February 1, 2023

Maintaining healthy potassium levels is essential for a healthy heart. Watch to learn more!

Hey guys dr. berg here in this video we’re going  to talk about potassium in relationship to your   i put down there to download if you have any  cardiovascular problems you need to read this   potassium replacement in clinical practice   so it’s a group of cardiologists who formed the  national council on potassium and they show

The   importance of potassium for the cardiovascular  system so i want to just kind of cover some of   of all if you have a potassium deficiency the   name of that disorder is called hypokalemia and  you can remember by kale kale right hypokalemia   that’s low potassium now if you have a potassium  deficiency you might feel

Tired leg cramps muscle   weakness constipated tremor because potassium  is intimately involved with muscle physiology   neurophysiology and cardiovascular physiology so  you can also have atrial fibrillation which is a   rhythm problem of the heart high blood pressure in  fact in most cases of high blood pressure there is  

A potassium deficiency and what do they give you a  diuretic what is diuretics do most of them deplete   potassium so it’s like a never-ending cycle and  then also if you’re low on potassium you will   have a higher pulse rate potassium lowers your  pulse rate okay so now the question is how could   you possibly get a potassium

Deficiency right  well here are some of the causes one is maybe   too much sodium because when you increase sodium  you naturally decrease potassium because they work   together but maybe it’s not potassium maybe it’s  low manganese or magnesium sir magnesium so when   in the right balance and that comes from the  

Vegetables all right insulin high insulin so let’s  say you have insulin resistance or you’re diabetic   absorb potassium that well and that’s why you   there’s always a diamond fluid choose in fact it  takes potassium to heal the insulin dysfunction   you can almost correct insulin resistance and  improve your blood sugar’s by

Taking potassium   fascinating and then of course too much sugar from  the spike insulin will actually deplete potassium   too many refined carbs will do it that’s why if  you consume a lot of sugar all of a sudden your   pulse rate starts going higher also high cortisol  that’s the stress also in a camera a medication  

Potassium of course you have the diarrhea and   vomiting to some degree and then also a condition  called alkalosis alkalosis is when your body is   just too alkaline and i know you’ve been taught  that people need to just alkalize the body and   all this stuff well actually when you go through a  lot of stress and you have high

Levels of cortisol   your adrenal body type your ph becomes more on the  alkaline side your blood ph becomes excessively   alkaline and that’s called pal colossus and one of  the symptoms is a potassium deficiency interesting   abdominal surgery you you’re always watching   for potassium because that potassium goes down 

When you’re under the sirt under surgery and   you’re already deficient potassium you can create  some serious problems with the heart so that’s why   they used to give you a potassium iv when you  go through surgery and then trauma i remember   i had a bike accident went over the handlebars  and i let in the cement and my potassium

Just   went down to zero and i think because when you  when you go through stress it spikes adrenaline   adrenaline will decrease potassium too and then  we have low hydrochloric acid when you don’t   have enough acid your stomach you can’t absorb  potassium and then you have potassium problems   so it takes potassium

To keep the stomach acids  correct and also taking potassium will help you   digest and create stomach acids so so in other  words low potassium can create low hydrochloric   you absorb potassium drinking too much water   or can deplete your potassium because water is  not necessarily filled with electrolytes so you  

Take too much water you drink a gallon and you  deplete the last bit of potassium you have and   then you end up why with all sorts of dehydration  problems right diuretic that’s another cause of   potassium deficiencies and that comes from when  you’re on high blood pressure they give you the   relic and then you become the task

And deficient  and then you state you continue to have high blood   pressure crazy so in this article that i want  you to download these doctors are recommending   potassium to prevent and even correct a lot of  the cardiovascular problems and potassium has the   potential to creep your arteries elastic decrease  the risk

Of the stroke and potassium can protect   the kidney and even the heart so this whole idea  that if you have a kidney problem you absolutely   must stay away from potassium is not necessarily  true unless it’s a severe case now how do you get   potassium beet tops okay but if you don’t like the  db tops you just need to start to

Increase your   salad to seven to ten cups of salad why because it  takes that much potassium and we need a lot like   close to forty seven hundred milligrams potassium  is also good for rheumatoid arthritis inflammatory   vital so for more information about nutrition   and health and how to create a healthy body check 

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Causes & Symptoms of Potassium Deficiency – Dr.Berg By Dr. Eric Berg DC