January 26, 2023

Hi guys welcome to my channel champion pharma today we are going to discuss about another pentagram that is ibuprofen this what is the use of ibuprofen ibuprofen mainly used for to reduce the fever or migraine or muscle pain or periods pain or it is also used for cold flu and toothpaste back pain like that mainly we can use ibuprofen for to reduce the fever and for

Periods pain it is mainly used for this for this purpose and this muscle pain and the migraine tooth pain back pain it is also it is it is also there but it is secondary it is a secondary process but mainly we can use the ibuprofen to reduce the fever for to reduce the fever we can use we can use ibuprofen mostly next is what is the duration of action and what is

The time of action after administration of ibuprofen or after ingested of ibuprofen what is the what is the time what is the time of action for how long for how long the ibuprofen will stay in our body that is and the type of action is four to six hours if you take 200 mg of ibuprofen the time of function or duration of action or the drug present in our body that in

Our body the time is four to six hours and if you take a photo 400 amg the time of action is six to eight hours and it is uh the drug the drug state in our body for up to six to eight hours that the drug will stay in our body next one is what are the side effects of ibuprofen the side effects of ibuprofen is a blood vision or eye irritating next one is a headache

It is it is used for headache but if you if you don’t have any headache if you use this this tablet and you get headache means it is a side effect the drug is going to going to going to cause a side effect and it is going to cause unnecessary effects that is called sine effects next one is a sweating or fatigue or swelling of a face swelling of face like those like

Those cell side effects are occurs if if ibuprofen cannot tolerate it in our body next one is what is the dose required for per day if for adults the required dose is 12 000 12 or 1200 emg to 3200 mg but mainly mainly per day the maximum dose per day for adults is 1200 mg if you have a c severe problem you can take more than 12 1200 mg but do not exceed more than

3200 mg but below if you below the 3200 mg you can be it is useful but above 3000 mg or above sometimes above 1200 mg cost more dose but sometimes it depends on body art it depends on their age and their weight it depends on their circulation process it depends on their their health it if if a person have liver damage or kidney damage they cannot tolerate that much

Of drug they they can tolerate only 600 mg 400 mg or 200 200 mg they can they control it they can download it but more than more than that energy they cannot hold it so that’s why because of because of the patient patient help we can with that the dose will be required the dose will be given by knowing the patient help by knowing the patient patient condition by the

Way by knowing their condition by knowing their kidney condition by knowing the liver condition we can we can give a dose up to 200 mg if you take if you take a more than more than three thousand two hundred mg it can cause overdose the overdose cause uh severe problems so don’t use more than 8000 mg of ibuprofen and next one is if you take ibuprofen as a injection

If you take ibuprofen as an injection it will give a rapid effect if it will show us a fast fast effect than ibuprofen tablet how if your patient have severe severe fever if a patient have more fever more fewer one at a time what we do what we administered the we can we can administrate the ibuprofen injection through by iv intravenous through by intravenous we can

Administer it the ibuprofen injection if a if we if a person if a patient have severe fever or if a patient have a fever if we use tablet means patient cause foreign injection the reaction is increase in plasma in plasma means in blood they they don’t need any absorption process there is no need if you if a person if a person administered it like you throw by iv

The drug would that directly enter into the blood stream and it will shows its effect rapidly between between 10 to 15 minutes it shows its effect and their effect is more than the normal and they show more effect and if you take a ibuprofen tablet the effect will shows between 20 to 30 minutes the the action will start to about about 20 minutes and slowly slowly

It will start and it will it will come is constantly but as compared to the ibuprofen injection the tablet have less action less therapeutic effect as compared to ibuprofen injection so that’s why in a in in a serious condition or any emergency condition injection should be injection should be useful and induction is necessary in the time of emergencies are in the

Time of in the time of a serious situation so tablet takes more time it will take more than 20 minutes or more than 30 minutes also it will take for root to show its action and the if you take 200 mj direction will be 4 to 5 hours or 4 to 6 hours after the after three hours after four hours the action will going to decrease slowly slowly and that will going to

Eliminate at that time other at six hours or at four hours depend on their elimination depend on their kidney function depend on their their body condition and if you take a tablet the table shows action and it also have a four to six hours six hours time of action or duration of ration that are present in our in in their body and if you take 400 mg the 400 mg it

Shows it have a longer duration of action longer duration like six to eight hours the the drug will present in our body or in our in our blood or whatever whatever the site we have the infection infection on that side it will show its action there on that on that particular side up to 6 to 8 hours if you take 400 mg even if you take 200 mg the action will stop at

4 hour or five hour or maybe six hours the action the action the action of that specific tablet and so the astronaut ibuprofen tablet and i will i view profane injection the action will be going to decrease and the adult will go to eliminate after four hours five hours or maybe six hours the drug completely eliminated from their body and next important point is

You have a severe condition or if you have a emergency condition you you already administered 400 mg due the interval means give the gap between between a next next dose between the neck dose if you administer a 400 mg if your admission is 400 mg at eight o’clock give a minimum gap minimum 5 hours back four to five hours back after five hour five hours yeah you can

Admission another 400 mg after five five hours gap you can administer another 400 mg like that you have to take you have to take it that or if if you cannot take like that if you take it if you take like uh 400 mj in next half an hour you take 400 mgb it will cause severe problems and it will cause serious side effects like all those side effects it will shown so

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