November 29, 2022

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Well a commencement easy my name is suren verma today we’re going to be talking about buspar also known as abuse furrow it is used for general anxiety disorder what does that mean it’s just sort of a broad category that can kind of encompass a whole bunch of different types of anxiety and even off lightly you can use it for depression as well i just kind of really

Depends on what you’re how you doctor wants approach of treatment so here’s the word part the mechanism of action is unknown i hate explaining that to people because essentially that means we don’t know how this medication works we just know that when you put it in your body for this purpose it will work right for generalized anxiety disorder and so usually there are

Other medications that we use instead of this this is an older medication but it does work so it’s usually a second or third line you generally try something else first if that doesn’t work and then maybe another thing doesn’t work they may be natural to chew on peace bar but it’s relative mechanism of action is is it is it has high affinity for serotonin receptors

Without any effect on gaba receptors so serotonin is what makes us feel happy so it hits those receptors making us feel happier it makes us feel less anxious and that’s kind of the gist of how it works maximum dose is about 60 milligrams a day and that split up however your doctor wants to split it up it could be one to three times a day but you don’t exceed 60

Milligrams a day though you know someone could be on ten milligrams three times a day or two times it’s just kind of what your treatment regimen is of what your doctor is trying to achieve let’s see here it peaks at about 40 to 90 minutes meeting you see a maximum effect of in case you really kick in and about anywhere from 40 to 90 minutes and that really depends

On each person each person is different therefore the medication goes into my body will react a little bit differently than the way it does yours and how it really hits its maximum effect you can take it with or without food it does not matter just be consistent every day so if you take it on an empty stomach every day take it on them to stomach every day because

Again we want consistency in your blood levels so if you eat make sure you eat every single day with it or just a light snack cracker or something something avoid grapefruit juice it will interact with this medication which it grapefruit juice kind of almost interacts with most medications so you know you don’t want to really drink a lot of grapefruit juice i mean

I don’t know any people who i mean i love grapefruit but you know i don’t drink it or eat it every single day right once in a while is good so but for those population out there they love their grapefruit juice and you’re on a bunch of medications you always need to watch out for because we’re in fruit juice always messes with things pregnancy class b meaning you

Can use it during pregnancy always make sure that your doctor your obgyn is there on the loop on all your medications lactation i couldn’t find any information whether it’s safe to take or not so you need to you know go through that with your doctor and make sure that it’s okay good run by them if you have renal or liver issues you do have to watch out for this

Medication it will interact it will kind of compromise you and so you want to make sure that your doctors are all and how many doctors use are all in on the same page on all the medication that you use because this will get taxes will it’s contraindicated in severe renal and liver impairment put a little side effects here the big teams are gonna be working and

You’re gonna be looking at here is like dizziness drowsiness nervous nausea fatigue headaches again you don’t see a pretty large side-effect profile any one of the the side effects that was named none of those increase in over eight to ten percent of the population so you know we’re talking about less than a ten person right that any of these things are happening

To you but if they do then you know electro dr. know if you when you switch to something else or a lower dose i think that’s kind of it guys if i left anything out please let me know comments concerns questions about medications leave them down below we’re pretty good about answering them and we’ll see you next time on ax men is very easy bye

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