February 8, 2023

Pharmacist Review of Cetirizine (Zyrtec) to include uses, side effects, and general best practices. #allergy

So as i record this video it is spring time where i am flowers are blooming the world is opening up people are having fun but for some people this is something that they can never do because of allergies hello everyone welcome my name is quick when i’m a pharmacist in today’s video i mean i’m gonna be reviewing the medication zyrtec or cetirizine as it goes by

Its generic name we’re going to take a look at what it is used for we will take a look at how to take it but also take a look at some side effects and some general counseling points or some precautions that you should be aware of like all my other videos this is purely for informational purposes only and i believe you’ll be better saved by talking to your local

Healthcare professionals who know you best and can give you the best recommendations so first off what is their take well zyrtec belongs to a class of medications called antihistamines and just like the name suggests they block histamine which is a substance that the body releases and responds to coming into contact with what we call allergens or things that the

Person or individual is allergic to now the symptoms that happen when one comes into contact with such allergens include sneezing runny nose itchy watery eyes itching nose and throat so cetirizine may be temporarily used to manage these symptoms now these symptoms can be seasonal or perennial and seasonal as the name suggests that early occurs during particular

Seasons for example spring like i said earlier and during spring obviously there’s an increase in the polling that is in the air you know i i never knew polling was such a problem until i moved into u.s no in ghana where i come from you barely see any polling but after living in the states for a couple of years sometimes you walk out of the door and your car

Is literally yellow from the polling that has settled on it so seasonally people suffer through these allergies just because their body is reacting to the pollen the other incident or the other scenario is perennial allergies for some people they have year-round allergies which does not depend on what season there is and such allergies are usually caused by dust

In the house satirising may also be used to treat or manage redness or itching that results from hives but from personal experience when it comes to hives and other skin issues i find that bernardo tends to work better for such conditions the only disadvantage with that one is that bernardo is almost guaranteed to cause drowsiness in a lot of people so sometimes

Even though it may work better it tends not to be ideal depending on the particular situation so how do you take certain well satirising comes in three main ways either as a tablet or chewable tablet or a syrup it is usually taken once a day there may be certain instances where i’ve seen doctors recommend that their patients take more than once a day just because

Once a day is not providing them with round-the-clock protection ideally it must be taking at the same time of the day and if you’re going to be using the liquid usually that’s what the kids use it would be very advisable to use a measuring syringe instead of a teaspoon you know gone are the days when we used to measure medications in teaspoons these days it is

More it is preferred because it is more accurate you can accurately get five milliliters versus using a teaspoon i mean teaspoons in different houses have different volumes so one teaspoon in my house may definitely be very different from one teaspoon in your house so ideally you say measuring syringe any time you’re dealing with medications that come in a liquid

So what are some of the side effects of satirism before i even go into side effects i just want to mention that ceterising is very well tolerated i mean people take it i have personally taken and i have my family members taking it so for the most part most people take it without any incident with that said there are a few that you should be aware of the first one

Is drowsiness so satirising can cause drowsiness in some people i must say that compared to some other histamines like i mentioned earlier benadryl satirising’s ability to cause drowsiness is generally um low but it can happen in some people so if you what the recommendation is that the very first time that you take it at least know how your body reacts to it

Taking a home setting don’t take it and drive until you know how your body is going to react to it in that case then if it’s okay with you then you can just take it any time of the day but if it causes drowsiness then your best bet is to take it at night satirising has also been associated with excessive tiredness dry mouth so with dry mouth that what helps for

Some people is chewing sugarless gum or sucking on some hard candy or just keeping hydrated drinking plenty of water some people have complained of stomach pain diarrhea and vomiting like i said these are very rare and when they do they are usually not bothersome they just go away after a couple of days and therefore you’re able to continue taking the medication

There are some side effects though that if they do okay you need to be reporting it to the doctor because they may signify a more serious underlining condition and that is if you develop any hives or rash or anything like that whilst you attack you start taking zertek this may be an indication that you are probably reacting to the medication other things you may

Look out for is difficulty in breathing a fast or irregular heartbeat or if there are any changes in the volume of urine or if you find it difficult to pass urine all these are signs that are not necessarily good and therefore if you experience any of this while taking step tears in highly recommended that you talk to your doctor it may not be anything but i’d

Rather be safe than sorry and rule out any serious condition but all in all like i said satirising is very safe is taken by most people including me and my family so i have very i’m very confident in that medication if you are considering it feel free to do so just make sure that you report any of those your side effects if they do okay thank you so much for

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Cetirizine (Zyrtec) Uses and Side Effects | How to take Cetirizine By Pharmacist Conversations