February 8, 2023

Coward gets death hopefully

Culminating in multiple life sentences the chris watts case is one of the more horrific and senseless murder cases of the last decade so what led to the murder of watts’s wife two daughters and unborn son in august 2018 chris watts made a televised plea for the safe return of his missing wife shanann watts and their two daughters four-year-old bella and three-year-old

Celeste also known as cece after the three were reported missing by a family friend chris told denver seven in an interview i hope that she’s somewhere safe right now and with the kids sadly only two days after the interview bodies thought to belong to shanann and the children were discovered by police at chris’s former place of employment and adarco petroleum

Company bella and celeste’s remains were reportedly located in crude oil tanks while shenan who was 15 weeks pregnant was found in a shallow grave on the property chris was arrested one day before the remains were recovered and he confessed to killing shanann in anger after allegedly witnessing her strangle their two kids he was eventually sentenced to three

Consecutive life terms for his unimaginable crimes but just when you thought you’d heard the entire tragic story of the watts family case in february 2019 the convicted killer gave a full confession detailing the horrific crimes did he admit to you that he murdered his family he absolutely did cheryl lynn cadel was fascinated by the case and started exchanging

Letters with watts eventually she started visiting him at a maximum security prison in wisconsin she spoke with ann mercogliano what was it like to meet him in person very surreal at times when he would talk about the murders uh his eyes would turn so black he just would get a different look on his face and he talked about it so nonchalantly like you know going

Down to get a cup of coffee watts letters are filled with shocking confessions he never told the fbi including that he had planned the murders for weeks and that he’d secretly given his wife the painkiller oxycontin to end her pregnancy he thought that would make it easier to leave her to be with his mistress nicole kessinger the reason the medical examiner found

Oxycontin in shannon’s system is because i gave it to her i thought it would be easier to be with nicole if shenan wasn’t pregnant he was very mesmerized by her he just said in his letters that had it not been for her and the power that she had over him she pulled at him constantly that his family would still be alive today watts murdered four-year-old bella and

Three-year-old cece at the oil field where he worked but in his letters he reveals he had tried to smother them hours earlier in their beds but failed i’m not sure how they woke back up but they did it makes the act that much worse kaidel and her letters are featured in the lifetime docu-series cellmate secrets chris watts do you have a sense of how he’s doing

Today i don’t think he’s doing well right now he has finally realized that he’s going to be there for the rest of those lives

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Chris Watts confessed that he gave Shannon opiate painkiller Oxycodone to kill them By Blue Rose Unforgotten