June 4, 2023

Cetirizine (often known as zyrtec) is a second generation antihistamine.

So in this video i’m going to tell you everything interesting that i know about the drugs to tears ian so cetirizine is also known by the brand name zyrtec that’s probably its most famous brand name and it is within the group of medicines known as anti histamines and those are medicines that block a receptor called the h1 or the histamine one receptor so they are

H1 antagonists which means they bind to that receptor they don’t stimulate it but then they block the natural agonist of that receptor from being able to buy into it and the natural agonist of that receptor would be the histamine molecule so they block this receptor from being activated by histamine and the overall clinical effect of taking this drug is that it

Achieves an anti itch effect and this is why people take them so there are loads of conditions that produce itchiness there are loads of skin conditions probably two of the main ones would be eczema and psoriasis but also fungal skin infections quite commonly and especially if it’s full-on ringworm or athlete’s foot or some sort of de mattifies infection of the

Skin so those are three common skin conditions that produce incredibly itchy lesions on the skin and often the itching isn’t helpful medically in fact it often makes the skin condition worse it might even need to actually making holes in your skin that then can introduce infection and might not heal might heal with scars so itching skin conditions is generally not

A good thing at the very least sore makes the skin even more inflamed but it can also make it worse than that it can cause deep explorations if you itch it’s hard enough that can introduce infection and can scar so we want people not to itch skin conditions and sometimes it’s not possible for them to handle it on themselves it’s not possible for them to control it

With care willpower so we give them antihistamines that reduce the desire to itch so i’ve written some of this down here so i have put this list of free skin conditions that are incredibly itchy so eczema is a skin condition very common skin condition where the skin dries out too much and it’s often related to genetics so some people have skin that is more prone

To drying out because some of the proteins that hold the skin together aren’t as good as in other people who are less eczema prone and therefore they don’t hold this outer part of the skin together as well and water more easily escapes from the skins barrier leading to the skin drying out so if the skin dries out enough it actually results in the skin becoming

Inflamed and that is really what eczema is and this can be exacerbated by applying creams to the skin or doing other things to the skin that might make it more dried out so if you’re having daily or maybe twice daily really hot baps that’s something that dries the skin out a huge amount also certain creams probably the most nightmarish one be dell’utri creams so

These are creams that people apply to remove body hair and they work by breaking down the body his hairs and then they drop off so people apply them all over their body and they leave them on for usually about 10 minutes whilst the cream works it breaks down all the hairs and then they wash the cream off and all their hair comes off with the cream the problem is

It doesn’t just break down the hairs it breaks down the outer boundary of the skin as well the epidermis and therefore massively damages the outer part of the skin leads to a lot of water loss and if you’re someone who is prone to extra and you apply one of these creams you’re going to have a massive exmouth break so all sorts of things can worse than xml by drying

Out the skin but fundamentally people who suffer from eczema it’s usually that they have a genetic tendency to it because certain of the skin’s proteins aren’t as good at holding the skin cells together and water is more easily able to escape psoriasis is a very complicated condition and nasty condition it’s an autoimmune condition that’s poorly understood where

The body’s immune system for some reason decides to attack the skin it also is associated with the body’s immune system attacking all sorts of other parts as well so classically the joints there’s something called psoriatic arthritis that is associated with psoriasis where you get autoimmune arthritis so it’s a really horrible disease psoriasis again it’s very

Very t so it’s an autoimmune disease for the skin you can google pictures of psoriasis it’s very recognizable it looks very it looks much more marked usually than the inflammation that occurs in eczema and then finally the one i said is fungal infections of the skin and the proper name for that is tinea which means fungi and then called porous which means body so

Fungal infections of the skin on the body so tinea corporis so this is where certain types of fungi and there’s multiple different types of fungi that can actually infect the skin and cause this same sort of type of skin rash so iii don’t know their names their broad the cord to mattify so i’ll just write that word down for you so there we go there’s the word de

Masa fights here in brackets so as i say this is a broad term to get out of having to remember the names of all the different fungi that can infect the skin and cause the same sort of rash if you like you can go on to wikipedia and look up that huge great names they’re very very fancy but there are loads of fungi in this umbrella term called dermatophytes and they

Can all infect the human skin and they give rise the same sort of appearing rash and that rash is called tinea corporis and it’s again a very red itchy skin rash and it classically affects areas that are not exposed to sunlight so fungi like warm and wet and moist conditions so there don’t generally infect hands because the hands are usually exposed to their air

The fresh air and the sunlight so they don’t like that it’s usually they infect parts where which aren’t exposed to sunlight that much so the feet that’s what athlete’s foot is the the inguinal region as well the groin region is another classic area to get fungal infections again an area not usually exposed to sunlight but also the torso people can get ten years

Poor resolve over there as well so again it’s a very bevy itchy rash that you get in this condition then again google the pictures of these and hopefully you’ll be able to tell the difference between them so overall the reason i’ve talked about these it’s all of these conditions are extremely itchy skin conditions and eating them does not have been particularly

Fungal infections if you itch it you’re going to get fungi all under all over your hands all underneath your fingernails and then if you touch other parts of your skin you risk then spreading that infection to other parts of your skin so itching non of these there’s a good idea it never is helpful even though it feels as though it’s going to be helpful body has

This great temptation that fuel it thinks it’s going to help it by itching it but it doesn’t it’s not a great response it’s not a great part of the body it’s a part of our design if you like that suboptimal so taking antihistamines to take away the itch sensation to stop people eating and making these conditions worse is a good idea

Transcribed from video
Cetirizine Part 1 By Elliot Nicholson