December 8, 2022

Cetirizine Tablet | Cetirizine Uses & Cetirizine Side Effects | MFine

So it is used to treat allergies or allergic reactions and most commonly allergy schedule symptoms or they just say watery eyes watery nose itching in the eyes nose itching on the skin sneezing itching in the throat most common um allergy symptoms and setters in tablet lane you say these symptoms come under control of course cytosine cannot prevent allergies all

Allergic reactions or even something known as anaphylaxis up anaphylaxis severe allergic reaction over there wherein the reaction is so bad that it can cause swelling of your lips your tongue your throat which can then cause difficulty in breathing wheezing changes in your heart rate changes in your rhythm it can cause a lot of dizziness and usually treatment

Really you have to take something known as epinephrine so tetris and tablet usually other allergies or mild allergic reactions reporting it can be used now uses for citrus and tablet is most commonly like i said for allergies or very mild allergic reactions yeah over the for children it comes in a syrup form for adults it can be taken as a tablet of dosage

Or how it is supposed to be used of course you can have a discussion uh with your doctor but most commonly we can give it as a 5 mg or a 10 mg dose which you can take once a day now um setters and tablets side effects most common side effects so they keep dryness so dryness of mouth dryness of throat dryness in the nose sometimes the dryness in the nose is so

Bad it can also cause a bleeding of your nose it can also sometimes in some people cause dehydration um some people may also experience little bit of stomach cramps nausea vomiting or diarrhea in very very very rare circumstances you can also maybe experience um something known as bronchospasm which is basically a spasm of your windpipe which can cause a mild

Difficulty in breathing and it can sometimes cause a change in your heart rhythm and most commonly it is known to cause drowsiness of course drowsiness and dryness are more common symptoms um the other symptoms are very very red now certain red flag signs you should keep in mind so whenever you have an allergic reaction or allergies so what you should watch out

For allergies it can be say skin itching or hives or any of the other symptoms that i had mentioned if it lasts more than three days then definitely contact a doctor or a physician to try and understand why it is not subsiding and also if your allergy or allergic reaction is causing a difficulty in breathing kidneys dizziness and increased sensation of heart

Rate known as palpitations then definitely you should get in touch with your doctor or treating doctor to look into why this is happening so you’re more important and you always have to watch out for red flag signs with allergies most important being difficulty in breathing at any point if you are experiencing difficulty in breathing or very fastly progressive

Worsening kind of skin rashes or hives you should immediately go to the hospital because you might require injectable treatment where it tablets will not help dosage-wise very very important that you should take it only once a day that’s it you should not exceed beyond that unless prescribed by your doctor which is of course based on your situation or whatever

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Cetirizine Tablet | Cetirizine Uses & Cetirizine Side Effects | MFine By MFine Care