February 8, 2023


Feel a jingle coming on hello everyone and welcome back to live at five with your hostess fortuna of it really works vitamins hello every day live at 5 uk time i’m bringing you brand new news about hair loss hair growth advice what you can do to fight male and female pattern baldness if that sounds like your cup of tea tune in and feel free to subscribe like as

Well if you can possibly that would really help my channel thanks today’s video is all about an interesting product called cetirizine have you heard of it comment below and let’s start a discussion citizen is actually an antihistamine and clinical evidence shows that it could be really promising in fighting male and female pattern baldness as well as hair loss due

To cancer so let’s discuss in the video if you have your very own questions about your own hair loss or you just have an interesting question you want to get it off your chest dm us on instagram we’re at it really works vitamins or email us or my email address let me just get all these words out gosh i’m getting excited already doing my live show email address is

Info it reallyworks vitamins.com or comment on this video as well i see all the comments and i reply as soon as i possibly can okay let’s get straight into it i’m going to share something really interesting with you cetirizine is an over the count can i just say i do look down a bit because look i’m looking at my phone but look at my phone case it’s cool isn’t

It yeah thank you anyway let’s delve in to cetirizine it’s an antihistamine that fights hay fever and if new evidence shows it could work wonders for hair loss cetirizine helps to relieve mild to moderate allergy symptoms such as sneezing or a runny nose and just to highlight this video is going to be discussing cetirizine in tablet it is not we’re not going to

Be discussing cetirizine in tablet form but in topical form so that’s the interesting thing to know over um on a well-known hair loss forum all about cetirizine one person said topical cetirizine in distilled water works to stop itching and shedding i noticed within a day of putting it on putting it on hair in the shower went to almost zero so that’s a really

Interesting anecdotal bit of evidence so let’s look at the clinical studies in a 2017 study 85 men aged between 20 to 65 were split into two groups the satirising group and a placebo group they used cetirizine or the placebo once a day for six months and the satirizing group had an increase of around 30 hairs compared to 2.5 for the placebo group so really

Interesting so far and in another study comparing cetirazine to minoxidil i’m going to put the link into the description as well if you’re watching it on playback actually no if you’re not i you know what i’m gonna put the link in the description for all this i’ve done all of the notes don’t worry guys i am on top of my game when it comes to links and research so

The effect i just want to read some of this study because it’s really interesting the efficacy and safety of twice daily application of topical cetirizine versus minoxidil 5 solution for 16 weeks was compared in male androgenic alopecia so there were 40 men aged 18 to 49 they were randomly divided into two equal groups who either applied at topical cetirizine or

Minoxidil 5 after 16 weeks the researchers observed a significant increase in total and vellus hair density in both minoxidil and satiricine groups but the improvement was much higher in the minoxidil group i feel i just want to point this out because i’m sure there are lots of people out there that are probably googling about cetirizine how they can use it whether

It’s worth it but in the clinical study it showed that minoxidil was actually more effective than cetirizine the percentage of hair in the anagen phase also increased in both groups after 16 weeks of treatment but then diminished after eight weeks for the placebo consumption so that’s interesting to know there’s no significant adverse reactions associated with the

Administration of cetirizine that were reported so in conclusion cetirizine one percent solution was effective in hair hair regrowth without any complications for the treatment of male androgenic alopecia so i just want to point that clinical study out because cetirizine is something that could potentially be coming onto the market at the moment topical citizen

Isn’t available to purchase widely i just google myself because i just want to do my own research into this googling topical cedirizine doesn’t seem to be available to purchase anywhere do you remember in some of my other previous video guys where there’s something that’s not quite legal called ru58841 it’s not it’s not legal for the the purposes of hair regrowth

But it is somehow people are selling it somehow in a weird dodgy way anyway with topical cetirizine i can’t actually find it anywhere i don’t know i don’t know where it is unless it’s being sold on a completely different name so when it does come out it’s interesting to know that it’s not actually as effective as minoxidil so just put that in the back of your

Mind when you’re trying it but the good thing is that it doesn’t have side effects that minoxidil can bring about for example um a rash or a tender scalp or itching so those side effects are less likely for you so i would actually be very interested if if i was interested in using cetirizine i would want to go into a pharmacist and go and just speak to them

Ask them about this ask them their experiences would they advise using it for this um for the purposes of hair regrowth i’m just wondering what kind of pharmacist would help but the thing is it might be difficult to find a gp to advise you on using satirizing i hope i’m making sense please let me know if you would like me to kind of go into bit more details

Because i’d like to do loads more research into this because this is a product that could be coming out in the next year or so and you might want to add it to your arsenal of hair growth products so um also guys i want i’m gonna actually separately i’m gonna actually be speaking to a pharmacist because i’d like to get some more research into this because it feels

Like it’s a hot topic okay and guys if you would like to reduce dht on your scalp um using other products and more natural products that are less likely to cause side effects feel free to download our very free our very first ebook which is totally free i’m going to put the link in the description because it has a certain link in the book that i wrote myself i

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Talking live and kind of building a community of people thank you so much to our brand new subscribers anyway let me just talk about it really works vitamins because i had a thing in mind we do free global shipping with no minimum spend to most destinations worldwide so fill your boots don’t worry we cover all delivery charges and gets 10 of your order with code

Men’s health 10 which is applicable on our subscription orders as well so guys i feel as if i’ve i’ve shared everything i wanted to share about cetirizine i do want to speak to a pharmacist there because i want to know what’s what what else is coming out for this because it seems to be a topic that lots of people are searching it’s interesting and it could be

One of those products that doesn’t cause side effects because some of the most effective hair regrowth products cause side effects as you know if you would like to check out some of my other previous videos hair products are my jam i’ve done videos about finasteride minoxidil scalp massage essential oils that work even better than minoxidil please do check all

Of these videos out because i put my heart and soul into the videos i love them every kind of topic that you have in mind about hair regrowth i’ve probably covered it so check out my videos on my playlist please also give me ideas please please please whatever questions you have what burning topics are on the top of your mind you just want to know and you want

Me to go away and do the research i’m here dm us it’s really works vitamins comment below or feel free to email us with info it reallyworks vitamins.com that goes straight through to customer services and they forward it to me so guys i’m gonna love you and leave you i hope you’ve had fun i’m stammering already because i feel like i’m swallowing my words i’m so

Excited about it doing my live shows love love love love love love i hope you guys are doing really really well today see you next time on see you next time on live at five at it really works vitamins see you very soon have a fantastic evening love you guys bye for now

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