June 4, 2023

Hi there ! I’m Michelle, a year 1 MBBS student at the University of Cyberjaya. Presenting about the basics of Cetirizine is my course project for my Pharmacology block this year. I hope you guys enjoy the 101 guide and of course understand the content !

Auto d is a deep romantic sneezing and sneezing exciting good better recognition between energy one vanishing box a cuisine it’s a very small re not super music works and combo kinetics kinetics and is to me whoa read just relax you know what come take a seat we were explaining i took using to be sure now let me start with like a really brief introduction to what

Sectors is susceptance in are more commonly sold under the brand insert x is the second-generation antihistamine drug used to treat allergy symptoms such as you’re itching eyes nose sneezing or even hives however it’s important for you to take their only cheats and does not prevent these allergic reactions i know what a second-generation antihistamine drugs now

Don’t get scared second-generation antihistamine drugs just means they are less likely to cause sedative effects and i proven to be more efficacious as opposed to the first generation so that was a brief introduction to what centrism she is okay actually ridiculous it actually work well saturation is an orally active and highly selective antagonist after histamine

Each one receptor and each one receptor is basically breath histamine comes and binds to and when it binds its able to produce its effects such as her itching eyes nose sneezing or even house now as you remember i said the word selective and japanese when i say selective antagonist i’m referring to it being able to suppress certain reactions and remember the h1

Receptor that was inhibited by cetirizine if primarily works in your respiratory smooth muscle cells your vascular and material your immune cells and your gastrointestinal tract in simple words just think of sections in being able to reverse all the effects cause banks to me for example if histamine were to cause inflammation sexually would reduce the infiltration

Of inflammatory cells remember how he was just another performer to kinetics just now well i’m going to be explained to the pharmacokinetics of secresy pharmacokinetics simply refers to how the drug moves in our body namely by absorption distribution metabolism and finally excretion to explain further step transients rapidly absorbed in our gastrointestinal tract

With the t-nuts of approximately one hour following oral administration by a tablet of syrup in an adult he mixtures refers to a time job for a substance take to reach its maximum concentration moving on a very interesting fact sept resiliency by a little-bitty of 70% by a real ability refers to the proportion of the drug that enters our circulation and tasks it

Reduces fat coming to distribution such as in is distributed by a platform protein binding since it has a higher affinity towards the honest opinion the mean plus no protein by me perception is 93 percent now i know this is a bit overwhelming and to help you understand the concept just intercept is in having two options to either exist as a free drug in her body

Or protein manager now bear in mind such as an extremely last protein so logically it would choose to exist as a fourteenth up the truck and therefore it bites through element now moving on to metabolism interestingly cetirizine does not undergo significant metabolism first it is safe for consumption for individuals with liver disease or a camp in india cytochrome

P450 which is extremely crucial when it comes to metabolizing a job because of this effect it does not significantly interact with drugs that inhibit or induce the cytochrome p450 such as your antibiotic era throw acid for the excretion vietnam approximately 50% at cetirizine is excreted as an unchanged truck however since it has to be exploited within 24 hours via

The kidney there is the toxic effects greater for individuals were impact when your function and hus if you have impact when your function of anything to do with your kidneys you should tell your doctor before consuming stuff while mids what sense well is there any other drugs what reduces most importantly while segments well joseph receptors in the independents

On her age and medical history for example in adults and children 12 years or older the recommended dose will be 5 or 10 milligrams per day orally depending on his symptoms of unity in children 6 to 11 years old the recommended dose should be flat for 10 milligrams per day as a form of syrup again depending on the system security in children six months to five

Years old the recommended was to be about two point five milligrams which is approximately half a teaspoon in the form of syrup per day now coming to an interesting bit impatient six years or older with renal or hepatic impairment the recommended dosage with five milligrams thready coming to your side effects be well cetirizine is relatively safe and well tolerated

Treatment for allergic reactions although uncommon its primary adverse effects would be drowsiness fatigue and dry mount children would have common side effects with the adults however in particular children are more likely to experience innings now coming to a very very very important bit of our discussion chapters in is contraindicated in patients with a known

Hypersensitivity to it or to any of its ingredients with that they’re basically discussed everything about cetirizine or walleye shells and everything to presume that all thanks be able check my friends no problem also don’t forget don’t just walk into a pharmacy see into five centers always consult a doctor yes i got it okay a good day

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Cetirizine Video By Michelle JK