrin Review – Personal Experience

Hey guys during this video i’ll do a personal review of well vintage wellbutrin / boom appropriate i’ve taken taking product on two different cycles once lately and once four or five years ago you notice the effects instantly it is absolutely amazing for energy it’s um if you’re unfamiliar with it it’s used for a number of things used to help general energy used to

Help with um i know it’s also people some people use it as antidepressants that slash some people with bipolar disorder use it so it’s supposed to help a little bit with move a little bit with motivation things like focus and just being on a regular routine it’s something that you they say you have to take for about a month to feel it but i noticed results within

Within a couple of weeks if you doses if your dose is strong enough then you’ll certainly notice more energy to begin with if you’ve been experiencing chronic fatigue like for example being able to sleep 10 to 12 hours per day and just feeling more tired you’ll notice that instantly that’s something which i noticed more than the mental effects that once you start

Employing it into your daily stack you um feel like he needs i sleep more energy more excitement if your rate of speech is somewhat slows you due to depression or an off mood maybe it’s seasonal affective disorder if that’s something which will come right back with the use of wellbutrin and overall yeah again levels of motivation i say are what’s or what it’s

Best for so people use it in the in the fitness in the fitness world fitness industry it’s supposed to also help with um appetite suppression so that’s one of the things about it which is which is known of the people who use it as an antidepressant it’s one of the one drugs that actually doesn’t result in weight gain if anything it’ll result in weight loss since

It’s restricting your appetite so severely in terms of calorie partitioning i don’t know if it does anything that way i’ve done some research to see if it can help with muscle building / fat loss and there’s just um anecdotal information over there nothing really you know of use no scientific literature on that but i mean if you’re looking for some more motivation

You feel like something’s a bit off then i would definitely recommend wellbutrin it’s something a great maybe 8 out of 10 you can check it on the whip on wikipedia there’s the short there’s the short so what is it does it extend it release form and there’s a short release or something of that nature and on wikipedia you’ll essentially see a graph of just you know

Like how long the extended release will stay in your system and how like where peaks versus the the other form the short release i found it just it was very stimulating the first few hours like the first few hours you could actually feel your heart kind of beating irregularly where’s the extended release it’s just it’s more subtle and you can still sleep normally

If you the provider that you take it in the morning whereas so extended release they’ll take it once in the morning whereas the short release depending on your dose you may have to have it once in the morning and then once in the late afternoon so overall yeah i’ll rate it quite highly it’s very affordable for a prescription drug and again you mean you’ll have to

Have a prescription for it but i would say it’s worth going through the trouble for so i hope that hope that was helpful uh see you guys next time

Transcribed from video
Bupropion / Wellbutrin Review – Personal Experience By TheNootropicReviewer