February 1, 2023

robert shows off the famous crows nest hair stylings and launches into very meandering stream of consciousness once again!

Hey everybody hi nice to see you well i can’t see very much of anything except my own face and the camera so just being crazy and talking to myself again but hey everyone nice to nice to visit you once again i’m making a video uh today this is my four months taking bus bar boosperone which is my anti-anxiety and taking just about about three months just about

Three months into wellbutrin so i’m taking the both again another combination pharmaceutical video of your dreams um but i’m gonna kind of touch upon both individually and i guess together um during this video so um thank you first of all so much for liking and subscribing to my videos and i’ve got about 52 subscribers wu to raise the roof and which is wild

Because i made a very um spirited video not that long ago about having 16 subscribers so wow 52 subscribers man anything is possible anything is possible um so i’m just gonna go and talk to you about um where i’m how i’m doing and what what i’m feeling and how everything is going shall we let’s let’s um so first of all um let’s just say what are the positives

So it’s still going it’s still working for me uh taking the boost bar it’s still great um is it has it decreased in effectiveness yes it has decreased a little bit in effectiveness though it is kind of hard to judge because my life is just a hurricane of stress and unexpected um obstacles and i’ve really gone through quite a bit over this last time i’m currently

In nursing school and which is just a complete uh slog very emotionally and physically taxing and i’m also working this whole time and i’m also uh dating in a new relationship and that’s fun but then also stressful you know how it is you know how it is and so um things have been very difficult on some days i’ve had some bad days having some good days but on the

Whole still doing well i am currently taking still currently taking the 10 milligrams into two doses so five milligrams in the morning with food and five milligrams at five pm with food and um i find that overall it’s still very helpful i still get anxious i definitely still get anxious but it still does feel like i have a little extra hand a little extra help

A little extra support that boost bars give me that extra boost that i uh coined in an earlier video and it’s true it really does feel that way um all the side effects of boost bar are long gone so for me i’ve mentioned earlier videos which is like headache a little bout of nausea a little about feeling a little bit like a zombie all that stuff is gone no

Sleep disturbance is gone everything’s gone everything is good um so yeah nothing to complain about there negative symptoms i really can’t tell the only negative thing uh that i would say is that it has diminished a little bit and recently i have been just going through exams all sorts of exams and a lot of crazy interpersonal stuff and been feeling really down

And confused and lost and depressed and anxious and i have thought about it you know you see that bottle in the in the distance you’re like should i raise the dose am i there yet do i need it do i need this extra life raft and um i haven’t i haven’t done it you guys i’m still on the 10 milligrams and i think i’m sticking with it but i talked to my pharmacist

And she said you know what you can do the 15 milligrams if you want it’s not a big deal and the big scheme of things the top end of the dosage is 60 milligrams people out there popping 60 mgs of the boost bar and i’m over here just doing like little tic tacs to my five milligrams so 15 not a big deal but i’m gonna kind of save it for a special hellish kind of day

Um right now things are just kind of like you know pre-rapture it’s like i feel like the end is near but it’s not here yet so i’m just going to like stick with the 10. um with the wellbutrin um so now again i’ve been taking about three months into the volvutron is it still effective yes in a very interesting way so um has it decrease in effectiveness definitely

I like this format where i’m asking myself questions and then answering it will i continue to do this yes um so i’m first need to take wellbutrin you know they’re like lightning it’s like lightning in a little bottle it’s like you take it you’re like zip zap i feel like a superhero i’m gonna run three miles today uh and then i’m going to eat breakfast and make

Myself a nice little quaint little breakfast and then run three more miles because you have so much energy you have so much energy you’re a little manic and the thing about being manic is that even though you’re nuts and everyone’s like dude this guy’s nuts you love it like being manic is great it’s euphoric you have energy you’re like i can do anything i can do

Anything i’m gonna run for office like you you just feel wonderful and it’s a little intoxicating um and then slowly but surely you get off you start sort of getting start coming down from being so cuckoo bananas all the time and then you just are more or less like a normal person and you’re like oh man i kind of missed crazy me um but it still gives me energy

The great trade-off here or the great thing about the wellbutrin is that there were more side effects with the wellbutrin than there were with a boost bar boost fire was like just headaches i was like ugh headache wellbutrin i was like i can’t sleep will i ever go to sleep again but then you have that you have you have so much energy you’re like do i need to

Sleep again um but you do and then also i had like a lot of gi issues gastrointestinal issues like constipation and i felt kind of bloated for whatever reason everyone’s like well butchering’s gonna make you lose weight and you’re gonna become super hot and sexy and i was like when because i feel super bloated when is it happening is it hot sexy time yet um so

Um i didn’t i didn’t lose weight really on a little butchering i think i did for a little bit and then i more or less went back to normal more or less went back to normal weight also my appetite was a little suppressed on my butan but i’m back and cracking i’m just eating chips i don’t even realize it sometimes i forget to breathe because i’m eating so much so um

I have been um it’s still been positive but but it has a decreased value so i’m currently taking 150 milligrams of the excel formula well butane xl is it’s an extended release formula entericoclicotis when i take it it slowly is released in my stomach i almost said tummy how old am i slowly released in my stomach over the course of a day and um so it’s nice it

Kind of gives you energy what i will say though about the wellbutrin which is very interesting so wellbutrin is for given off label sometimes for adhd um it’s supposed to help you focus do i have adhd yeah probably um so i took it and yeah like when i first when i first had it i was like oh snaps i can read better um so imagine if i just said read and then

Say better um so i found that i could kind of focus a little bit better which was great because i’m in school and i’m like this is the advantage that i need and um it was very helpful but now that the um now that the positive effects have kind of petered out a little bit i mean still positive still helpful still feel the lift but they’ve kind of peered out a

Little bit i found that that kind of that focus thing is gone i don’t really feel particularly focused at all anymore i don’t feel like super unfocused but i don’t feel as focused and do i want to raise my dosage of not really not really i’m okay more okay with raising my boost far up i’m a little bit less excited about raising my wellbutrin up it is basically a

Methamphetamine and um kind of lowers your seizure threshold and you don’t really want to mix it with like alcohol and oh and something i’ll talk about and um so i’d rather just try to have minimal amount of chemicals popping through my brain um so yeah so but then also so i have a quick theory i’m gonna try to make this under 10 minutes so i’ll really wrap it

Up so my quick theory about the wellbutrin is that the thing about it is you kind of can’t really tell when you’re tired sometimes it does give you energy and you wake up pretty spry and and spirited and energetic but i think what it does is it kind of can mask some of your tiredness so don’t forget to sleep so try to get into bed i know it’s the hardest thing

In the world because there’s so much netflix to be netflix try to get in bed as soon as you can or try to sleep you know you’re trying to get that seven to eight really really really get down you know try to force yourself like you’re a little fussy little kid and you’re trying to you know your parents trying to put you to bed you’re like but i’m not tired and

Then you press your head to the pill and it’s like so try to get in bed try to sleep try to get that seven eight if you can get it i never get seven to eight i usually get about six but i’m trying to get this six trying to get a solid six to seven um last thing i’ll say wrap it up because my videos are always like unbelievably long every video is like a lord of

The rings extended edition i love those movies um changed my life um last thing i’ll say is about alcohol because i do notice a lot of people ask me about alcohol they’re like hey you’re on crazy drugs can you drink can you drink alcohol hey can you do drugs on your drugs that’s the question i get asked can you do drugs on your drugs can you drink on your drugs

And i was very you know me i’m super clean i’m mr clean with long hair and brown and i i do i’ve always been try i’ve always tried to especially during the loading phase of these drugs i stay super duper clean don’t drink don’t don’t don’t drink alcohol don’t do any drugs don’t smoke weed don’t you know uh don’t do anything you know just super super clean super

Clean eating super clean everything um and i didn’t i didn’t do any drugs or anything um which is not super crazy for me but i didn’t do that any of that stuff for months the first two three months of these drugs but quite recently i’ve been partying now i’ve been going to like little events or whatever and having drinks very uh freaky uh for me because i’m

Anxious about everything and so i was like okay well if i have a sip of this wine will i die no but i will kind of just say that when it was still kind of new in my system and i was drinking it seemed like the alcohol really negated um the effects of the medication so the day after i was kind of anxious again uh not super anxious but it really kind of it really

Kind of did to negate the the effects of um the medication i was kind of anxious again i was kind of nervous again i was like oh this is not good so i gotta be kind of careful and then recently i had another drink and as now that there’s more of it in my system i can kind of drink and i won’t experience too much um of that effect still i feel a little wonky after

I drink but you know i’m old so i i feel wonky weed i smoked weed one time on this stuff and it like didn’t i didn’t feel anything other than bad i just felt bad so don’t really i’m not literally looking forward to doing that again um and so uh if you’re on a really high dose of this stuff try not to drink really try not to drink if you’re on a low dose of

This stuff drink responsibly um and again not a professional that isn’t that’s not a prescription you know uh so you know use your you know use your discretion talk to an actual health professional who you actually have an appointment with and you just don’t click his link on youtube um and uh so anyway i’ll just wrap it there this video is like crazy super

Duper long but again thank you so much everybody i know i left out a lot of stuff but please ask me any questions in the comments down below i love you guys thank you all for this all the support and the comments it really makes my day to wake up and see that these videos are just like kind of helpful and you know what you’re brightening my day by by sending me

Your comments and your and your support so thank you so much like and subscribe these videos if you if you like what i’m doing um or if you don’t like what i’m doing and you’re using reverse psychology on me it might work okay so take everybody talk to you later

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