June 4, 2023

E-Poster of Latin American DOHaD.

Hello my name is caroline and today i’m going to introduce you to my research named can exposure to topitamate during adolescence program permanent vascular dysfunction in rats the developmental regions of health and disease described that adaptations to environment disturbs at the use of an education during periods of development plasticity can have a long-term

Impact on individual’s health it’s important to note that adolescence has been described among the periods of development of plasticity topidamate is a drug approved by fda for migraine prophylaxis reflexes and adolescents a few students such as this truth have described that top treatment increases the risk of vascular disease in humans however the effect of

Stop treatment during adolescence on vascular function function has not been investigated yet so the present study aimed to evaluate the vascular reactivity of adolescent adolescent and adult with turrets after chop top treatment during adolescence for that wista rats were treated with topic 41 milligrams kilograms a day by are vico from posnetal day 21 to 50

Which corresponds to adolescence period during all the treatment body my skin and food intake were it after the treatment both groups were evaluated at pnd 51 and pnd 120 and what methodologies were used first reindeer active blood blood pressure and height heat was measured by a tail cuff blood pressure system in conscious rats also in vitro thoracic artery

Activity was evaluated to the vasoconstrictor phenylephrine in the presence or absence of inducidium and two vasodilators acetylcholine and sodium hydroside they are the thickness was the value evaluated through a using histological technique my results first there was no difference between the control and topic groups for food intake and bottomless skin also

The blood pressure and height height were similar between top and control groups at pnd 51 and during the adulthood at pmd 120. to talk about vascular vascular reactivity in the next graphs the contour is represented in blue and top in red or pink the response to phenylethyrin is shown in the graph as 10 tension in grams per less log of venue while the response

For vasodilators is showing the graph as percentage of relation reaction for less log of drug concentration here we have the results of vascular reactivity at pmd 51 as you can see the graph the artic maximum response to phenylephrine was higher in top group compared to control maximum response and doing the tedium removal abolish this difference the response

To the vasodilators were similar between the top and contour groups at pnd 51. about the vascular activity at pnd 120. we can see they are already already ringing story of top encounter rights in the presence or absence of the euthylene showed a similar response to phenylethyne however the art rings of top group present a decrease in pd2 for acetylcholine with

A similar maximum response when compared to control art thickness was similar between the groups both at pnd 51 and pnd 120. in conclusion our data data sorry demonstrate that treatment of rats with topic during adolescence using 51 milligrams kilograms a day promotes permanent impairment of endothelial function suggesting that this exposure during adolescence

May program vascular disease in adulthood thank you

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