March 24, 2023

CETRIZINE SYRUP is also known as cetirizine hydrochloride syrup, cetirizine hcl syrup. Cetirizine syrup ip belongs to anti –histamine class and having anti-allergic action.

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Which name you can purchase it from medical store or online pharmacy what are the side effects and at the end of the video we will discuss about settles in syrup doses how to take was the complete video because in complete information of medicine is very fatal please like this video and don’t forget to subscribe without rushing or time let us set the video hello

Friends cetirizine syrup is also named as cetirizine hydrocolloid syrup it is belonging to antihistamine e-class and used as anti lsd trip cetirizine syrup is available in 30 ml and 60 ml bottle packing and the strength of shut region in the syrup 5 milligram per 5 ml as you know friends citizen is a nickname or a chemical name of drug first of all we know about

Its brand name by which you can purchase it from from medical store or online pharmacy the popular brand name are sets in syrup xetex syrup genset syrup already syrup and other sets it up it may be found in your area by other name because brand name are different according to alien doctor toys and all the plants are substituted to each other now we discuss about

Its use in detail in which disease doctor prescribe cetera’s in serum if any children suffers from allergies agree unities means allergic old common cold symptoms are runny nose watery eyes and sneezing citizenship is useful to cure this problem and citizenship is also given to other children’s who are suffers from allergy curve and given to the children’s who

Having alta carya means eating problem eating can be occurred due to many conditions like scabies insect bite or by any other allergic reactions citizen service very useful in those conditions and if any children’s are suffers from seasonal allergies allergic asuma at that time set is in syria prescribed by dr. apart from these users if a child has gone to play

Outside in sand or a garden and suddenly has blister and itching then this condition treated by saturday syrup and it is very beneficial in these conditions and if any child face side effects of any other medicines like skin disease eating redness this syrup is useful for emergency drug if you talking sort citizen syrup is very useful to treat all type of allergy

Condition his children’s although citizen syrup is very useful treated all side effects of other medicine but itself has some side effects the common side effects are drowsiness sleepiness abdominal pain stomach upset sweating and feeling hot inside the body if you are seen these or other than these undesirable effect please stop using this syrup and consult to

Your doctor immediately for further treatment friends at the end of the video we will come to know about tetanus celeb doses and how to take cetirizine syrup is recommended to use in two year to twelve year children’s do not use it under two years children’s without doctor prescription the dose for two year to six year children is 2.5 milligram of syrup once in a

Day if needed increase it to 5 ml per day or two point five milligram twice since two time a day 5 ml per day is a maximum dose for two year to six years children don’t give this syrup more than 5 ml in 24 hours and those for 6 year to 12 year sentence is 5 ml or 10 ml per day in single dose or undo i deduce 10 ml is maximum dose for 6 year to play lear children’s

And citizen syrup should be taken after food and in emergency conditions it can be taken before full and i have advised friends never to give any medicine to children’s without doctor prescription so friends this was a general information about cetirizine syrup i hope you enjoy this video and like this video if you liked this video press like button and it still

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