June 1, 2023

Is there such a thing as a toxic dosage of potassium? Watch and find out. 

So is there such a thing as a toxic dosage of potassium let’s talk about that now the first thing to know is that you will rarely if ever have a problem with potassium if you get it from food i’m talking about seven to ten cups of vegetables per day unless you have stage 5 kidney disease if the kidney is damaged if you’re having a chronic kidney problem you’re not

Going to be able to filter out potassium like you should and it can build up and create a lot of problems with your body also if you’re taking a large amounts of potassium and you’re on an ace inhibitor which is a blood pressure medication or a beta blocker or potassium sparing diuretics trying to lower your blood pressure or you have addison’s disease which is rare

But it’s a complete adrenal burnout and you’re taking a lot of potassium it can exaggerate the symptoms there is a condition called hyperkalemia which is a problem in the blood where you have too much potassium and the symptoms would be malaise palpitations shortness of breath muscle weakness now let’s talk about the extreme dosage and when the bee starts becoming

Toxic when you go between 8,000 to 10,000 milligrams you’re gonna start feeling nauseous okay nausea is probably the first symptom you’re gonna get but the real toxic effect of potassium happens right around 14,000 milligrams especially if you’re deficient in potassium and you take that much potassium at one time it can be very very dangerous but realize that to

Do this you’d have to take a lot of potassium even if you took straight potassium and a teaspoon which is about one thousand two maybe twenty five hundred milligrams you’d have to take about ten to fourteen of those before this effect was achieved so basically what i’m telling you it is very rare to have a toxic effect of potassium if your kidneys are healthy

And you’re not on these medications couple more points about potassium potassium is not generally stored in the body so when you do prolonged fasting okay you can run out of it and for that reason i do recommend when you’re doing prolonged fasting is you do electrolyte fasting we’re doing water and electrolytes while you’re fasting that way you could prevent that

Problem because you’re not just taking potassium you’re taking all the electrolytes another point if you are deficient and b1 and you take a tremendous amount of potassium that can exaggerate the symptoms of course this is one of the reasons why i always recommend healthy keto because you’re taking b vitamins or nutritional yeast with your electrolytes and you’re

Never gonna have a problem with that but on the flipside if you’re deficient in potassium and you take a lot of b1 let’s say five thousand milligrams you’re gonna have exaggerated symptoms from that but the point i’m trying to make with this is that these nutrients work in a synergistic effect any time you take a tremendous amount of one nutrient and not the other

Ones you can create a problem and that goes for this the sodium and potassium ratio which is a little more important than just these minerals individually for example if you consume a lot of potassium without sodium that’s going to be a problem if you consume a lot of potassium with the right ratios of sodium problem solved same thing goes with let’s say you’re

On a high salt diet and those symptoms from going on a high-salt diet disappear when you take more potassium so the point is when you take one without the other there’s a problem so the more sodium you take the more potassium you’re going to need the more potassium you take the more sodium you’re going to need but realize that someone the four ratio so you need

Four times as much potassium as sodium and that’s why they work together and when you’re going to the doctor for blood pressure problems or heart problems they’re always putting you on a sodium restrictive diet what they should do is just simply add more potassium that decreases the toxic effect of sodium so in summary you would have to consume a tremendous amount

Of potassium to create a problem if you’re consuming one two three or four thousand milligrams of potassium a day you’re not going to have a problem but when you hire eight thousand ten thousand you start experiencing symptoms and of course if you’re going even higher than that you potentially could have a problem as well but it’s very rare alright thanks for

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Transcribed from video
Can High Doses of Potassium Be Toxic? By Dr. Eric Berg DC