May 29, 2023

I have taken the Selective Seratonin Reuptake Inhibitor (SSRI) Cipramil Celexa Citalopam antidepressant for many years.

My review of uh supramul citalopram for anxiety and depression this was the very first ssri i ever took it was a huge step for me i was terrified i mean the idea of taking a medication that would affect my brain was scary to me i just thought it the whole idea of reprogramming my brain with a medication kind of scary number one and the most interesting thing

About this one and i’ve taken most of the other ssris but the scetanopram is the one antidepressant where at the start i have got a high feeling from it and you shouldn’t really go high from these medications most of them won’t have that effect but i did feel that at the very start when i started taking it first and first day or two i was a little bit buzzing

I mean it was a little bit like like taking recreational drugs and i haven’t taken recreational drugs so i don’t know what that is like but it it’s but i imagine it would be like in that if there’s a slight high feeling and a bit of buzzing giggling laughing when you kind of the opposite two days previous is is a surprising effect and that’s one of the things

That my experience is the what you’re always told by doctors is this will take six weeks to take effect and it’ll you know you’ll experience nothing really for six weeks and then come back to me in six weeks for me the effect of cetalopram is immediate i mean i see the results within a day sometimes within six hours eight hours second in the morning that evening

I’m feeling different that’s just me and it’s something that i’ve experienced with most ssris but particularly without to satanapram but i’m probably the opposite to most people i get the the results and the change and the improvement immediately and then after weeks couple of weeks then it kind of tapers off and i don’t i don’t get a further improvement that’s

The first thing i’d say what is the overall effect i would say it’s been the most successful sroi that i’ve taken and i have had a very overall very pleasant experience with it so side effects are manageable and i’ve talked about that in a previous video side effects are reasonably okay reasonably manageable now i’ll go through all the side effects in a different

Video and they’re they are many and varied and some people aren’t as fortunate as me and experience some savage of side effects to ssris and my heart goes out to all of you and i have experienced those with on other ones i mean sertraline for me was a nightmare and i just crashed and burned on it happily with citalopram i haven’t had very serious side effects

On it and the main one for me is is sleepiness which i had with effexor but i uh i don’t have very much sleepiness on on 10 milligrams of cetanopram i don’t experience that sleepiness which is fine and it doesn’t stop me from doing the things that help me like going out swimming cycling running and getting that exercise which i think is vital overall it’s been

Very beneficial for my very start sometimes when i started taking it first i did feel a bit a little bit nauseous nauseous is the word i think and yeah i got headache and a little nauseous for about one or two days and the solution to that was very simple i just drowned myself in water drank liters of water and that was the solution to everything now i never get

That problem anymore usually i take it at night and then in the morning it’s kind of it makes me in a better mood in the morning so it helps in the morning but that’s a big debate about whether you should take it at night or the morning time and i’ve changed that over the years i’ve tried taking the morning time try taking night time at the moment i’m taking it

At night and it probably i mean these things are a little bit like a sleeping pill so i’m kind of that’s what pushes me to taking them at night time because i don’t want to feel drowsiness and sleepy during the day i mean that which sometimes i mean with some antidepressants it’s kind of it’s counter counter-productive i mean if you’re going to sap your energy

During the day and all you feel like doing is just going to sleep then okay it might improve your mood but if you’re not doing anything constructive then that is not a helpful solution so that’s why i’m inclined to take it at night time some people it that disturbs their sleep now one of the frustrating things people say is oh everybody’s different and everybody

Has different reactions to things and i’m very skeptical about that because no other patient is told that by doctors you know people with blood pressure or things like that are prescribed more and a billion people around the world are prescribed us and they all pretty much respond exactly the same way they all get the benefit it all works perfectly you know

Mental health patients are the only patients who are patronized with this that everybody’s different just go away take it for two months and sure might help you or it might just make it worse even i mean but look we’ll see we’ll have we’ll just roll the dice and have a look and then we’ll try one of the other six and we’ll just roll the dice on that and sure you

Might have horrific side effects or come back to me on that that’s one thing that really annoys me because it just shows the lack of science that goes into these ssris and while i’m saying it has benefited me and it has i mean the trials show that some ssris are performing one percent better than placebo so in other words you are marginally better taking these

Ssris than taking a tic tac the sad thing about a placebo is you can’t get a prescription for a placebo i would love to get one but of course it’s kind of a recursive thing you can’t get a placebo you can’t ask for a placebo because it’s no longer a placebo it’s just one of those scientific sort of loot infinite loops so and it just shows that because the the

How effective at placebo is that the effectiveness of the placebo is the belief that something you’re doing is actually going to work and that’s what a placebo is really and if we can just transfer that belief to everything that we do then then that would be problem solved in theory that is my review of citalopram i would give it i would say it’s been my most it’s

Been the most successful accessory that i’ve taken i would recommend it above all the other ones that i’ve taken and it’s the first one that i took and i went away from it for years and i don’t know why but because i felt there was better solutions out there and i’ve kind of come back full circle to it so i hope you have a good experience on whatever whatever

Assistance that you get because i know how difficult this is and look tell me your experience in the comments below and i’d certainly like to discuss with you and i really hope that things improve for you and that you find solutions that will help for you and get you through whatever you’re going through because you can’t understand what everybody’s gone through

But i can understand some of it hope that’s of help and let me know in the comments what’s your experiences

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Celexa: My REVIEW of 8 aspects of Cipramil Citalopram SSRI antidepressant By FRO Films