June 4, 2023

Update on Buspar and Birth Control from Anxiety and PMDD.

Hello so i just wanted to check and i know it’s been a little while but i wanted to kind of give it some time instead of kind of doing everyday check-ins because i felt like things were getting repetitive but it’s been almost three weeks for me on viewspar i do 7.5 in the morning 7.5 in the evening um and it’s been pretty good so far um the side effects still

Hit um like the dizziness the drowsiness um i kind of equate it to like a high or a drunk feeling almost just without the loopy psychedelic-like side effect um so those side effects still kind of hit and i’ve learned to manage through them um i’m still not working at the moment so i have not had to work through my side effects on like a job or i have to be

Really mentally engaged however or mentally engaged for long periods of time i still work part-time so i’m able to manage my side effects through those types of you know maybe like three to four hours of work and i do pretty well um so yeah the side effects still kind of hit i do i have noticed that if i eat a heavy meal before i take my medication then the

Side effects lessen but i am doing intermittent fasting so i think that because i am like fasting when i take my medication that’s why the side effects are a little heavier so i am going to try to start doing like a bulletproof coffee and i think maybe if my coffee is a little heavier then i won’t have so many side effects in the morning so that’s what i plan on

Trying here going forward um but overall i think it’s doing really well with helping manage my anxiety for sure not so much my depression um well let me take that back since taking the medication i have not had many depressive episodes maybe one or two here so i do think it’s been helping a little bit with my depression but it’s not a i could tell that it’s

Not a depression based medication i can tell that it does help both it helps a lot with my um unhelpful thoughts and things it kind of helps me focus and understand and be able to stop and control my um obsessive and sad and unhelpful thoughts i can’t think of the proper terms for that right now but it definitely helps um i am going to be on this for the

Long term my doctor has not said anything about adding a wellbutrin or anything to this regimen at this time we did talk about that when she prescribed the medication but i think so far everything is going pretty well i started my birth control low low estrogen also it’s been about two weeks on that uh just to kind of help offset the pmdd so we will see how

Things go i’m active again i’ve been back in the gym so i think you know everything’s been okay just aside from those side effects but i think if you start it you know that is going to hit and when it’s going to hit so that and so you should be able to overcome so i try to keep myself busy when i know my side effects are going to hit that’s when i’m like okay

We’re going to go to the gym and walk on the treadmill because it is a dizzy but it’s not out of control like it’s not i’m not swerving i’m not slurring i’m not forgetting i’m just a little slow like screwed but not chopped you know so um so far i really think the medication is really helping i’m really glad that i’ve started it this is this is kind of like the

First medication that i’ve used that i um can feel it helping my anxiety and things and so i think coupled with my therapy and everything that i’m trying to do for myself i um i see a light at the end of the tunnel i don’t know if this will be a long-term treatment with this medication but i do um feel good about this treatment and this medication being a part

Of my plan for the foreseeable future so there it is this is a almost three week update so let me know how it goes with y’all how long you’ve been taking it and if you have any advice or anything for me later

Transcribed from video
Buspar/Birth Control. Feeling optimistic about treatment plan By Leah Sarai