January 26, 2023

Are you experiencing or know someone that is experiencing hair loss dull blank expression extreme fatigue muscle aches and weaknesses and weight gain if so you may have hypothyroidism just been really tired run down wait i just don’t have any energy i’m doing housework or something and i have to do like one thing and then lie down and rest or do another thing and

Lay down a rest i keep gaining weight i exercise all the time or not all the time but like an hour a day and i’m not showing any loss of weight i just keep gaining weight so i don’t know what’s going on um i’ve been having cramps in my legs and then my toes they kind of cramp up so i just feel like there’s something not right with my body and i’m just here to find

Out what to do i don’t know what to do i can’t keep going on like this levothyroxine also known as synthoid or levoxyl is a synthetic thyroid hormone medication the thyroid produces hormones called t3 and t4 that control metabolism and the rate at which the body burns oxygen and calories if you have low levels of you may need levothyroxine because it works by

Replacing the hormone that is normally produced by your thyroid gland to regulate the body’s energy and metabolism levothyroxine can be taken by mouth or iv the average cost of levothyroxine is 25.44 25 micrograms for 30 days levothyroxine can increase the effects of warfarin if you are a diabetic you may need to increase your insulin or oral hypoglycemic agents

Concurrent use of estrogen therapy levothyroxine is a pregnancy category a medication levothyroxine does not cross the placenta and minimal amounts enter breast milk common side effects of levothyroxine include but not limited to excessive sweating headache anxiety tiredness temporary hair loss diarrhea vomiting and insomnia call your doctor if you experience leg

Cramps tremors feeling irritable chest pain shortness of breath and palpitations as these can be signs of an overdose it is important to follow up with your doctor monthly to get your tsh levels checked your dose may be changed based on your level of tsh when taking levothyroxine it is important that you take it in the morning around 30 to 60 minutes before

Breakfast it helps if you take the medication around the same time every day make sure you take level thyroxine with eight ounces of water and avoid taking level thyroxine with food or any supplement containing calcium iron magnesium or zinc as they may bind to level thyroxine and prevent complete absorption of the medication if you are thinking about switching

Brands of levothyroxine it is important to talk to your doctor first as switching brands may affect the thyroid function test like tsh this is because different brands have a different potency of levothyroxine in them even if you are taking the same dose just over a month ago i was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism the doctor prescribed levothyroxine also known

As time i was experiencing very low energy levels couldn’t do a lot of activities i felt like i was missing out on life since i’ve started that level thyroxine i’ve noticed an increase in my energy level i can now do some of the activities that i was missing such as camping hiking horseback riding i feel better about myself i don’t feel so defeated any longer

I feel like i’ve been given a new lease on life you

Transcribed from video
CCCC Levothyroxine By Morgan Hass