June 4, 2023

Received prescriptions for Buspar to help with anxiety/depression and a new birth control to help combat PMDD. Long overdue but I’m ready to feel better, and move into the next phase of life.

Hello so i just wanted to come on here to kind of share my experience um not sure if i’m gonna post this um i guess everybody kind of says that but i’m really just not sure i just wanted something uh to kind of document the journey um that i’m on and um you know the things that i’m doing in the process that um i’m going through to get to the next phase so um

Yeah so pretty much um i am in a cycle um i just feel like i’m in a um at a point in my life to where i’m just at a huge crossroad um career um been i feel like i’ve kind of maxed out where i am in my career so i’m considering relocating career changing you know leveling up doing licensing and things like that going back to school it’s another option and i’m

Just not really sure and so this is the first time that i felt like i don’t know what to do i don’t have the tools i don’t have the resources i just don’t know what to do next um spirituality has been well not spirituality but christ has been a huge resource for me in this time but i have taken steps to kind of further help me move forward in a direction so that

I can make more sound decisions so that i can just feel better um because i deserve to feel better my relationships my friends my family they deserve to deserve a better version of me it’s just a lot is on the line right now and so with the life changes i’ve been going through with you know family issues work issues i mean just me feeling very stagnant here in

The city i’ve kind of fallen into a pretty deep depression and i frequently experience anxiety now i don’t think that my anxiety is necessarily link to fear about anything that i have going on however i do think that my anxiety is associated with a newly considered pmdd pmdd so if you know what pmdd is it’s like a pre-menstrual dysphoria does something i don’t

Know google it please um but i just spoke with my doctor for the second time kind of about this and so we’re just going to kind of explore to see if that’s the thing i haven’t really taken the time or put the energy into tracking to see if pmdd is really a issue for me however um right now um i just recognize that i need to do something different i recognize

That i need to um maybe try medication you know um medication has been a huge part of my life and a huge part of regulating my cycle and i kind of you know got on the health thing some years back and kicked birth control kicked any type of any person i was on maybe about five years ago and i’m just kind of noticing that maybe that’s not working out because like i

Said everything i feel like is being negative negatively affected by the way that i feel um i don’t always feel bad every day isn’t a bad day but when i do have the bad days i do think that they are pretty extreme and people aren’t used to seeing me in that type of state so when i’m in a state where i’m reactionary i’m not balanced i’m not centered you know my

Whoever i’m working with isn’t also um so um i’m getting on medication uh we have switched to we’ve gotten back on birth control pills um i’m a single person so birth control pretty much will just be around to kind of balance out my hormones in my cycle hopefully i can get some benefits in my skin um because i do experience a lot of hormonal acne and things

So hopefully that’ll help me balance it out and hopefully it’ll also help me with um my hunger and my grazing and weight issues that i have surrounding my cycle um so we’ll see how that goes i’m 32 you know i’m not expecting the same type of outcome that i had when i was you know 25 you know on it but you know we’ll see maybe i’ll bounce back to that i don’t know

Um in addition to getting on birth control to kind of level me out i have gotten i’m starting well we’ll be starting here this evening um to take a medication called um i’m looking at it busparone um it is not an ssri or snri but it is a um medicine that is prescribed for anxiety in individuals um my doctor based on my symptoms in the way that i um described

How i feel to my doctor my doctor thought that i was experiencing more anxiety than depression although i do show symptoms of depression just because but the things that are the things that i’m experiencing life are the things that i am experiencing in life right now are depressing um however this medication um should also kind of treat the depression and kind

Of lower the anxiety that i have more on the regular or more around my cycle so always starting this medication twice a day 7.5 milligrams um and so i’m just gonna record videos and try to track my progress to see how i’m feeling i’m really looking forward to getting back into the gym um i’ve kind of strayed away from the gym um in the last about month maybe

Month and a half because i was considering a bariatric surgery um just as another tool to kind of help me lose weight i’m not a i’m not ahead morbidly or not morally but i’m not super overweight but i’m about 40 or 50 pounds overwrite over where i would like to be i’ll say that um so i was considering bariatric surgery um and i know that i have issues with um

Staying consistent in the gym i do enjoy working out when i am working out but when life gets hard like it did recently for me um it’s really hard to for me to keep that um going so hopefully this medication will kind of help me be more consistent it’ll pep me up and help me be more consistent in the gym it’ll help me manage my moods and my reactions a lot more

To life situations and interactions with people i’m hoping that it’ll help with the social anxiety that i’ve been feeling in the last few months so i’m just really excited i’m really really ready to feel better i think i’ve been feeling progressively worse

Transcribed from video
Buspar PMDD Treatment Day 0. By Leah Sarai