November 29, 2022

Nursing KAMP Goes over Ace Inhibitors from Lisinopril and craptopril Nursing Student and NCLEX

Phoner since escaped with nursing camp and this is cardiac camp this is my medications on ace inhibitors it’s part of my a b c d e medications this is ace inhibitors and based on this sticky note let’s follow nursing camp calm also pinterest facebook please follow me like me and do the same okay let’s get into a ace inhibitors well the first thing with ace inhibitors

Is that when you’re looking at ace inhibitors the biggest problem is that all blood pressure medications do not stop alright we don’t stop them abruptly because that’s a stop sign sure we don’t stop them abruptly because of rebound hypertension and problems okay so let’s look at the medications and let’s talk about aces alright so ace inhibitors what’s there’s a

Pneumonic for this and that mnemonic is ace king high in april okay let’s run through it hi well april is for pearls so a sub pro the subjects okay so pro listen a pro pro so a skink high in april that tells you that it’s an ace inhibitor okay ace inhibitors are our chronic medications and their chronic because they are you know called the doctor at the two o’clock

A doc you know okay get some lisinopril stat you don’t do it right so it is a chronic medication alright so how does it work well ace inhibitors work by the renin-angiotensin system and basically it stops it right at the beginning so a lot of times what i think about these neighbors is that when an angel kenton system from the kidneys and in the vessels it’s like

As if a person is running them seven okay holy crap this person is running down the hill and what you do with these inhibitors just stop them at the top okay so they stopped here and then not already in the motion so you’re stopping this angiotensin renin system and you’re stopping it from the time so that’s the first cake what do we monitor with that right so how

Does it work it stops of the copyright and angiotensin and we monitor for angioedema well ngo demers rq because angioedema is basically swelled up face ok so they’re really swelled up and they’re the illusion of spasms then they can’t get the airway in so that’s a cute so anyways number one so taking ace inhibitors there a risk for angioedema that’s what doctors

Call that stop medications that is a cue because this you can’t keep on giving lisinopril if this is happening so ng oedema next what cost this is annoying they get this kind of cost that’s going on it has to do with the histamine and all that stuff it’s not that important the big key is if they get this annoying cough well what they generally would do is is that

You would then switch them change them to an op from there okay that’s the second line medication first line is an ace inhibitor and then if they can’t tolerate it or use of coughing they’re switched to an arb and we talked about the previous lecture ortho saw tn right lives on and the main risk for arbs is auto static vital signs and the reason they auto static

Vital signs is you just talked about ace inhibitors and ace inhibitors you know you’re worried about this he’ll remember we stopped them up here well the interesting thing about arbs is they’re already running down the hill okay so they’re running down the scale and an arb says we’ll stop here okay well that’s very difficulty there’s already the momentum so the

Right now angiotensin you’re kind of going in between and then what happens is they have this rebound hypotension so they have auto statics they can’t tolerate it for much more difficult so that’s why you don’t start operating for us because they have auto statics with them where ace inhibitors they don’t generally right away okay um what else e electrolytes okay

Which ones k king king high so potassium high with ace inhibitors so we worry about that with ace inhibitors so patients who are like spinning a lactone you might hold that medication because of the potassium might be fine and then what else so h king kai angioedema cough electrolytes potassium high other main reasons for problems with ace inhibitors another issue

With ace inhibitors is like captopril captopril i call crap top row and crap top row because it leaves a bad taste in their mouth so they need to take that with um food so they don’t like that so yeah that okay so let me teach you something here this is called a wales and a wells is a way that you can dissect a medication and how we do that is is that we first

Defined on the a is it a q or is it chronic we already said that it’s chronic unless it’s a cute with angioedema and potassium ace-king hi how does it work that’s a renin-angiotensin system we talked about that um when do we hold it h when do you hold it well if they have angioedema if they have a coffee you’re going to switch them what’s the assessment you’re

Assessing for angioedema your assessor for cloth you’re assessing potassium okay are there any labs associated with it l yes potassium so that’s that fishbone here covered in another lecture potassium and we’re worried about it being high well what about eating is there any problem with eating like this yeah well crap to pro you know gives a bad taste in the mouth

So they’re going to have to eat that with some food or something like that otherwise lisinopril doesn’t really do that potassium they don’t have to worry about potassium you know because a clinic med however they still have risk for it and then what stands out s stands out is what stands out when you think about ace inhibitors well you’ll give them give it to them

If they have angioedema that’s a cute you call the doctor for that a coffee change over to an arb electrolyte you’re going to monitor the potassium and craft apparel you would have to take that with food and that was what stands off that’s my cardiac medication my name name is nursing camp these are my scribble notes or nursing notes for what you can call them

I’m on pinterest in facebook and also nursing camp comm in instagram so say hello this is from my study sheet on on auto static ace inhibitors and arbs you can get that on pinterest and also instagram we’ll see you next time nurse on and be that nurse because anybody can be that us we’ll see you next time

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