January 26, 2023

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Alright let’s talk about boo spiral boo spiral is a generic name of medication called buspar and that’s probably how you’re going to hear it called is just buspar it’s really easy to say like that what this medication is given for is anxiety the way that it works is it relieves anxiety by binding to dopamine and serotonin receptors remember dopamine and serotonin

Help impact mood and adjust mood and so by binding to these receptors of dopamine and serotonin it thereby affects mood and helps to manage the anxiety within a patient therapeutic classes antidepressant and smoking deterrent remember also with with boo pro pion it was also a smoking deterrent and these are in the same class of amino ketones okay so these amino

Ketones work for depression they work for smoking deterrent and this boost bar also works specifically for the management of anxiety so a lot of the things that we’re gonna try to keep in mind here with buspar the same things that we’re going to keep in mind for boo propia no k things like don’t take concurrently with mao is remember when we have these mao is

And we have this like the boost bar we want to have about a 14 day window between stopping one and starting the other we don’t want to mix them within the system okay you’re also going to avoid with grapefruit juice and what i always tell people we’re going to talk about this a lot as you listen to this these episodes is that anytime a patient starts taking a lot

Of medications you really just want them to stop drinking grapefruit juice okay grapefruit juice is going to interfere with many medications and so it’s just important to kind of just leave it alone it can lead to dizziness drowsiness fatigue and weakness and the patient may experience chest pain palpitations or tachycardia so it’s good as they’re starting this

Medication to kind of monitor their cardiovascular system and it’s starting instruct the patient to take it as directed what will happen a lot of times with these patients that have anxiety or depression is they’ll take the medication for a little bit they’ll start feeling better and so then they’ll stop taking the medication they’ll feel they’ll say well i’m better

Now i don’t need the medication and so they’ll just stop taking it okay so it’s important to let the patient know that they need to continue taking the medication and the patient needs to avoid it with alcohol and other types of cns depressants okay and that’s really kind of what you need to know about buspar and we’ll talk to you soon it’s been another the soul

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Buspirone Nursing Considerations, Side Effects, and Mechanism of Action Pharmacology for Nurses By NURSINGcom