June 4, 2023

This video discusses the history of tramadol and its potential to be used as an antidepressant. With high suicide rates we need more treatments for depression. Here is the study I found in regards to what I discuss near the end of the video! See below

In this video today we will be discussing the history of foraminal and its potential to be used in low doses as an antidepressant what’s up everyone this your daily dose of mental health let’s jump right on into it please like and subscribe and i put together a real quick um just history on the history of tramadol and some interesting results that i found in a

Study and there’s multiple others that i’m i’ll put in the links later let’s jump right on into it please like and subscribe to the channel it should be in that right hand corner we’re going to keep on putting out more uh information this is going to be a quick video i just got off work so here we go sorry if you can’t read in that bottom part but i’ll read it

To you so here we go the history of tramadol as we start right here so it was created in 1962 by a german drug company um it was then tested for 15 years um and brought to the market under the name trammell um today we call it tramadol or ultram but it was brought to the market as trammel and what i mean by the market it was the foreign market this was not

Brought to the united states at this time so it was the foreign market so this would have been more so the european market um it was initially and still to the city used as a pain reliever at this time um they did studies on it um and obviously it is a synthetic um drug i went i discussed the difference between opiates and opioids and it is a synthetic drug

Um that has mo that has multiple um uses and dualities that they’re finding out to this day which we’ll discuss a little later um so in 1995 so move a little forward in time from 1962 to 1995 it was brought to america and at this time it was not a controlled substance um it was actually it was not it was non-controlled you still did require it did require a

Prescription but it was not a controlled substance so at this point we had we started to understand that oxycontin um hydrocodone and things were highly addictive so we at this time physicians were saying you know what this could be a positive impact it’s a non-controlled substance um and it could be it’s effective for pain so why not go for it when you have the

Positive results so in 1995 um it was brought to america after this there was a rapid increase in prescriptions from 2008 to 2012 which what can you guess can what can you conclude from this so anytime you have a rapid increase in prescriptions there is a higher chance of it becoming an abused medication so in 2014 it went from a non-controlled prescription

To a schedule right here schedule four schedule four sorry i’m about at the schedule four medication which it is to this day and that was in 2014. um so how i look at this is the big question revolves around um the increase in prescriptions which could have led to which obviously led to it being more popular and it became more popular on the streets as well um

Which led to the biggest thing was to make it cheaper they were lacing with fentanyl so they were taking a lot of those 50 milligram tablets a lot of times and a 50 milligram tablet in order to get more out of it they were starting to lace it with fentanyl when this started happening this is when obviously as i said in two that was happening in around 2014 when

They’re like okay we got to do something people are overdosing on tremendo but what was really happening as well with it was yes there were people who were starting to abuse the medication and using higher doses but one of the main things is you got to remember is it was effective for pain and a lot of even drug users on the street you know if they’re using drug

You know if they’re using multiple things their bodies beat down that they’re going to want something that alleviates pain and this was new drug on the street because hydrocodone and oxycontin our oxycodone was a lot harder to get with the ea crackdown so they started with traminol and they releasing it of course with fentanyl comes over from china um which in

My opinion leads to the big question on its potential to be continue to be used as pain and its other medical uses so i found some a very interesting study a 2021 that i’ll get into but the main thing is that i want to just conclude before i go into the study is tramadol should not be classified um in this way it’s hard to read down your tremble should not should

Not be classified due to its antidepressant effects so logistically it has and i’ll just write right here it has so it obviously affects dopamine which is your brain these are your brain receptors that’s what again like pain meds dopamine um help but it all and this is like oxycontin oxycodone hydrocodone only affects dopamine but hydrocodone i mean um tram it

All affects dopamine serotonin norepinephrine nephron now that’s hard to read but it’s norepinephrine um these three um so there are drugs to this day that are used to treat depression that are considered ss ssnris which are serotonin nor epinephrine which you have these two reuptake inhibitors like wellbutrin now you’d say well then why wouldn’t it be

Why can’t it be used as an antidepressant when you add this dopamine aspect into it right here anything and i know that’s hard to read anytime you have a rush of dopamine people are going to go now whoa whoa whoa whoa that that right there that that can that can lead to drug addictions but remember though that things like caffeine um anything gambling anything

That’s pleasurable to you sex leads to a dopamine rush and once again i’m not saying that that not everyone become addicted i had my own problems um with this medication for a while um as i’ve told you if you follow my journey which i’ll leave a link to my own recovery however i still see its use why it could be used in low doses so my big point is if it if it

Is affecting dopamine serotonin and norepinephrine and has ssnr ssnri properties why couldn’t it be non-class declassified or you could keep it as a schedule for but you use it as a treatment for depression as well because there are multiple meds like lyrica there are there’s lyrica that is a control4 that is used for neuro nerat neuro pain nerve pain and

Also it is um used to treat pain so you either declassify it or you keep it at a schedule 4 and you have it as a use as an antidepressant so this 2020 study which i know is hard to read um showed and i’ll link the study to the 2020 studies showed that low dose tramadol so anywhere from 50 milligrams to 100 milligrams a day um were reported to be effective to very

Effective um from an um in assisting and helping with you know depression so it was effective as an antidepressant in fact 123 out of 130 which was 94 94.6 of participants in this study in 2020 reported that it was an effective or very helpful um a helpful um medication that assisted with depression so i guess the way we look at this and once again i know

There are some people who might be like whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa you had your problems with med like this yes but i’m looking at the grand spectrum of if there are medications that are showing positive results and any key word is key word is lower i’m just going to write it here lower lower doses lower doses or even micro doses if it’s showing positive results

To everyone for um for participants as in this one because the key to this one was key word is in this study is low-dose tramadol use it doesn’t say oh continue to go up if if it can be used in lower doses and managed in that way it should be um used as an anti-it should be a treatment for depression as we know today as i was saying the suicide rate among teens

And adults is only skewing and increasing um if you look at the trends as of i know 2020 um into 2021 there was a three there’s a three x in the amount of suicides happening um and how many in helm and there’s at least you know it’s three-fourths of america um currently has you know has depression um and whatnot and have tried multiple medications even trying

Things like ketamine for ptsd and depression that why not why not give tramadol a shot at um being an assistance for depression and helping with depression um i was very interested in making this video due to my own history with it and keeping an open mind and perspective of it but also i was talking i’ve been talking to a shout out to jamie in the comments

For putting some good questions out there and i’ve actually thought about some of these things myself about tramadol um i was talking to a doctor today about why is tramadol not used as an antidepressant when it has ssnr ss nri properties and what he was saying was he’s not actually um he he’s he has no problem with it as long as it is in lower doses from 50 to

100 milligrams i showed him the study it’s just a matter of getting other doctors and the boards on board with it and i think this would be a great way to assist with lowering the suicide rate and having more potential uses for not only pain because a lot of times when people are in pain they have depression on top of it and it affects their mental health but in

Particular assisting with depression um once again thank you for watching this video the history of tramadol and its potential to be used as an antidepressant um in the next video we will be discussing in the next video we will be going discussing and going back to opiates and opioids i did a basic education on it but i’ll be discussing um i’ll be going more

In depth in that in regards to um its own properties and you know the addict you know why why it can lead to addiction to addictive um why can it lead to drug addiction um and also some of the best um ways to alleviate if you’re withdrawing or trying to get off of that medication some of the best ways to get off of opiates and opioids um if it’s affecting you

Negatively or if you’ve been abusing them once again this is your daily dose of mental health please like and subscribe to the channel i love you all leave a comment um if there’s any uh topic you want me to cover or whatnot just leave a comment down there and i’ll get back to you um i sometimes put just random videos out everywhere but just i’m gonna continue

To just putting out videos for everyone i love you all um look out for the next video i will post this study um as well so you can um so you can see it have a good week i love you all

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Can Tramadol be used for depression? [Tramadol history and low dose use as a future antidepressant?] By The Daily Dose of Mental Health