January 26, 2023

I recently started taking Wellbutrin XL 150 MG for my depression and anxiety and this is a little bit of my story of why I started taking it.

Hi and crystal here and i’d like to thank you for watching my channel welcome to my channel so i genuinely really hope that the information that i give you today about wellbutrin helps you a little bit this is my second day using it along with that i did get a dandruff shampoo which is kind of crazy because the shampoo that they prescribed is an antifungal which

Is weird but um i’m gonna give you a little bit of background yesterday i went to go see a hard to get set up with the primary care and i explained to her this situation that i’m going through i’m gonna get married in may and my fiance and i we’re having a little bit of trouble with getting the romance going and i’ve been just kind of feeling blah haven’t been

In the mood i just kind of we’re just not i’m not aroused we’re not being sexually active and it’s affecting our relationship and it goes to show like i mean we have three kids around us you know it’s really my i got a lot going on i take care of three kids and i mean i have five but there’s three little ones that i haven’t that i take care of all day anyways

Um so there’s a lot of stuff that i do during the day that affects how i treat him when he gets home and if we’re looking into getting married in may yay marriage then i need to kind of figure out what’s going on with my hormones and what’s going on with my body so the doctor prescribed wellbutrin and lo and behold it’s kind of funny how she described it it

Can help you lose weight and it can help you when you’re in the you know the moment i guess it can enhance your your moment and it can help you quit smoking which i don’t smoke thank god but um i also like it’s it’s an image depressant and day two i have watched some videos on smaller gals that have taken wellbutrin just to see what their outcome was like and

I think her name is sam she she said that she did have headaches for the first like three days and that’s i had haigh just a mild one yesterday and then a mild one today just for like i don’t know 20 minutes probably about starting a half an hour after i took it but i did take it on an empty stomach it didn’t i mean it didn’t make me nauseous or anything but i

I’m hoping this can help me because i am b and i’m gonna be getting married and i’m hoping to lose some weight and i’m hoping that my hormones in my mood and everything will just kind of like you know kick off but this medicine i don’t know if it’ll help i don’t know if it will you know i’m gonna see cuz it’s only day two and it’s it was weird i went in there i

Went in to the doctor because i believe that before you get married that you should take the best care of yourself going into a marriage or should be and like your best shape best health get any problems that you have sorry my daughters who she’s eaten but um so i had her do a full panel like blood tests to check for any health problems you know cholesterol like

My thyroid but i do also i have a lung right here on my abdomen that she’s concerned about so i wanted to get that checked out as well before i say i do i don’t have any like problem like if it’s precancerous or if it’s just you know need a minor surgery i’m going to find out what’s going on it doesn’t go away and i just want to make sure that i’m at my best

Health in it since you know being married or having a wedding getting ready it’s a lot of work it’s a lot of stress but i wouldn’t want us to say i do and then find out later that i have had some lingering like cancer possibly from this lump in my abdomen so i don’t tap it as of today i don’t know what this lump is i’m not saying i have it but um i believe that

Before you get married the best thing that you can do for your spouse to let them know that you want to start your marriage off right is to go get you know checked out by a primary care physician gets yourself taken care of do whatever you can do that would best you know for best outcome of your marriage so if that means that you need to get a little jump-start

Arousal and bed why not you know go to the doctor figure it out if you need to lose weight if you’re depressed if you have any little miniscule problems with yourself that you’re unhappy about like mine i have this lump and then my hormones have been blah and i haven’t been in the mood i’ve just been like going through the motion but not having any emotions and

Then my sculpt my sculpt has been so annoying super annoying i it’s like and you know i guess i found out you’re not supposed to scratch your scalp when you have dandruff it’s very unhealthy so if you have dandruff do not scratch your scalp i tried i don’t want to get married having dandruff i mean that how embarrassing is that having a bunch of flakes on the

Day that you get married i have even let a hair stylist touch my hair because i have nothing to see my dandruff yeah so like when you have dandruff and you try to put your hair up or if you have your hair down if you move your hair around a lot you have like a snowstorm of flakes that just come down and it’s super embarrassing i know it’s it’s not very fun for me

To even have to explain an embarrassing you know such personal situation problems i quit daughters made a huge mess um but i just wanted to explain that i have started taking about beauty and anna have started this anti dandruff shampoo i am hoping that will help my mood and nobody wants to rely on a medication to help them get in the mood or to feel better or you

Know whatever the case may be but um i definitely want to make sure that i am doing the best for my spouse i want to be in the best shape i wanted i want him to know that i’m healthy and he even said he goes even if you had cancer i’d still take care of you and i’m like no like i don’t want to get married and have cancer and have to go through like treatments and

Treatments and not be in the best of health and have it feels like a burden almost i don’t know that’s just what i feel and i want i want to start my marriage off right so well butte rijn and then it’s called keto kona’s all ketoconazole it’s an anti fungal shampoo it’s crazy to think that it’s maybe it’s not fungus but whatever the flakes are made of i haven’t

Really done my research or study but um i know that it’s it’s big huge problem for me and it’s been really uncomfortable i haven’t wanted to go get my hair color because i have a i mean i’m 34 and i have gray spot already and i want to get that covered up and i just don’t want to have a hair stylist look at my hair because it i’m very self-conscious about it

But um so that’s that i have some groceries that i have to put away and i just kind of wanted to start this video off saying kind of a little bit about me thank you for joining my channel if you can subscribe please and then i’m gonna keep you updated and maybe try to do as everybody else is trying to do on youtube and just give you a you know day-to-day or just

Little updates if anybody has any advice or has anything they want to say me like anything at all please just leave me a comment and let me know totally new to this but i believe that if i can let you know what wellbutrin can do for you then maybe you’d be more willing to take care of any if you have depression or if you have anything in that realm of problems

You know i don’t know it just depends on what’s going on with you and your life if you’re busy if you have any personal problems hormone problems your age you know what’s going on so thank you for watching i’m going to put my brochures away and i will be back

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