February 8, 2023

What’s going on everybody i just want to talk to you guys today about medication that i started taking in like maybe seven eight weeks ago something like that and my review of the side effects because before i started taking it i kept going online like trying to find videos about what the side effects are and i found very few people that posted about it in orange

On the video about it and so i just wanted to give you a little rundown on it so i have recently started dealing with depression anxiety it’s not that i’ve never had it before but it’s just recently it became like really difficult to deal with especially my job and everything and so i know what you’re thinking like how to someone that good-looking had depression

Anxiety and i agree with it i don’t know but i have it so it’s cool we deal with it right hmm first thing i want to say is i’m not someone that immediately started taking medication so this went on for a while i did meditating i did i still work out i always worked out always a clean i drink plenty of water i listen to positive stuff i don’t drink i don’t smoke

Well i drink a little bit but i mean we’re talking like once every couple of months i don’t smoke at all i don’t smoke cigarettes i’m healthy right and i went down the list of all the things that you could do that they say hey do this do this that and then that didn’t work and so when none of that stuff works unfortunately i was like okay i gotta take medication and

I take citalopram which is celexa and if you read the reviews on it it can scare the crap out of you i mean you start reading in it’s aggressive or you can’t sleep or insomnia or home sorry sleepwalk like just all kinds of stuff can you think oh it would rather just have anxiety or depression and have to take this medication so this is my review of it and also

If you’ve tried everything that doesn’t work try medication okay i’m not telling you you’re not gonna experience any side that the next i’m just saying if you’ve gone through the list of things that can help you and know and helps you and you have this one out there then utilize it why would you not utilize every resource that you have to make yourself feel better

What’s the point so that takes alexa and i started taking they gave me 20 milligrams and mine it took me three months to take the medication for three months i had not didn’t take it so they gave me a celexa 20 milligrams i took ten milligrams for five weeks and now this is my third week taking i was like second we taken 20 milligrams so these are my side effects it

Mess with my sleep a little bit more at first but most of that’s kind of gone away now another thing that it did at first i was have crazy nightmares and you know crazy nightmare you wake up the next day is kind of like tough to shake because it’s in your mind like holy crap dude what was that about and for me that the the nightmares sorry the nightmares it made

Me have where like it almost like bubbled up i guess some things that i had pushed down but i didn’t deal with so there’s that and then it makes me clench like when i sleep i grind my teeth a little bit i’ve never really done that before i don’t noticed i’ve been doing that i know a big one for everybody has sexual stuff luckily for me to think it’s not funny not

All my fake hardwood or my hardwood that’s a joke just kidding i’ve always had a super high sex drive so i’m even if it knocked me down it probably just leveled me out to like a normal person’s it does make it more difficult to climax that’s one thing out but it hasn’t made me like less sexual you know i still have a little beetle i still have desires but i and i’m

Able to like the direction it’s not like that but it definitely makes it more difficult to climax which is probably a good thing for the girls you know not a good thing for me what the girls are i’m good i guess what else is there oh really that’s been it i mean i’m very lucky i haven’t experienced anything crazy but again when you take the medication this isn’t

Like oh i take it and i’m just gonna feel better i still work out i still eat healthy i’m still drinking plenty of water i buy clothes whatever i can to just make myself feel better that’s what i do i don’t just take the medication think that’s the only outlet you got to do other things to make yourself feel better and if you’re dealing with this stuff send me a

Message i’m cool we can talk i know how it sucks to talk about this stuff especially for like you’re the only one definitely not the only one i’ll go into detail in another video about what happened to me i ended up in the hospital and mental health facility you know you know what that is for a couple of days and so i’m not someone that was that started taking the

Medication because i was feeling kind of bad i was at a really bad spot and you know if you’re feeling suicidal or anything like that reach out and if you don’t have anyone to reach out to either reach out to me there’s a hotline and call you to talk to people people want to help you i don’t mind helping you i didn’t have very many people around me but i had enough

People that i was very very blessed to have a good set of people around me to be able to handle this and so if you need something let me know that is my review so i know if a lot of you guys agree that have been really afraid just know that you know a lot of people are on this and so there’s a lot of different side effects and you might have someone it might not

Have others you need anything like subscribe let me know if you plan to help me alright thanks guys

Transcribed from video
Celexa review and side effects By Eddie YJB