March 22, 2023

Hi guys so i’m here to do a video of my thyroid today is july 2nd and i had my doctor’s appointment i did not have my doctor’s appointment in silver i had it here in my hometown um i haven’t switched doctors but i just went and i told her basically that i wanted to have a second opinion on my thyroid and she seemed really really nicely genuine she actually took her

Time to listen to me and to examine me and as a patient of any type of doctor any type of doctor at all i like to be heard i like to be listened to i’m pretty sure there’s a lot of people like that because that just shows a better connection with the patient and doctor and she did prescribe labs and she said i will probably get them back to monday which is cool

But yeah basically what happened today am i my appointment now i’m gonna talk about my pills um as you know that the previous doctor that i went to go see my own but you want amperes fan me with 50 m g or milligrams or whatever it’s called oh yeah i’ve been taking them for like at least two weeks now to three weeks and i don’t know i don’t know if i like come

On ah um i don’t feel as tired as i did with the last ones i have a little bit more energy i have noticed though i’ve been gaining weight i gained my 5 pounds since i’ve been on them i don’t know if has anything to do with the thyroid pills or if it’s just me but i’ve noticed i’ve been hungrier so that’s not good so and that’s another day until a doctor i go i

Started on like a 100 125 and they were working so good and then he kept luring them lowering them and she’s like okay well maybe we just have to adjust them higher which i suspected that since like the gecko but you know so we’ll see um like i said i’ve been taking them i had the note um i’ve been having really bad anxiety i’ve always had anxiety since i hit like

23 years old i’ve had anxiety but my anxiety had gone away for a while these couple the last like months and i’ve noticed that i’ve been really really bad with my anxiety like oh my god super super bad so that’s not a good thing i don’t like i said i don’t know if i was aiming to do with the pills or if it’s just me or what um i have noticed also that my hair’s

Starting to thin out again when i was on the higher dosage my hair was starting to look more fuller more belong to us little um shoes and now it’s like i like there’s like hairs everywhere on my shirt when i like it was crazy it’s crazy and i know that sometimes thyroid pills or even having thyroid makes your hair you have hair loss and stuff like that so that’s

Another side effect and so yeah hopefully by monday which is next week hopefully i’ll have another video updating you guys on my blood levels and she also has another thing um i mentioned before my other videos that i also have high blood pressure well i didn’t know but sometimes when you have take high blood pressure pills your doctor is supposed to be checking

You for like liver where your enzymes as i want to call it enzymes again she told me her electrolytes if this is a electrolytes i can’t remember was that on the other one he was electrolytes but you’re supposed to be check they’re supposed to be testing me like my previous doctors were supposed to be testing me for my liver kidney that’s something else and this

Doctor was like has her doctor been checking you on for electrolytes or something like that and i was like no and there’s just like going to wash is what we’re gonna do a test on that just because like would be taking blood pressure pills it could damage your liver i could damage your kid and this and that and i’m like oh my god like thanks for telling me because

I didn’t know and my doctor my previous doctor the one my ob/gyn hasn’t checked me for any of those he’s never even told me about that stuff so she’s like yeah and she’s gonna check me for um oh my god what’s that word hold on but the bananas have it when i use we need help oh my god i know what it’s called but i just can’t think when you have crowns who tell

You to eat banana potassium there we go potassium she’s gonna check all that and i was like super excited when she was telling me she was gonna check all this because like i said my previous doctor didn’t tell me anything like that so i was like oh my god well thank god i found a doctor who like you know communicates and knows more not more what she’s doing but

Like i wouldn’t have known so and she seems really nice real genuine i like i even look like her first impression to me was really genuine nice just down to business and then she’s my dad’s doctor for his thyroid awesome so he was he told me about her and then i had another friend who told me about her so i had i have heard good things about her so let’s see what

She says about me hopefully she friends what’s wrong with me oh i don’t know she she knows where she is more doing with this thyroid so like i said next week hopefully on monday or tuesday i will get my result in i’ll tell you guys my levels mine would came back what’s gonna happen now if i get lowered or higher if i go higher on my dosage can’t breathing i like

Talking to guys um but i will address no next week so i will see you guys later bye

Transcribed from video
Changed doctors? My experience with levothyroxine 50mg💊 By Mommy Of One