January 26, 2023

Hi so in this video i want to talk about my experience taking citalopram so quick background is that i year been suffering on and off of depression for many years um and i as of let’s say you know during the past much of the past the three months or so it gotten into a phase where i was having really negative thoughts and came really depressed an almost daily basis

Having thoughts are so negative like borderline suicidal so i decided to take give it a you know give something a try and i started taking citalopram specifically because i knew somebody who had recommended it to me because they work with a doctor whose prescribes it who’s had a lot of success more than with any other drug seeing results with their patient so i

Thought let’s give that a try and i tried other antidepressants in the past like prozac and apparently hadn’t seen results but i thought let’s just try this since she told me that the hologram seems most effective and i hadn’t tried it before and thankfully i just happened to live in an area where i can actually but buy off the shelf and so i did i started taking

20 milligrams as of three weeks ago and frankly i’m like absolutely shocked with the results i don’t i’ve definitely noticed a clear difference number one let yes i do have negative thoughts but they are not as painful as before and number two when i do have negative thoughts i don’t ruminate on them for as long so i don’t keep just obsessing for a long time they

Kind of dissipate quickly and now it’s been about three weeks and so far so good knock on wood i don’t know if this i’m just lucky and or ever this is just a short phase or what but i have to say i’m very thankful for this and i mean definitely makes me want to recommend taking citalopram or at the very least recommend that you don’t give up if you struggling

With depression and just keep on trying different drugs and seeing what happens the one thing i guess i should comment through the side effects though potential side effects one is that it does make it harder to orgasm i mean for me especially during the first ten days or so practically impossible after that became possible but definitely still more difficult than

Before that is an effect that’s one definite effect i can point to there are other things i’m not really sure about whether they’re side effects or not but that’s definitely at least an effect that i’ve noticed cited for which i think is quite common having said that frankly it’s just that i guess if i just compare if it if i have to choose between me feeling like

Super depressed having you know thoughts you know bordering on suicidal and being able to orgasm without too much difficulty versus feeling better and not depressed but a lot of difficulty orgasming i’ll still take the ladder so i mean that’s sort of you might have to make that sort of decision if you do have some success

Transcribed from video
Citalopram (Celexa) – First 3 Weeks By Norris K