June 4, 2023

Can it cause hair loss? Zyrtec | Cetirizine Tablets 10 mg are commonly used to treat different allergies. Hay fever (rhinitis, rhinoconjuncitivits), urticaria and angioedema are being treated with the medication. In this video you’ll learn what is happening to your body if you take cetirizine, how you should take it, effects and side effects & when to better not take it.

Do you suffer from constantly watery itchy eyes a nose that won’t stop running or do you suffer from itchy welts on your skin or swelling on your face then you’re in the right place on this video because today we’re talking about satirizing what is cetirizine cetirizine is a medicine used to treat allergies for example hay fever that is allergic rhinitis or

Rhinoconjunctivitis hay fever is the most common form of allergy typical symptoms include runny nose swelling of the mucous membranes and burning in watery eyes cetirizine is also effective against heights and angular edema which can also be caused by an allergic reaction and manifests itself as itching wheels and redness of the skin or swelling of the face how does

Cetirizine work cetirizine is a so-called h1 antihistamine these are active substances that inhibit the effect of a messenger substance called histamine in the body histamine leads to an inflammatory reaction in the tissue and is released from so-called mast cells in the skin during various allergic reactions now satirism comes into play because the active ingredient

Blocks the histamine docking sites also called receptors four different types of receptors are now known with cetirizine specifically inhibiting histamine 1 receptors the group of antihistamine also includes for example the active ingredients loretidine or faxophenidine what should be considered when using it thumb-coated tablets with dosages of 10 milligrams are

Available for adults and children 6 years and older satirising juice can be taken by adults or children 2 years and older satirising works fairly quickly with 10 to 30 minutes it also has long duration of action of 24 hours so single application preferably in the evening is usually enough you can take ceteris in with or without meal but with a glass of water and

Unchewed possibly if you suffer from your dicarria your doctor may even recommend you take up to four tablets of cetirizine speaking of which if you suffer from allergy symptoms be sure to check out our video on quercetin a substance that acts as a natural histamine inhibitor does cetirizine cause side effects pharmaceutical manufacturers must list all known side

Effects in the package insert of a truck therefore this section is often very long and does not inspire confidence but many of the stated side effects are very seldom side effects classified as common may include mild drowsiness dizziness headache and dry mouth as already described cetirizine belongs to the h1 antihistamines these can be further divided into older

And newer ones the new antihistamines hardly reach the brain and usually do not make you tired in contrast to the older preparations if you still feel some tiredness you can either take saturisian in the evening or replace it with another active ingredient such as loratadine occasionally patients taking cetirizine may also experience diarrhea skin rash and itching

Some patients also suffer from increased activity or restlessness can you drink alcohol and taxi terrorism cetirizine does not increase the effect of alcohol but in sensitive people simultaneous use can negatively affect attention who should not use cetirizine because cetirizine is excreted primarily by the kidneys patients with severe kidney damage should not

Take it if you have problems urinating you should take cetirizine with caution because the problem may worsen under these circumstances people who are prone to seizures should use cetirizine only after consulting the doctor what are alternatives to cetirizine there are other active substances from the group of antihistamines for example you can take loretodin

Loretidin has the advantage that it hardly triggers fatigue but it has a weaker effect death loretidin is another alternative that is even stronger than cetirizine but in many countries such as the usa the active ingredient is only available on a prescription basis we hope you enjoyed our video leave us a like and don’t forget to subscribe to the channel see you in the next video

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