June 1, 2023

All righty the golden king is back it’s about a month later um i waited some time to make this video because now more than thirty milligrams of boost firown’ i was on 15 the last video and now i’m on 30 and i wanted to wait because i didn’t want to say no side effects and say this is good decent stuff getting it whacked by it so here’s a month later and i haven’t

Noticed any side effects besides um decreased sex drive which sucks but i’ve taken other medications of all kinds and it totally kills it off and this doesn’t totally kill it off you just don’t care as much but when you get into it it’s somewhat dull but not totally gone and sometimes it’s very strong but um i don’t look to enjoy that as much as i used to i don’t

Care as much like i said which is bummer but i mean whatever i guess at this point um thirty milligrams that effect i know that side-effect i noticed the house and notice that blue stone is a weak drug it’s not as strong as from what i’ve heard that xanax i also heard they have a new form of xanax which is a non-addictive form i don’t know i looked it up i didn’t

See much about it didn’t speak the internet didn’t speak much about it um from what i saw anyway so but i’ve heard that a boost firown’ is actually a weaker one and um i can sense that i’m on thirty milligrams and i did my anxiety before well when i was off everything was about a nine and a half before i came to go into work and stuff like that was about a nine

And a half now it’s probably better five and a half just over taller is very tolerable which really is it’s working like i’m happy with it but it’s not good i wanted to be like a – – where we gonna even i can enjoy don’t really think about it doesn’t bother me but it still does but so number 30 milligrams the highest is 60 but i was on 15 i said no shooting up

To 30 and i expected more to happen with 30 milligram but it hasn’t so i’ve also heard take two weeks or i’m sorry i’m 2 months for two full of kicking more well tomorrow i’m gonna add the other doctors because they had an appointment said family and i forgot about it so they called me the other day and to confirm in which i’m glad or i would have forgot about it

Totally and i’m gonna tell her and i could i could use sorry i’m too close i could on 30 he’s good but i could use something else that’s maybe a little stronger i don’t want to keep doing how long cuz i go on to 30 i’m sorry 60 milligrams a booster own i don’t know how much there’s gonna be like it’s because 30 is already not doing what i was hoping it would do so

What the hell 60 gonna kill like it’s i’m already at that point to where it’s like well yeah all right here what we’re doing this is gonna work so are if i start my words just have a an issue with that that’s an idiot speech so i talk over a real fast and then that doesn’t help on top of the slurring it it is so just bear with me um but i’m gonna go to the doctors

Tomorrow to see kim put me on zoloft or something i don’t know like not the lowest but maybe second high not the lowest but maybe at those higher than that that way it totally because okay one out of nothing i have a being the worst things i to ten mean i’m sorry one being the mean being the best i am out of 10 being the worst that you could be with the good being

Yankee streaking and function right now i’m tired like i said a five and a half i wanna get down to about a two or three similar than five so i’m gonna actually put on something a lower milligram something else that way it covers what hasn’t been covered already with me i feel should be covered by this medication but it’s not so give me something that can just take

If we pick the spot for this this hasn’t done it and give me something that will do take that will take care of the rest of it if you will yeah well you have noticing people than watching my videos what i’m happy about i like that makes me feel like people actually care i mean a lot of people out there have my head what i have but i don’t know maybe that’s all my

Head so people don’t give a damn if i make videos regarding so with a regardless of what they have but what they have in common but since they which is probably all my head doesn’t make any sense right um yeah i’m glad to know the people looking at it haven’t i haven’t noticed any comments really but um mm-hmm oh one other thing is the north side pick i noticed

What julie’s not bad because it doesn’t get it doesn’t it’s not how to control really it is gonna hits and then it calms down like an hour and a half later i eat a lot when i first take it i’m putting more going to this stuff in further when it kicks in the strong the the tiredness and the weakness taking more obviously the higher milligram as i’ve mentioned in

Other videos and then i get the munchies and i just eat me ice cream i don’t like it but i don’t it’s when they were eight again i could care less really pretty much second there’s nothing for me the money goes away it’s a party and then after about an hour and a half this feeling goes away which is good i can calculate it and no one’s gonna go it works well for

Me so or i mean it’s nicely not one to anticipate and kickin it most likely kick in there’s almost kicking at the same time but it does dissipate for some time which is nice so here’s your idea of what the what they expect what to prepare for so that you can function you’re not like totally lost but besides for that um that’s really about it i guess i don’t know

Not happy about some things but i can learn to deal with it it’s not as bad as it was for certain things and now but i have to get on something else i feel this stuff is weak it helps it does help that’s helped some things which i’m happy for because with you have bad anxiety and severe anxiety and you take something and it’s not good enough but it does help which

Is great uh-huh it’s a good relieving feeling but yeah i don’t know maybe zoloft i don’t know i want something that’s not is big on sexual side-effects but then again they need oh you’re not gonna get that but then you get tired then you’re so damn tired that you can barely keep your eyes open at the time or you’re eating the house out or yeah something of that

Sort or you just when i throw up every damn day she’s horrible oh one more thing before i go i’m what i’m glad i remember this when i first took the 30 milligrams the first three weeks my libido was freaking huge like it was so powerful like not normal it was so powerful hours i’m just gonna say hours like a full frickin work shift every day which was fun but

It’s just too damn diamonds it’s too much so just take so when i say eight hours taking around with it i’m not gonna say anymore cuz think it’s too personal but um figured you should know that this would be though well i guess you could mean that that means all the same thing really not just desired everything did you get desire but i have no damn you know what

I mean but um yeah that that’s i don’t get too personal but i want you to know what i’m talking about too so but that’s it this is a long video i think i’ve made but um yeah and um mega baby all the way i have something you’re gonna read this in me life you listen i don’t care about your opinions i don’t give a damn when it comes to that particular topic i don’t

Give a i’ve heard it all i’ve heard good of her bad all i’m gonna say is know your facts don’t be turn out to be bias too much of it is in a cloud your judgement magga baby right see y’all later i’ll contact you in the next video whatever you don’t next imma let you do anything next i’ll let you know definitely i liked it i like talking to you people give me

Comments about that i guess um well yeah the next message that you don’t know if i get on anything i’ll let you know how it goes okay alright y’all later bye bye

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BUSPIRONE 30 milligrams By gold is king