May 29, 2023

This video examines statin and muscle pain as well as 7 tips to eliminate pain.This video discusses 7 tips to eliminate muscle pain while on a Statin drug.Statin side effects are unfortunately seen especially muscle pain from Statins.This video examines the different types of muscle pain caused by Statins, as well a statin muscle treatment which I present in the form of seven tips.One of the treatments is Co-enzyme Q10.Red yeast rice can be taken as an alternative.

Are you struggling with muscle pain caused by statin drugs this video you can find out seven tips which can help you with muscle pain can statins cause muscle pain adverse events causing muscle pain and aches occur in varying frequency and according to a peer-reviewed online journal about two to eleven percent have these types of pains and there’s

A lower frequency of 0.5 percent with myonecrosis a breakdown of your muscle tissue and 0.1 for rhabdomyolysis this is a direct or indirect injury of your muscle tissues which can lead to acute kidney failure and i’ll discuss all these different types of muscle injuries later in this video in fact the type of injury to your muscle has a variety of names the most

Common being a medical term referred to as mild germ you’ll have a feeling of soreness stiffness or tenderness in your muscles sometimes this is described as a cramp the best way of you comparing this is if you had a viral infection like the flu that’s the type of pain you’ll experience another type of injury to your muscles is referred to as myopia which just

Means your muscle is weaker you may have pain and discomfort with this weakness then there is a muscle inflammation where you will feel muscle discomfort and soreness this is called myositis a step worse than this is a term called myonecrosis where because of muscle breakdown a marker called ck is released and can be measured the worst type of this is rhabdomyolysis

Where during this muscle breakdown a protein is released from your muscles and excreted in your urine you can also have acute renal failure with this condition as mentioned before if you want to skip to the tips check the time stamps in the description below and if you’re interested in a more detailed discussion of a terrastatin and side effects click on this link

Above clinical symptoms typically your upper muscles in both your extremities feel weak and soul so things which you and i take for granted like getting up from your chair walking upstairs raising your arms will be affected sometimes these symptoms feel cramped like and some patients even complain about tendon pain as the tendons are close to your joints and can

Be radiating this is also sometimes described as a pain in the joints usually in my experience these symptoms can occur within weeks after initiation of a statin drug but sometimes this can occur after months and sometimes after years so if you’re having pain or soreness talk to your physician about getting off the drug symptoms should resolve typically within two

To four weeks sometimes it may last up to six months now if you’re unlucky and this disorder does not resolve and you continue to have symptoms you may have an immune mediating necrotizing myopathy this is due to antibodies being built against an enzyme in the muscle this would probably need a referral to a specialist as further workup would be needed including an

Mri and a biopsy other disorders that may have been induced by statin therapy is a condition called mononeuritis multiplex what does this mean it happens when there’s damage to two or more nerve areas this is a type of neuropathy where nerves are affected so you will experience a group of symptoms such as numbness tingling lack of sensation difficulty control

Movements and pain another statin-induced disorder is myopathy or weakness around your eyes which mimics graves disease eye ailment risk factors now i’m going to list some statin medications with an increased risk for muscle injury lower statin thymostatin and atomostatin the reason is the way it is metabolized in your body some other statin drugs have a lower

Risk as they are metabolized differently and they have a lower risk such as fluvastatin perevastatin and pitovastatin the ability to cause muscle injury among the different statin drugs also depends on the statin dose the higher the dose the higher the risk the other thing is that certain diseases such as hypothyroidism renal failure liver disease als are also

Associated with a higher risk of muscle injury secondary to statins and as always your genetics also play a role if you’re more susceptible to statin injury so that might be a possibility or another reason i’m going to list some drugs which if you’re taking you’re more susceptible to muscle injury if taken together with a statin hiv drugs calcium channel blockers and

Myodoron macrolid antibiotics such as erythromycin and azithromycin anti-fungal medications cyclosporins colchitine fibrates and niacin so talk to your doctor or your healthcare provider if you’re on one of these drugs and if you’re interested in the side effects of other common medications click on this link above how do we diagnose a muscle injury from statins

Physical examination including a detailed drug history ck however there are some patients who have muscle cramps and muscle aches without an increase of the muscle marker ck your healthcare provider should have an index or suspicion despite a normal ck if you continue to have symptoms a trial without a statin with the permission from your doctor may be warranted

Question of the day are you on a statin and do you have muscle aches so what are some of the things you and your doctor can do if you do have muscle pain while on a statin well here are seven tips number one discontinue the drug waiting for resolution of symptoms your symptoms like mentioned earlier should resolved within a couple of weeks number two your doctor

Might lower the dose of the statin or even change the class of the statin to an alternative class of drug number three another approach is to give the drug every other day number four if symptoms persist switch to a non-step in therapy such as niacin fibrates or neuroclassical drugs called pcsk9 inhibitors or bile acid sequestrants such as cholesterolene however

The most important thing you can do are lifestyle changes because for those of you who have seen a lot of my videos i talk a lot about drugs and drug drug interactions as well as side effects my goal is to minimize drug intake or even eliminate drug intake if possible so how can you do that lose weight enjoy a diet rich in fiber fruits vegetables and fish lean

Meat and chicken stay away from processed meat number five sometimes vitamin d is lower and your doctor might choose to re-challenge you once the level has improved after being replenished with an appropriate dose of vitamin d number six your doctor might add coenzyme q10 doses can range from 30 to 250 milligrams daily coenzyme q10 plays a role in muscle cell

Energy production therefore this supplement is suggested to help muscle related problems caused by statins the studies are mixed and here is a meta-analysis on the screen which did show benefit have a discussion with your health care provider about adding this supplement number seven the last tip you might want to try red yeast rice this derives is a fermented rice

Product and red easter eyes has a compound similar to a lower statin red yeast rice is able to reduce to bad cholesterol called ldl and according to by about 20 to 30 percent and if you want to see more videos to recharge your health click right here or click right here and thank your health i couldn’t say red easter eyes i think my lips are dry and

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