March 28, 2023

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Hello scarf clements here just thought i’d give you an update on the citalopram i would have been taken now for nearly half a year as you may be aware i was prescribed it for anxiety and panic attacks and i think i gave the last video about two three months ago basically and i’ve been out for a long time it works i had the odd kind of fall back where i’d get

Days where i was you know pretty bad or particular hours where i was bad but i generally overall it worked really well however citalopram is in the class of drugs known as ssri which is a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor basically and at work crosses the blood-brain barrier and tends to keep serotonin levels going high high in the brain across the synaptic

Cleft for those of you are familiar with physiology and to basically raise the serotonin levels i experienced a lot of side effects with these predominantly and complete loss of libido and when i say complete loss i mean complete loss lack of sex drive and and not only that it was a there were other problems as well and not as bad as paroxetine that had dreadful

Side effects and dizziness and things like that but a major one is lack of libido basically if you’re unsettled prom and you are able to you know have sex then you’re very lucky and i think it was after about four or five months i noticed but i had no interest in it at all whatsoever nothing at all and not not slice pit so oh just lately a week ago i decided to

Lower my dough so i was on 20 milligrams a day and i decided to kind of win myself off them and for the last week i’ve been on ten milligrams a day basically you get the 20 milligram tablets i just just literally cut them in half and that’s ten milligrams after about a week being on ten milligrams and starting to notice little changes like feeling kind of tired

All the time and this kind of funny feeling in my head like i’m on another planet and things i’ve up but i would i would seriously you know if your answer teledrama knee and you you’re being armed for panic attacks which is what they’re generally prescribed for and you’ve been on them for a while you will if you’re a man and a woman as well you will have noticed

That you are not interested in sex at all and even if the woman or man of your dreams comes into your life there and been right there in front of you there’s going to be nothing you can do and it’s a bad thing really especially for a man i mean if you’re a woman you can just save got a headache but it’s quite bad so i’ve kind of i’m gonna wing myself often so if

Anyone else has had similar experiences please feel free to share them it’d be interesting to to see what other people have got to say on it it’s a sign of common side effect of all the antidepressants something anti-anxiety drugs that you were that you lose your sex drive you can’t even have sex even if you know somebody fancied for ten to fifteen twenty years

Comes in to you walks in strips off completely naked and says here i am take me there’s nothing you can do about it trust me on citalopram which kind of leads me to think that you know it’s quite a bad thing that if it if it if it can do that here then you know what else is it going to be doing and who knows and while they work a while it’s very good at what it

Does and it does exactly what it says on the 10 if you if you persevere with them and if you take them as prescribed regularly and you’re not supposed to take them with alcohol you know so what i used to wash my tongue look kind of carling at it so they work very very well don’t get me wrong they’re very very very very good if you suffer panic attacks since i was

On them for about three months sorry three weeks and i’ve never had a panic attack in the last six months so we’ll see we’ll see what happens over the next coming weeks i plan to do another day two days on ten milligram and then i plan to try and break the tablet into four pieces and take five milligrams a day for a week and then a plan to take five milligrams a

Day every five milligrams at night every other day for a week and then just stop so like i say it’s only today i’ve noticed i’ve been kind of really tired and i’ve got to go and lie down and woke up in the morning and i didn’t kind of feel right about this kind of fuzzy feeling in my head which isn’t good but you know it’s it with drol symptoms when you come off

Any class of drug like that you get withdrawal symptoms you know i’ve had a bit of shakes and things like that so yeah there we go coming off citalopram if any of you out there have been on citalopram or been on any other and type of antidepressants anti-anxiety drug please let me know if you’ve suffered the same thing i’m sure everybody did particularly if you’ve

Been answered telegram and please let me know comments always welcome i know this video is nothing to do with tetra radios and programming but then again we’re all human beings the world wide web is out there to share our knowledge and experiences and if you watch this video thinking you’d gain some information on radios then you’ll be very disappointed and so there

You go anyway thanks for watching i hope it’s recorded okay i’m doing it on an iphone 5s and with the front-facing camera and the phone upright so we’ll see what it turns out like thanks for watching and comments are more than welcome cheers

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Citalopram and its side-effects – coming off Citalopram 20mg/day. NEW : By nokiaman2002