March 28, 2023

Can I give My Dog Aspirin?

Let’s let’s talk about keeping it simple so kiss keep it keep it simple stupid okay what did we just do it says don’t call me the other night just how old is little bear down 14 yeah he’s 14 now and the other night i was having a hard time sleeping so i came out and i was on the couch over here sleeping and this little guy started crying and it was so sad and

So horrible he was just whimpering in his bed in the middle at three in the morning so i went in there and he was in pain because he’s arthritic you know so he slept on his shoulder wrong and long story short you know you can buy all these expensive medications for pain relief and they affect their kidneys and this this stuff is horrible liver and so whatever

Mama i asked mama to pick up some baby aspirin i loved baby aspirin when i was little so i give him they don’t make as far as i know they don’t have it anymore because of right what did you say maybe my syndrome i searched and searched for baby aspirin and it was it said low dose but when i checked out on my receipt it said baby aspirin so what i’ve done is

We’ve broken them down into quarter he’s he’s roughly five to eight fat well probably eight pounds right well he used to be 12 now he’s probably seven so a quarter of one of these low-dose or baby aspirins is perfect for him yeah and we have not heard so much as a whimper in three or four days yeah so there you go consider that i i don’t take i don’t like i don’t

I don’t take i don’t like drugs yeah if i can avoid them i’ll take them but this stuff aspirin is miraculous it really is um i take it i have a i have cysts so i have a cyst on my wrist yeah because your system is anyway it is fabulous and i don’t feel pain when i take that aspirin when i used to get cramps it was like amazing cramps from what jennifer you

Know oh eating too much a monthly thing you ate too much when you’re young when you’re not fifteen that i don’t have to deal with anymore when you’re not 55 i hear you all right so there you go aspirin is amazing and pope come here i want to show you something i got uh i brought this home you gonna come see come see i brought this home from one of my rental

Plate properties because i’m gonna put it in the shower and i’m gonna bathe you with it and you’re gonna like it but what a great idea because it’s so hard to wash him in this damn tub yeah it’s a mess right now i’ve never seen it with a shirt on it no towel on it but we’re going to use this to wash you because you’re stinky yeah you’re going to love it anyway

That’s all i got baby aspirin for your doggies don’t you don’t need the damn expensive dangerous drugs one of those drugs that we gave our little dog caused him to have some sort of anal bleeding out of bleeding out of his rectum i can’t remember but it was it was an anti-inflammatory yeah so we took him off that and he was he’s been fine but he has pain from

Arthritis so we give him these aspirin now that’s good okay done thanks bye

Transcribed from video
Can I give My Dog Aspirin? By exoman