January 26, 2023

Hi youtube it’s me i thought i’d make an update video about my anxiety and medications i was taking because it’s been a couple years since i did my last video and it’s got a it’s gotten a pretty good response so i figured i’ll do an updated one right now so today is october 18th i believe 2019 sorry i’m not very good at keeping up the dates i should be but i’m not so

Sure if i’m not working today it’s my day off so i’m still taking the buspar from the central pram and at open all and honestly since my last video and i’m also going through a breakup right now it’s in four months since i’ve been with my ex-fiance have since i have been with him and i’m actually doing pretty good i’m doing the best i’ve ever felt like i explained

My last video my anxiety got so bad but four five years ago that i felt like i was going insane and i knew that if i didn’t get it fixed with some kind of medication or whatever that i could lose myself and i didn’t want to do that because i had a bad experience my sister i mentioned that in my last video she was diagnosed with schizophrenia and before she was even

Diagnosed let me just say hell broke loose and she wasn’t herself for a good long time now she’s doing great she’s working again she’s taking medicine too and doing fabulous and i’m doing fabulous so if you’re scared about taking certain medication i know some people say it’s not a good idea and stuff but for me like i said in my last video i wouldn’t have taken

It and i probably would have been suicidal like i was vegetable and my brain would be bad i need that extra serotonin and stuff to keep me functioning as normal and as every human being you know what i mean so if anybody has any questions about these medicines i take boost fire i take propanol and i take citra pram i don’t know if i’m pronouncing it right but if

You have anxiety and you’re looking at meds you know what i’m talking about out of all the medicines i would say the boost part helped my anxiety the most to start a site as soon as i started taking that which was recommended by not even a column not even buy-in what do they call the anxiety doctors i forgot what they call him but it was actually prescribed by my

Actual regular general doctor because i was in his office one time and i was having shakes and anxiety and i told him i had really bad anxiety he said have you tried this it helps you and said no but i was willing to try anything because nothing ever medications before and none of them were working so i tried it and within three months i’ve noticed a big difference

And that’s one thing i remember too when you’re taking medication it takes a while to build up before it actually works at least six weeks or more it’s not gonna you’re not gonna feel a difference immediately i mean you might at first because it’s something like going you know helping your serotonin levels and stuff you might feel a little different but then it’ll

Go away and you’ll feel miserable again and it’ll take at least six weeks to get it to accumulate and feel good like i know but i don’t take my medicine for about three or four days i start to get that anxiety again and it gets pretty bad but if i keep taking me at a regular time everyday and stuff then i’m doing amazing like today like today it’s amazing and i’ve

Been taking it but i know that i have to take it so i wanna stay it’s probably something i’m gonna have to take all my life because i noticed when i don’t take it and back to square one well i’m just not myself yeah so that’s my update i’m doing great i’m still and four medications if anybody is thinking i don’t want to take it you know because i had all my like

I didn’t mention my last meal i had all my suspicions too and my oh my god is it gonna make me look different it’s gonna make me think different is you make me feel horrible with all these side effects and some of them do and i will say the biggest side effect i have from the medications i take is nausea i do hit a lot of nausea if i don’t eat if you definitely

Have to eat eat if you’re taking them cuz you’ll just feel really like i feel nauseous that’s a side effect for me so if you have any more questions just let me know and hopefully it won’t be a long time till i update you again yeah so come at me let me know what you guys think and of course that provides video if you have any questions i’d be happy to answer them for you anyway

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Buspar review By E.W.