March 22, 2023

buspar review week 2

Another flattering angle and another boost bar video busparone um so ah you’d think the laughter means it’s a good thing no it’s been okay i’ve been okay thanks for asking this is my day 10 day 10 of my boost prone journey and you know what i’m not feeling too hot not feeling too hot not feeling great today kind of feeling weird kind of feeling real weird

Um you know not feeling it’s weird because i feel a background of just and i feel just anxious like i feel a background energy of anxiety but then if you put me in a situation like you know so you know i was an anxious mess um full-on anxiety-ridden mess and so you put me anywhere i’m feel anxious you know i’m in line at the bank anxious i’m waiting to get

Some chicken nuggies at mcdonald’s anxious i’m in the car and i’m trying to merge anxious on the freeway anxious uh so just all the time always that feeling in my body but interestingly enough if you put me in a situation like you know just like you know i want to go pick up some french fries over at my local fast food establishment i was not anxious at all in

That situation not the anxious that i’m used to but all through today a weird background energy of anxiety i know this really sounds really weird but that’s kind of what i felt also depression i’m feeling super depressed today and you’re like rob how you’ve been laughing you’ve been you’ve been giggling this whole time you’re not depressed you’d be surprised i

Can laugh through some depression done in my whole life so feeling kind of not great feeling kind of not great and i talked to some folks today that i you know that i trust and talking about you know on day 10 of this medication and i don’t know and everyone’s just like stick with it stick with it stick with it and i’m like okay of course of course of course of

Course i’m gonna stick with it but it’s rough you know talking to friends that i just feel like i have no energy for them i don’t have any energy to give i feel such like a useless friend because people are talking at me and i’m like uh-huh yeah i just don’t have the energy i do have the energy for you to talk to you about this so i don’t know i’m going to keep

Going at it taking the 5 milligrams is this correct 5 milligrams every day i’m gonna go grab it follow me follow me so this is my oh dizziness side effect no um this is my don’t look at my name or you’ll follow me you’ll stalk me but this is it five milligrams take one tablet by mouth daily uh and take one tab of my mouth twice a day ah from the third week

So i’m not at my third week i’m only on day 10. so i’m gonna keep on keeping on and hopefully i i feel better i’m gonna say this and this is very embarrassing but i’m gonna say it anyway because you know what i’m someone who suffers from this and i think maybe perhaps you are someone who suffers from this but i suffer from a thing called post-coital dysphoria

So this is after intercourse i get depressed i know it’s actually i think fairly common i think it’s more common with women than it is with guys but very much happens with guys as well and um and so i get that and so i’ve been kind of suffering from that a little bit this week and i was hoping that that would kind of not be a thing um for me because i’m taking

Medication but very much still a thing so yeah and i just been it’s it’s almost been slightly worse than normal or no not slightly worse than normal but but it’s bad so maybe if you or someone who suffers from that and you’re thinking boost prone might help you and it doesn’t seem to be working on that or changing that in any way shape or form so i don’t know

Maybe i’ll go away if i keep taking this stuff if i just go through this regimen of taking it once a day for two weeks and then twice a day for the third week perhaps i won’t suffer from this as much um but anywho i thought i’d check in with you and just give you another update and then i’ll keep making these videos and perhaps i can put them up you know get

Something out of it so i guess a wrap up of this is it’s week two i don’t feel great i’m gonna keep taking it and hopefully i will become a joy to those around me again once more okay

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buspar journey day 10 week 2 By Robert makes a show