March 28, 2023

Mobic (meloxicam) and Advil (ibuprofen) should not be taken together at the same time. I discuss how long to wait between doses and talk about some of the potential side effects. Also mention taking Tylenol with meloxicam. Always speak to your Doctor if uncertain which medications you should be using.

Hi this is josh and the pharmacist with pharmacist tips calm here we’re gonna talk about a quick question on this video can you take advil with meloxicam short answer no no you shouldn’t take them together at the same time in this video we’ll talk about how long you should wait between doses why you shouldn’t use both medicines together at the same time then

We’re gonna touch on some of the long-term risks of taking medications such as advil and meloxicam first off how long do you need to wait advil or the active ingredient ibuprofen followed by meloxicam typically the advil is gonna last six to eight hours so we want to wait until that is out of the system before we start the owner one this is just a general guide

You should always ask your doctor before using make sure these medications are appropriate for you and they want you to use in both meloxicam then advil usually twelve to twenty-four hours meloxicam does peak in a couple hours and then there’s a secondary peak around the 12 to 24 hour mark where you some of the active metabolites are actively working to reduce

Pain and inflammation so if you took the meloxicam 7.5 milligram the medium dose you could probably take an ibuprofen or an advil 12 hours later again run it by your doctor or pharmacist if you’re unsure the meloxicam 15 you should probably wait 24 hours before you take an advil or an ibuprofen do keep in mind tylenol or acetaminophen the over-the-counter pain

Medicine as long as you can take that that is not in the same family as advil and meloxicam so typically that one is going to be okay as it works in the body in a different fashion so why not together well they’re both nsaids or non-steroidal anti-inflammatories so essentially it would be like taking the same medicine twice so that’s going to increase the risk

Of side effects as it has the same action in the body we talked a little bit about the warnings now short-term use usually not a problem doesn’t put one at great risk of side effects but long-term use you need to be aware of the potential side-effects this doesn’t mean you can’t use a long term if you have chronic pain you generally need something to control that

Pain but you need to be aware of the risks so you can kind of watch for some warning signs so you could stop the medicine in you know you need to work with your doctor on this but so you could stop it before it cause some issues it nsaids like meloxicam like ibuprofen naproxen those can increase the risk of heart attack and stroke especially during the first week

Of use and the risk increase the longer you use them so if you’re on chronic nsaids you want to make sure that your blood pressure is under control because high blood pressure will put you at risk of heart attack and stroke nsaids can sometimes raise blood pressure so these risks can be mitigated if you work with your doctor kind of watch for warning signs the risk

Appears greater at higher doses now this is directly from the fda website i will also include a link to that in the video description below some of the nsaids may have a lower risk that we’re still trying to figure out if that is showing up in the data or not again if you’re already at a high risk of heart attack and stroke or you have some heart disease you really

Need to be careful using nsaids in general if you have heart disease or if you’re at high risk nsaids should be used very cautiously or not at all and if nsaids are used following a heart attack in the first year it increases the risk that you will die so if you’ve had a recent heart attack best to avoid and said for the first year and then after that only with

A doctor’s approval and nsaids may contribute to heart failure as well all right well thanks for watching i hope the short video was useful be sure you always talk to your healthcare provider if your pain is not controlled if you’re uncertain what medics medications you can use together what doses you should be using if you have a question for me go ahead and ask

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Can you take Advil with meloxicam By Pharmacist Tips