March 24, 2023

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Hey guys it’s full-time drama queen here with a quick video so as you may or may not know i started boost prone or boost par the generic for boost prone excuse me and when i started it i was really super nervous about it but what i say when you’re nervous about starting something new is to just go with the flow take it step by step if journaling is something that

Works for you do it which is something i should probably be doing journaling is so important when you’re going through changes um jot things down how you’re feeling talk to your therapist talk to your doctors be transparent about how you’re feeling and way outweigh the good and the bad what’s a what’s a side effect that you can manage or a side effect you cannot

Manage you have side effects you can manage for instance for me i have negotiables non-negotiables non-negotiable latuta caused me to be nauseous if i didn’t eat 350 calories before bed sometimes i’m not always hungry and or i fall asleep and when i didn’t take the medicine it almost seemed like i was having withdrawal symptoms the next day i’d be super tired

And also i would be nauseous and sometimes i would throw up when i was nauseous because of the side effect so you kind of have to weigh the good in the back number one number two you kind of have to write it out i mean you don’t know if something’s gonna work out until you try it so one of the things i believe about medication is it’s it’s not only do you have to

Try it for at least a month but being consistent with it until it’s settled into your body and gotten you got into the groove of things for those who are struggling right now and don’t know if medication is for you it’s hard to tell someone to take medication who doesn’t want to take medication but as i see it as i see it just like any other ailment that you may

Have with your body you need to take care of the things that are bothering you you know what i’m saying and yes we all know that psychological medication is not a permanent solution that will how can i put this it’s not a solution that okay so you’re basically if you don’t already know like for in somebody like me who has bipolar disorder i know that i’m going to

Be on medication for the rest of my life there’s no cure for bipolar disorder unfortunately there’s no cure for certain illnesses so you must take medication to make sure that your balance in the chemical in the brain chemistry in your brain is balanced so unfortunately for some people for some because these medications do help i used to be out of my mind without

These medications very very angry very very irrational spending money doing just doing all types of things you know hyper sexual activity um risky behavior anger ups and downs roller coaster of emotions not able to regulate the emotions so i completely understand where medication can help aid a person who needs it and who advocates for their mental health and

Says you know what i have a problem i need help and i’m going to follow through with the steps for the doctors that have my best interest and it’s hard to find a doctor that has your best interest but the best way to find a doctor that has your best interest is to date them date them like you would date a person in your life that’s a new friend a these are just

People that know about this particular these are just people that know about this particular study they’re here to help you and they also have personalities so you’re not going to get along with every with everyone just straight like that you’re not going to get along with everyone so you have to get to know these people you don’t have to know them on a personal

Level but you get to know them by conversation how they treat you how you know they do their practice you know things like that because i’ve been in in offices with doctors that have questioned my sanity in my my medication when i was perfectly fine and things like that so i’ve been through some things with doctors and i just advocate for myself and i say hey

This doesn’t feel good i follow my intuition and my gut when something is not right and i’m not getting the help that i need i have to keep it pushing so basically i’m coming on here today to talk about boost bra for me one of the medications that i’m taking and i started it when i was in california and i took it for an entire an entire week i had very minimal

Side effects i may say i was a little more on the upswing of things versus the downswing i felt a little bit heightened i felt a lot better i felt very goofy very light very happy and i’m very excited about the effects that i’ve been experiencing thus far and it’s only been a week so i’m gonna give it four weeks see my doctor next two weeks i saw her today and

We’re gonna check it out and see how it goes but this is technically an update and a little informational about advocating for yourself and just going along with the process you know it’s not the worst thing that you have to take a medication but it is better to be in good health and functioning rather than not being able to function and wondering why you’re

Not functioning because you’re not taking care of what’s going on in the inside and here so i really want to say that i do like buspar it’s something that has helped me thus far keeping my energy levels level keep me a little bit on an upswing and yeah i just wanted to share that and those things with you today and i hope to see you in my next video this is the

Full-time drama queen signing out please like subscribe and comment if you want to stay a part of the drama queen family turn on those post notifications so that you will never miss another video and i ca i look forward to seeing the next one and leave your comments below if you have any questions about boost bar i’m only on 10 milligrams and i’m doing pretty

Well so um i’m and another thing i’m on var lar and i’ve been on that three milligrams for over a year now so i advocate for varlar and i advocate for boost bar so far so good thanks guys so much for watching and i’ll see in the next one

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Buspar Review 1 full week – Advocating for yourself & Taking your medication By The Full Time Drama Queen