March 28, 2023

Hello. This is a personal review of how I feel better with Buspirone. More than 30 years of dealing with anxiety. I am finally did something.

Hello everyone i hope that you are doing well and staying safe during this time today i am not going to be talking about a dollar tree item today i’m going to share um a testament if you call it about um some anxiety meds that i have recently taken um now this is a disclaimer i am not i’m not pushing any pills if you don’t want to take meds don’t take meds uh the

Reason why i’m sharing is because um i am 37 years old this is the first time i’m taking anxiety meds when i should have to been taking them many years ago i come from a hispanic background especially from the bronx new york it’s like what you see is what you get this is me deal with it if you don’t like it get out of my face not dealing with you don’t bring any

My issues up not talking about it i’m not listening go deal with your own problems don’t deal with mine but uh all that stuff so it’s very um kind of like a you know closed door that that you’re gonna talk to about like hey man like i think you need some help and you we’re not having it so that’s that’s my background and this is why um i’m sharing it because

For so long it was it was like you know no i’m not i’m not taking any meds i’m i don’t need to deal with meds i i can manage i can manage uh how about don’t bother me and i’ll be fine which is it’s not it’s not the real world and unfortunately um you know when anxiety is not dealt with and not anxiety alone but like other issues it’s it’s it really needs to

Dealt with or there’s gonna be um some very sad sad consequences um so i noticed like when i was eight or nine years old some signs looking back that i have had anxiety issues anxiety and um over the years it has progressed more and more and it hasn’t been dealt with or taken care of um so um i’ve i’ve recently decided to be like you know what let me i’m tired

Of living this way i’ve done nothing about my anxiety i was more focused on depression um than anxiety so i’m like you know what let me let me give that a try because i i need a change i i don’t like all these thoughts or my feet or feelings that i’m that i’m dealing with because when you when you feel anxious uh my feeling my internal uh feeling is i feel i am

A shaken up soda bottle with the cap clothes and just rattled shaking and bubbling and it’s i i going all directions i feel so out of control when there’s really nothing to be out of control of but it’s just every when when when you’re in a situation that you’re uncomfortable or you don’t know what to do and every word that is spoken or every movement that

Happens around you it just shakes you more and more um and and you just feel stuck and you feel razzled at the same time it’s it’s not a good feeling so the medicine that i’m taking is called i think i’m saying it right is spusporin b-u-s-p-i-r-o-n-e it’s five milligrams uh i’m taking is two tablets a day i am not taking one now but i’m just showing you what

The pill looks like that’s small um so unlike antidepressants this takes a few days to actually settle in and help compare to um weeks um now the anxiety feeling the rattle the shaking the razzle-ness the rat is under control um i don’t feel that and at the same time i don’t feel numb so i am i i’m more clear-headed i can i can see my direction better where

I want to go and and go with it instead of like oh i think i want to go there but i’m like i don’t know let me go over there and do this and do that yeah so yeah i’m not talking about like adhd i’m talking about like you want to go there but i’m like you want you want to accomplish something but it’s like oh like you have fear and doubt and and and time and you

Know how is that gonna you know am i gonna actually finish this i’m actually gonna do this like screw it let me let me try something else maybe you know so so it’s not it’s not i’m not saying like um adhd like you know you you’re going there and there and there and you want to at the same time it’s just like like i said like can i fear and doubt and i i don’t

Know how to explain it but yeah um so please if you are thinking about taking some anxiety meds um consult with your doctor do research first um i i’m not i’m not saying to take this i’m not saying this is it um i’m just saying what helps what helps me what helps me so again uh don’t don’t misinterpret don’t don’t remix what i’m saying i am not pushing pills

If you don’t want to take it don’t take it that’s fine i’m like i said i’m 37 years old and now for the first time i’m taking these meds to try to like help my issues because i cannot will any calmness or or or anything like that i try and i’m one of those where there’s a will there’s a way but i could not for the life of me so i try i’m tired of pretending that

I could save myself by you know mind over matter i i couldn’t i couldn’t i i just had to face it like you know what i’m i can’t i can’t do i can’t do it i can do it so i gotta i’m gonna try on meds um and see and see that house because i tried nothing for so long so i i hope that um this was a helpful consideration to you um i am not a doctor i am just a retail

Store manager assistant store manager um so just consult research first and i’m just sharing what worked for me this may not work for you this may not work for the your loved ones but it is an option and that’s all i hope you all have a good evening or a good morning and until next time peace out

Transcribed from video
Buspirone: Anxiety meds. How it helped me. By WhatIsSheThinkingToday