May 29, 2023

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Hey everybody welcome back to my channel i just wanted to give a quick update on my depression and my medication and how all that stuff is going number one i am very pleased with the results i am on booze bar views bar i don’t know how to say it it’s people who are on it or people who have heard of it know what i’m talking about i am on the lowest dose possible

Today marks four weeks exactly that i’ve been on it i am on 15 milligrams a day i am extremely pleased with the results i really didn’t have any swings getting on it i was pretty tired the first two three days i was on it but other than that no other side effects i think the biggest thing that it did for me was it gave me motivation that i was lacking before

I was in a pretty rough job situation where i was just very unhappy with my work i was going through it every single day i would cry on sundays and then cry every day after getting home from work it was just the type of thing that i really needed to get out of however my depression was so bad that i just wouldn’t i just felt so hopeless and so stuck that i just

Wouldn’t and so actually getting on the medication helped me make those changes i was only on it for a week before i developed a plan with my ex-husband to move to charleston south carolina i was able to quit my job the following monday i was able to have that drive and that motivation to make drastic life changes that i really needed before i was just kind of

Sitting around waiting for life to happen to me and i was displeased with the results my doctor also prescribed me hydroxyzine as needed for anxiety she prescribed it in a way that i am able to take it up to eight tablets a day one or two at a time on most days i don’t need it however i take one at a time once probably two days a week maybe three depending on

The week i’m very very thankful for it i don’t need it as often as she prescribed it which is really nice because i have a lot left over and so i know if i need it in the coming months it’s there for me this week is my first week where i am not working i quit in such a way that i would have three weeks in between the last day of my job and my move date this is

Very good because there were a lot of things that i just needed to wrap up before moving out of state again but this also begs the question on whether or not that was enough to get me over the hump or if i should stay on my medication as it stands right now it’s i don’t know it’s at a low enough dose and i feel good enough to where i don’t mind staying on it my

Doctor only prescribed me two months worth and she said after that we would reassess which i’m very happy with i told her up front that it is not something i want to be on forever so i think it’s a really good idea to take that next step and discuss it with her and see if it’s something that i need to be on for longer than two months the hydroxyzine is really

Nice it definitely makes me tired i took it once at work and i really had trouble i really had trouble staying awake the rest of the afternoon so usually i just take it one tablet after dinner if i’ve had a really long stressful day i haven’t really experienced any side effects from that either the first time i took it i went on a trip i felt very high and

It was very good that i took it at home however each subsequent time that i take it it’s more of just a relaxing feeling and less of like a stoned out of your mind feeling don’t ask how i know what stoned feels like so yeah i’m very pleased with the results of both of my medication and i’m doing a lot better emotionally right now i really felt like my fire was

Gone the difference between four weeks ago and now is drastic to me it might not be different from the outside but it really felt like my fire came back like that deep motivation that deep drive that i always have whereas before honestly it was like even things that i was thinking i wouldn’t stay say out loud because i didn’t have enough motivation to it was

Like i had this very low subconscious rumble of like well nobody’s going to listen to you anyway so why even talk so it did feel really good just to kind of get my voice back get that motivation back that fire that drive so i am very excited about life again i am very excited and eager for the next steps that are coming for me another thing that changed a lot

With it was my time with my kid i love kids absolutely love kids enjoying kids is something that i tend to struggle with and that really bothered me i would be in the moment with my son and i would be feeling irritable and annoyed and all of my outward appearance was i’m very present with you i’m very loving i’m taking really good care of you however internally

I was kind of like counting the hours until you went to bed and then counting the hours until i went to bed so ever since i got on the medication i am enjoying him so much more he’s three he’s talking he’s hilarious sometimes at night he’ll crawl into my bed and if i’m sleeping he’ll just whack me with the back of his hand just like hey i’m up and it’s hilarious

Whereas before it was like oh my goodness so i am really excited about that change and i think it’s really good for leo to have his mom back emotionally i actually look forward to things with him now like reading to him at night or taking him to the pool in the afternoons i think it’s a really good change well i just wanted to make a quick video to update you guys

On that specific medication once i get off of it i’ll let you know however right now things are going pretty well and i’m going to stay on it for the moment hope you guys have a great day and reach out to me if you have any questions see ya

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Buspar and Hydroxyzine – buspirone Depression Update By Torie Brame