March 22, 2023


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Support our community here at demi rx care all right so let’s talk about our topic of choice today so our topic of choice today or medication of choice today is carvedilol so carvedilol is also known as coareg and this medication is used to treat hypertension or heart failure as well as atrial arrhythmia and this is usually known as an abnormal um heart rhythm

In patients so corvettolog comes in 3.125 milligram it also comes in 6.25 milligram 12.5 milligram and 25 milligram tablet so usually patients would take the 3.125 initially um milligram twice a day with food and the maximum could go up to about 50 milligram tablet twice a day so depending on what they’re treating um usually the maximum is about 50 milligram

Twice a day so what are some of the side effects that you want to look out for when you’re taking corvettal up so the side effect includes low blood pressure it can also cause headache in some of our patients it can cause a slow heart rate um like i said it’s used for increased heart rate um in some patients so this is a common side effect which is to slow down

The heart rate of these patients also it can cause high blood sugar a common side effect of corvettilol in terms of diabetes is it can mask the low blood sugar symptoms so patients who are taking this medication if they do have diabetes then you want to make sure that you’re checking your blood sugar periodically or regularly in order to be able to tell anytime

You have a low blood sugar so you can treat it because this medication as i said can mask that symptom also this medication can cause an abnormal weight gain in patients it can cause diarrhea it can cause dizziness it can also cause erectile dysfunction through reduced libido in some patients it can cause back pain vision disorder or tiredness so what is some

Serious side effect that you want to make sure that you’re reaching out to your doctor for immediately when you start seeing these um after you start taking the medication so serious side effect will include asthma episodes um increasing as my episode especially in patients who have a history of asthma if you start seeing an increased episode when you start this

Medication then that is a very great condition or concern to bring up to your doctor when next you go for your appointment or even as you know as immediately as possible that way they can help taper this medication and see if there are options other options that you can substitute the medication for also some other severe symptoms of this medication is severe

Low blood pressure so this medication can cause a severe low blood pressure most especially in our elderly patients so you want to make sure that you’re checking your blood pressure regularly that way um if you start noticing you know a severe low blood pressure trend in your blood pressure values then you can bring that up to your doctor also some patients may

Notice chest pain as well as swelling um or abnormal abnormal heart rate in patients some patients may notice like a consistent fluid retention um in their leg area or leg pain when you walk or leg and feet pain you know that when you start feeling like a cold or numbness in your leg or feet that’s consistent you want to make sure that you’re bringing that up to

Your doctor also some patients might feel lightheadedness dizziness or fainting these are concerns that you want to start bringing up to your doctor immediately when you start feeling those symptoms as well as a rapid weight gain or swelling in your hands and feet that these are like i said serious side effect that you want to make sure that you’re reaching out to

Your doctor immediately when you that when you start seeing these um side effects after taking the medication so for patients who are taking this medication you want to make sure you’re taking it with food and milk or milk um it is better absorbed when taken with food or milk so these are you know administration um procedures that you want to employ when you’re

Taking this medication also you don’t want to stop this medication all of a sudden it can cause that increased heart rate um that you know patients are you know taking it for prior to you know just stopping and all of a sudden um this medication is a medication that’s take slowly tapered when patients want to be taken off of the medication so there’s the doctor

Will usually slowly decrease the medication dose until they get to the last dose before they stop that medication completely so in order to kind of avoid that withdrawal um side effect for patients also as i said earlier this medication can cause dizziness um or headaches so you don’t want to take anything um or you don’t want to perform any activity right after

Taking this medication that requires you to be mentally alert unless you’ve been taking this medication for a period of time and you know for sure that this is this is not a side effect that you have when you take the medication as i said earlier this medication can mask the symptoms of low blood sugar so for patients who have diabetes you want to make sure that

You’re checking your blood sugar um regularly or as advised by your physician that way if you know if you have any low blood sugar you’re able to treat it immediately before it worsen and you start actually feeling the severe side effect of low blood sugar for patients who are taking the extended release capsule you don’t want to chew or crush the tablet um

However you can empty the contents inside a spoonful of applesauce and make sure that you’re swallowing that immediately that way um you know you’re able to get the full dose of the medication and like i said this is the extended release capsule is not a medication that you want to chew or crush all right i hope i was able to help in terms of what to look out

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