November 29, 2022

The time has come to quit smoking again. Only this time, I’m hoping to quit PERMANENTLY! This book by Allen Carr has been recommended to me time and time again, and in respect to my subscribers and those who have previously gave this book a nod, I’m going to try it.

Hey guys so welcome to the video today and in case you didn’t get the proper impression of what today’s video is going to be about by the title i am once again going to attempt to quit smoking for real this time though and i’m going to do it with the help of a book that has been introduced to me and recommended multiple times on this channel by uh by subscribers and

People in the comments section and uh that book is alan carr’s easy way to stop smoking and the reason why i decided to give this book a try is because i and actually i’d started reading a little bit if you guys can see here by the bookmark but i’m going to start fresh again and start this book from the beginning all over again but uh the reading that i’ve already

Done in this book basically uh what it sets out to do is uh you know it teaches you about the nicotine trap you know the anxiety trap the withdrawal trap that keeps you smoking cigarette after cigarette after cigarette it teaches you about the physical addiction but then on top of that it pretty much just tears down any idea that that a smoker has in which they

Think that smoking a cigarette somehow benefits them and essentially by the time you’re done reading the book you’re supposed to be to a point where you can’t even imagine lighting another cigarette because your desire has been stripped from you and you’ve you’ve had this whole new disgust maybe if that’s the right word for smoking and another thing about this

Book is what they tell you in the beginning is that if you haven’t already quit smoking they actually encourage you to go ahead and continue smoking like this what they’re encouraging you to do though because it’s basically like a challenge uh you’re supposed to i guess kind of watch your desire disappear every time you light a cigarette while you’re reading

This and supposedly by the time you’re done reading the book you’re supposed to just again like i said just not even want another cigarette so you’re going to slowly watch your desire for smoking get stripped from you throughout the course of reading the book and by the time you’re done reading the book you should be forever done smoking because you just have no

Reason or urge to do it anymore and in light of my recent asthma diagnosis i definitely don’t need to be doing anything to exacerbate those symptoms and make breathing harder so i am going to continue smoking uh at least while i read this book and hopefully by the time i’m done reading this book i will just hopefully i’ll just be done because those of you that

Watch this channel especially those of you that have been watching these videos for years you know as well as i do i can quit i mean i can quit like that but i can never stay quit you know there’s some sort of uh inner urge or desire passion something something that i feel towards cigarettes that just always brings me back so i can quit for weeks i can quit for

Months i’ve quit for over a year on a couple of occasions and then i just find myself right back smoking again at some point so i really hope that this book will help me see smoking in a new light or a new dark however you unword it basically just kind of like i said just take the take the desire away and maybe i will stay quit for good this time and if reading

This book works for me then i’m definitely going to recommend it to the rest of you and um whether or not the book works i just want to go ahead and just thank anybody who ever posted in the comments about this book and recommended this book to me and told me i should read this book and told me that it helped you i appreciate every last one of those comments and

And thank you to all of you for for bringing this book to light and i hope that it works for me as good as it worked for you so i basically just wanted to give you guys that update i’m going down the uh going down the quit smoking line again and hopefully it works out for me and until the next video you guys take care and good luck to all of you that are trying

To quit smoking and please wish me luck as well because i really want to stop this time see you

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Can Allen Carr Help Me Quit Smoking For GOOD? By Cynical Mikey