December 8, 2022

Shuman dead honest which we’ll use in case of and you know the tourist drug stocks influx of calcium ions to the heart and guy dresses to vacillate and order loading the blood pressure cardiac or and oxygen given individual acts on different opinion other kallstrom and maybe to dilate the blood vessels casual and urbanistic items and also used to prophylactically

To prevent idea adverse effects include the excessive vasodilation hypotension cutaneous slashing and having a headache so the same terms are deal infection the location of pain substitution across the chest in case of myocardial location of pain is same now radiation of bring make draw or arms that is also same in case of myocardial infraction they shouldn’t

Pain mr. pain in case of engine of increases dull or heavy discomfort with operation of squeezing senses a sensation in case of myocardial infraction the pain is pain is same but may be more intense now do a duration in case of angina pectoris the duration of pain is usually lasts for three to eight minutes really longer but in case of micro daily interactions

Of limits now other symptoms are usually usually no symptoms in case no other symptoms in case of angela victory spreading can in case of formal infractions of the symptoms like a perspiration weakness nausea pale gray color now precipitate and precipitating factors like extremely seen weather exhaustion stress and stress ministries and josephine are the factors

Giving relief in case of engine abate risk stopping physical activity reducing stress using the nitrogen but in case of myocardial interactions the practice which shaving relieved like on antidepressants may be give incomplete return or low relief now comes to high quality drugs and hyperlipidemia drugs this i believe it will travel yost in case of hyperlipidemia it

Is condition in which particles lipids in the blood is present examples of lipid includes cholesterol triglycerides these substances can deposit in blood vessel or vessels and restrict the blood to flow this creates a risk of heart attack and stroke so this is actually colder at least this type of in case of for hyperlipidemia there is the situation the disease is

Called atlas vs. where are the facts or leaves which deposit in the blood versus c fat or lipids deposit in the blood vessels modes this is the normal at me this is the cloud orderly so the artery is blocked your spaces for flowing blood is too much narrower this situation is called atherosclerosis in the this is a neutrals from your hearts to the rest of your body

As you get older that’s turn stroll and consume can collect your address from can cut it in your arteries and form a flower this is a normal picture of image of normal artery so now i got row is to non-natural and here plug is building building up so high blood pressure low blood flow and here this is situation at risk of atherosclerosis where stroke or heart attack

Most formal causes of death all right this also image of normal artery and in some addresses artery in narrow circles so in this case and in this case of atherosclerosis and the drugs which are used that is called a – a vitamin drugs or any – epidemic agents and under this little bit just the classifications are like statins bile acid sequestrants yes in some type

Rates second switch mechanism of actions any with hmg co-reductase clinical use is loading the low-density lipoproteins side of it says mama the paradox is et cetera just remember this on statin solid and others is just for your information then classifications of high poverty with drugs as first-line therapy hmg co-reductase inhibitors like statins tumor studies

Reversed in the lowest ratings same similar studies then buy a bile acid sequestrants examples you have to you have to remember but this mode of actions and chemicals and side of its let all these things of this by bile acid results here since fibroids you don’t have to but this is this is just for your information only must you but remember the classifications of

Hypolipidemic drugs like all the examples of each and every class is okay the like a typical reductase inhibitors like stents in the university’s brahma-sutra set reverse titans reverse returns extra gram my little sequestrants are led resins equal destroyer my and individuals of intestinal absorption of cholesterol like stand on mister and cpt inhibitors like

Toss attribute here it’s the mechanism of actions of a change eco is in return a changeup weight is aquarium which turns of abalone as it which transformation of cholesterol is awkward so here 8 80 mg quality darkest inhibitors which in a baseless h&g wave examples are like a traverse tracking provost at least reverse regime pseudo summer styles lower the

Standards are most effective and best started agents for a treaty dyslipidemia these trucks are competitive inhibitors of hig career adapters which fertilizes and highly rate limiting step in cholesterol biosynthesis so this is the mechanism of action i’m fibrates reduce tie anti results a little bit nuclear receptors then stimulates beta oxidation of fatty acids

Then increase low-density lipoprotein synthesis will reduce production of their facility in image analysis and receptor-mediated clearance very low density clearances enhanced hmg co-reductase what is it agent rico into never unique assets hmg co-reductase times change to say change equate into member lilyc acids which is which increases the cholesterol synthesis

And combine steadily increases sorry i wish you happiness which increases the producer at synthesis lowell is really receptive expression only 1/4 minus x is given which loading which inhibit community they act with agency queries which are lowering the cholesterol synthesis thus how it asks here is a therapy which is introduced in case of hypercholesterolemia

Combined hyperlipidemia and hypertrophy is it is just for your information on v you don’t have to memorize it mister coronary artery thomas’s and it’s prevention is there

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