March 28, 2023

My review of Buspar so far I’ve had a positive experience

Hello youtubers welcome back to my channel it’s arya here uh so today i’m going to be talking about a medication that i’ve been on for quite a while it’s called uh busperone i believe that is the generic and then the brand name is buspar so uh this medication was prescribed to me last year and um it was prescribed to me for anxiety and um i was prescribed i

Started off really at a small dose because for me um i’m very sensitive to medication so usually smaller doses are very effective for me um so um so i i i would take about i’m trying to remember i think i got up to maybe two or four milligrams i’m not i’m not sure but um i started off at a really low dose like i think half a milligram and it was twice a day

Um so i would take it in the in like the late afternoon and then the evening and this medication worked for me i just i don’t know how because for me i’m very like very prepa very particular about what medications work with my body but for me busparone didn’t give me any bad side effects maybe a little bit of dry mouth um but other than that like i felt calmer

Uh about like a week and a half in i i felt the difference i felt calmer and less anxious less irritable and less agitated which is great because for me when i don’t feel like when i have anxiety i get really anxious too and i get really irritable and i feel like my heart is always racing and i just feel on edge like the flight or fight response that’s what i

Feel like that’s what my body feels like so blue sparrow really helped calm all of that down for me like i didn’t feel uh so off the wall like i felt um stable and like like level headed you know so i didn’t have so many changes in my behavior so um yeah so it worked for me and this is after i had tried so many anti depressants and um yeah so uh yeah the only

Negative side effects would be sparrown i would say were uh the dry mouth uh that i had um maybe a little bit of stomach upset i’m trying to remember back and now i’ve been prescribed 15 milligrams twice a day and i don’t take that much though i take about half of that um and usually at night so for me the problem i have is keeping with my medications because

I am taking quite a bit so it’s hard for me to stay on schedule especially when my medications change then it just messes up my whole routine and then i have to start all over again and like changing my schedule and that doesn’t help right so so i kind of stopped it but now i feel like this month my anxiety has been really really high and i don’t like it because

Especially with like the pandemic i just feel like if i’m going into like a store with a room full of people i just feel really anxious and i feel and while wearing my mask wearing my mask is hard because i can’t breathe uh that well anymore it’s just like i think a combination of things like my heart rate anxiety and then i have asthma too so that doesn’t help

So yeah so i need to start taking boots for own again and i actually started to last night i started i took uh seven point seven point five milligrams that doesn’t sound about no because fifteen seven yeah seven well oh yes okay so anyways i just uh took half of a 15 milligram tablet uh and i’m gonna start taking it again because it’s one of the medications that

Has worked very well for me and um yeah if you guys have any experience with greasepar feel free to leave any comments down below let me know how it went for you um if you had any bad side effects if you liked it if it didn’t really help i’ve heard i’ve read mixed reviews about blues bar that i didn’t really help some people but other people it did so it’s you

Know it could be like more of the hit or miss but for me for some reason like i tried so many antidepressants mostly ssris and they just don’t help as much so for me what’s really helped has been blue spar yeah so um go ahead and feel free to click the prescribe button and if you guys have any other questions leave them down below um but for blue spark i would i’m

Very happy with this medication so i’m gonna go ahead and start it again because i i can feel myself getting just very very anxious and i’m not the kind of person that gets anxious going to like the grocery store or being around people but you know now like with this pandemic i guess i just feel very like um like claustrophobic and like i want to avoid people

And then i don’t feel comfortable being around people so it could be a little bit of social anxiety which i haven’t had before it’s just more like generalized anxiety um yeah so the last thing i wanted to show you guys was my t-shirt um i’m wearing a crps awareness t-shirt which i got off of amazon so here’s the little ribbon so for crps it’s orange and it says

Hope there’s a butterfly and um it says complex regional pain syndrome awareness and that’s coming up in november so there’s still quite a bit of time until then so yeah so you know like wearing these t-shirts kind of helped me i have like three t-shirts that are like in support of crps survivors and warriors and stuff well they call them warriors warriors yeah

Because it is it is a battle so um yeah i will uh put down a link below to well i got this t-shirt off of amazon so i’ll try to put a link down below i don’t know if they’ll have the same one but i’ll um i’ll include a link okay uh well you guys if you guys have any questions feel free to leave them down below um feel free to share your experiences that you’ve

Had with busbar too and i will see you next time okay bye guys

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Buspar (Buspirone) Medication Review By Utopi Aria