June 9, 2023

I have had the Sertraline in my system for 24 hours so wanted to share the side effects so far. Sleep will play a big role in your recovery, so; can SSRIs cause strange dreams? If you are prescribed sertraline/zoloft and want to learn a little more about the journey then I am hopeful this video will help you know what happens when you take an antidepressant. One Day of Sertraline and some side effects have started to show; strange dreams, dry mouth and exhaustion but no upset stomach at the moment! Phew!

Welcome back to a happy change this is the search lien zoloft daily vlog so this is day one i’ve had the medication in my system now for 24 hours if you haven’t watched a zero already go and click the link now watch that first hopefully this is really useful that if you are taking the medication at the moment so it’s an ssri it’s an antidepressant anti-anxiety

Medication hopefully you can watch these videos and get an idea of the kinds of things that you might expect this is my second time on it so i’ve already got an idea about maybe what to expect but for it be really useful this time to break it down day by day and kind of describe what’s happening because the first couple of weeks are generally lots of side effects

So if you’ve watched a zero you’ll know that i took the medication after that video i kind of just sat on my sofa pot netflix on and pretty muggy didn’t move like i was just really tired i was i was feeling quite rundown anyway and if you watch that you’ll know yes they wasn’t a fabulous day for me emotionally i suppose so i was quite exhausted at the end of that i

Just chilled watched the cheer documentary on netflix and probably watched almost the entire season without really realizing it and it’s ace you should watch it felt a bit nauseous didn’t actually have any physical symptoms last time i started it almost immediately my stomach just like was no didn’t want to contain anything so and that was really difficult actually

Whereas i did have feelings of nausea but not the physical side effects as well to go along with it i was just really tired last night i found it quite difficult to fall asleep i was really surprised because i was so exhausted i thought yes i’ll get into bed and i’ll just pass out and actually i lay awake for a while i have a few kind of strategies just to kind of

Like not panic in those moments i used to get really panicky when i couldn’t fall asleep and i just allowed myself just to listen to an audio book so the loess faru audio book had that on which was great and obviously eventually fell asleep when i woke up this morning i felt like out woken up from a really deep sleep like i felt like had i restored myself over

Sleep which is really really powerful because i can’t remember the last time that happened so much so that i checked my fitbit sleep score and that kind of gives you a mark out of a hundred for how well you’ve slept so how often you’ve been in deep sleep or ram and actually my normal sleep score is around 80 whereas last night it was 92 i’d be interested to see

Where it is tonight but certainly this morning i woke up feeling less tired i know some of that will simply be because i sought help yesterday and actually you do get a bit of bounce well eyes i do i get a bit of a bounce in my step when i know that i’m not isolated so some of that certainly will just be the feeling that yeah you make him progress but looking at

The sleep score that kind of proved to me that actually the quality of sleep was better as well it wasn’t just my imagination and i kind of came away from that all through the morning thinking well i didn’t have any weird dreams and then soonly i remember dad had super vivid dreams i just had forgotten about them for the first hour or two and then i was thinking

About stuff that had happened last night and then realized oh no that was a dream so it was clear i did have some quite vivid dreams and that’s that’s really interesting i never really had like challenging ones some people have quite a lot of negative dreams but actually if i think about being a kid i used to dream all the time and sometimes they were good and

Sometimes though but the last few years i can’t really remember dreaming unless i’m on sertraline i kind of embrace that at the moment as you can probably tell by the way i’m presenting like i’m not feeling particularly tired at the moment i feel relatively energized i would say the only thing is i’m not feeling any particular appetite and i’m feeling like i can

Just sort of survive off water i had a dry mouth last night that’s one of the other things and it’s still kind of there so keeping hydrated is really important side effects wise nothing too troublesome so far we shall see how the next day goes now i’ve got a question for you i had a comment on one of my other videos regarding taking sertraline and its effect on

Libido and your sex drive and i just wondered if anyone had any experience of that and how long it lasted for if you feel that that’s a story that you can tell and you can share with people that are really looking for the answers leave a comment and also just as a mind that it’s so important when people do you leave comments if this has been useful at all please

Do leave me a thumbs up but more importantly leave a comment and tell tell us your story someone else might come along and read that and it might be just what they need at the time onwards today – it will be here when it’s ready and i’ll see you on the other side

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Can SSRIs Cause Strange Dreams? Sertraline & Zoloft Day 1 By Alex Robb