June 1, 2023

Did you know that Cetirizine, a simple antihistamine, has been found to be effective at regrowing hair?

Did you know that cetirizine a simple antihistamine has been found to be effective at regrowing hair that’s according to two recent research studies out of italy and the photos which we’ll show you are quite impressive in today’s video we’ll be breaking down the science of why ceterising is so effective then you’ll be able to make an informed decision on whether

Or not to include cetirizine in your hair care routine stay tuned hello this is tony from hair guard so let’s get into it what is satirizing now believe it or not it’s just a simple antihistamine it’s the kind of over-the-counter medication you buy for treating hay fever and other allergies the big question is what can this stuff do for your hair now the first

Study to look into the potential of topical satirizing for treating hair loss was published out of italy in 2017. the research has recruited 85 patients ages 20 to 65 with various grades of hair loss the patients were split into two groups one group was treated with topical certiosine one percent whereas the other group received the exact same vehicle solution

But without cetirizine treatment lasted for six months and there were two main efficacy parameters number one hair shaft density and number two hair thickness the satirising group had an average increase of 30 new hairs which compared to only 2.5 for the placebo so there was a pretty massive difference the ceterisian group also had thicker hair shafts there were

No notable side effects in these photos you can see the before and after of some men who were treated with cetirizine at the top row you see the baseline photographs and at the bottom row after six months of treatment pause this video if you’d like to study the photos in more detail now these kinds of results would be classed as quote moderate to marked so this is

Improvement that is easily visible to the naked eye and in some cases striking one thing though is that all these men had a diffuse style of hair loss so they had thinning hair all over the top of their head and this is generally easier to treat what we would have really liked to have seen would have been some photos of men with frontal hair loss which is a bit more

Difficult to treat hopefully we’ll get that in a future study last year in 2020 we got this very interesting case report out of italy it involved a 70 year old woman who had lost her hair after chemotherapy treatment for her metastatic breast cancer the woman was started on topical ceteriazine 0.5 percent along with oral vitamin d and antibiotics as you can see

In these photos from left to right after 10 weeks there was a dramatic reversal in our hair loss bear in mind these results were obtained while the woman continued treatment for a metastatic breast cancer there were no notable side effects from the satirising per se this is pretty impressive stuff so the question is how could an antihistamine medication possibly

Be effective at reversing hair loss let’s have a look first at its primary mechanism of action now as the name suggests antihistamines like cetirizine work by blocking our body’s histamines these are endogenous substances that have a wide range of functions in the human body and one of them is getting rid of allergens in other words things in the environment

That trigger allergies histamines work on four receptors these are simply called h1h2h3 and h4 now cetirizine selectively blocks the h1 receptor this is the primary receptor implicated in allergic reactions this makes cetiriazine very effective and with far fewer side effects the main side effect of antihistamines being sleepiness so cetirizine won’t make you

Nearly asleep as some of the older generation antihistamines now nobody at this point is certain of the mechanism through which cetirizine might promote hair growth but it might have to do with its dual action as both an anti-inflammatory and a prostaglandin inhibitor if you recall from my past videos one of the hallmarks of male pattern baldness is chronic low

Level inflammation and while this inflammation hasn’t received significant research attention it’s possible at this point that it might have a causal effect in hair loss rather than just being a symptom the other relevant effect of cetirizine might have to do with its antagonistic effect on the prostaglandin pgd2 this is an enzyme with elevated activity levels

And balding scalp and believed by some researchers to contribute to hair follicle miniaturization so it appears at this point that cetirizine’s hair growth properties are unrelated to its antihistamine effects so what’s our take on cetirazine well the advantages are obvious it’s over the counter and it costs next to nothing and it’s been around for so long that it

Has an established safety profile meaning you don’t have to worry about any unexpected side effects now being that cetirizine’s patent has long expired there is no money to be made for pharmaceutical companies in going down this line of research meaning that cetirizine will never be marketed for hair loss and if you’re interested in using it to treat your own hair

Loss you’ll have to prepare the topical solution yourself now as i said cetirazine is a very inexpensive medication so you can just purchase pills in retail packaging and crush them into the solution it’s usually sold in 10 milligram tablets and you should budget around 100 tablets to get two months worth of topical the solution used in the italian study consisted

Of one percent cetirizine 96 ethyl alcohol and 16 of something called cyclosilicone pentomir i’ve linked to the paper in the description below as always there’s also good old propylene glycol now if ceteriazine works for you and you decide you want to stick to treatment you will be able to find vendors that sell bulk powder online and as always even though

Ceterizine is sold over the counter and is generally very safe for topical use we do recommend you run it by your doctor first after all hair loss is not what this stuff is sold for so you can’t go wrong by running it past your doctor first and whatever you do do not take it orally it will do nothing for your hair and will only make you very sleepy cetirizine is

Virtually unknown in the hair loss community so if you have any experience from using it we’d love to hear from you in the comments section below till next time this was tony for hair guard take care

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Cetirizine – Hidden Hair Growth Properties? By Hairguard