June 4, 2023

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Hey everyone it’s adam here i can’t see the guy um my next medicine review citalopram okay uh this is gonna be a review about the medication and also a story about how i ended up on this medication and the hell i went through with cycle of a psychiatrist how i was making a full recovery everything was going well and then i crashed into a suicidal depression

Yet again all thanks to this psychiatrist the psychiatrist was to blame for me crashing into a suicidal depression in my previous videos i talked about all the medications that i’ve tried all the ones that i tried to help with my major depressive disorder there’s been slight anxiety along the way please see other videos but i failed medications such as ester

Teleprom circulane duloxetine and fluoxetine and in the end i thought i went on to a different type of medication other than an antidepressant not an ssri or an snri and antipsychotic and it helped abilify now i know people have gave this medication bad reviews figures we will react if it needs a different medication it helps others it helps it doesn’t help

Some the medication helped me abilify he did help me so it just goes to show that i was suffering from some type of um bipolar or schizophrenia type of episode that was related to depression but it helped it raised my anxiety a bit hence why i always put it on the wrestleman and the lorazepam helped my anxiety but everything was going fine mood wise while i

Was on abilify i started to see an increase in my mood you know positive increase i wasn’t getting mood swings everything was going fine and you could say it saved my life because i was in a really bad stage where i was suicidal i was self-harming i was rock bottom and abilify helped me snap out of that so where did it all go wrong and how did i end up on the

Teleprom i was on the medication abilified for two years two years and it helped i was making full recovery and it was really helping everything was going fine then i received a letter saying please come back and see the psychiatrist for a medication review you know an update about how my progress is going i was like yeah okay and i was more than happy just

To walk into the office and say the medication is helping me everything’s going fine i would like to stay that way and the meetings will no longer be required because i felt confident in myself i could then move on with my life i turn up and it’s a different psychiatrist and i um says what happened to the other psychiatrist the one that was helping me the one

That prescribed me the medication and they informed me that he retired so he was replaced with this new psychiatrist who was much more younger he was a little bit more older than me but he was a young psychiatrist and anyhow he um we started talking about my problems and then he says to me he says what medications are you on currently and i says abilify and as

Soon as i said a bit of fire you looked at me like this he went really and i went yeah and he did not like the idea about me being on abilify what whatsoever i don’t know what his problem was i don’t know if he’s got a grudge against medication or he doesn’t agree with it in some capacity but he did not like the idea that i was on abilify i told him i said i’m

Making a full recovery everything’s going fine i like to stay on the medication because i’m making good progress he would not accept it not one little bit he says well look manny was making an excuse he was trying to find an excuse to take me off this medication he says if you’re making good progress then it’s only right we put you on a milder drug there’s no

Need for you to stay on a strong medication like abilify and i think to myself why change anything you know why change if everything’s going fine why not can understand how i am but he was just looking for an excuse for me to change this medication he did not like the like the fact one bit i was on this particular drug abilify and he says if you’re making good

Progress it’s only right that we uh that would throw you on a modern medication because you may not be required to be on such a strong medication anymore and i think to myself you know this ain’t right but you prescribed me so teleprompt 10 milligrams so i left the psychiatrist’s office with a new prescription and i’m going to tell you i felt zero effect on

This medication my research is a weak ssri it’s weaker than all the medications i tried previously like essa teleprom sertraline duloxteen and blue oxtain it’s weaker than those now i will admit it has helped certain patients to teleprom it’s used to treat mild depression i’ve got friends family members who have been on this medication and they’ve done extremely

Well but i think to myself if i’ve been on strong medications like essentially brown surgery do like steam fluoxetine how is this weaker medicine gonna help me you know and it’s an ssri and ssri is not strong enough to treat my depression neither was an sn right like do locks team and why have i gone from a psychiatric medication all the way to an antidepressant

That’s the weakness of the bunch and there was no need for me to change medications because i was doing so well the way i was and this proves it because i was on this medication for two weeks and through the two-week period i sunk right into a suicidal depression again i started self-harming again abusing myself with my fists i was um constantly along the mood i

Did not want to get out of bed you know i felt like a zombie my migraines were coming back i felt zero effect i was telling about 10 milligrams and something had to be done about it because i can’t believe i was doing so well for two years and then all this is something happening to me all because this psychiatrist did not like the medication that i was taking

And he was a new psychiatrist because they wanted previously retired but it put me from abilify all the way back down to teleprompt on the lowest dose 10 milligrams and it was hell it was just pure hell as i maybe remember i was getting very aggressive i was suicidal i was getting all these withdrawal symptoms from the abilify and it was pure hell pure hell

Now i will have this teleprompter useful with people with my depression and people have recovered from this medication while being on it so that’s a good thing now i don’t want this video to put people off all right if you’d be prescribed to teleprom give it a try because it’s supposed to be one of the good ones you will get your side effects like a headache

Feeling dizzy things like that but the full leaflet in your box should tell you the full side effects that you might be getting but my problem was i felt zero effect on the medication it clearly wasn’t strong enough and it was a wrong medication for me to be on it was like a random medication prescribed to me all to tapped me off this other medication so it

Gives the telephone a try and you might make a full recovery okay if not see your doctor but if you’ve been prescribed it just note about the side effects and you’re going to give the medication time as well because like i said it’s a weak ssri and it can’t take up to nearly two months to have full effect so if my friends were here or my family members were

Here and they’ll tell you that they’d give this medication a positive review sam’s really helped them with their lives and it could help you too but this is my experiences so don’t let the negativity in this video give you bad feedback or give you any thoughts of not taking this medication give it a try but this is my experience it was the wrong medication for

Me should never have gone on it and i can’t understand why the psychiatrist would put me on a medication like this when i’m taking it when i’m saying i’m doing so well on the medicine that i’m on i like to stay on it you know continue my recovery but he would not accept any of it and he got to the point where someone gp about it and i says look i’m a mexican

I’ve crashed into a suicidal depression i’m angry i’m tired i’m self-harming my psychiatrist has retired it’s been placed by this new one he’s talking about the medication and even he said at the time he says you should have to take you off your medication if you’re doing so well on it why would you change it like that and i explained it to you i said look um i

Don’t know why he’s doing it but it was the wrong move the right decision to make please help me so my gp says right i’ll write him a letter explaining the situation explaining that you should sell well on the other medication and requested to go back on it and this is the bad thing about gps and nhs the process of waiting is so long so long why would my gp

Write him a letter when he could just send him a email or even a phone call what is with a long waiting period you know it’s 2022. why is he writing him a letter when he can just send him a email thing is i was suffering i had to come off this medication and go back to my old ways so i’ve got to suffer in the meantime while i’m waiting and this went on for

At least another two or three months i’m surprised i’m still alive today because there were some stages where i was so suicidal i wanted to take my life and i found myself in dangerous situations i’m surprised i survived but it was only a matter of time before i could book a a another appointment to see the psychiatrist and go back and tell him i said look this

Is a teleprompter it’s not working you had no right change my medication in the first place you know i’ll need to go back on my own medication you know that was the thing but i had to wait up a few more months for an appointment to go and see him so i had to suffer in the meantime and it was the worst time of my life you know as if i didn’t have enough of me place

You know i was sulking i was missing my mom everything bad was going wrong but against the teleprom you know give it a try everybody you know if you’ve been prescribed it like that’s a weak ssri it might be strong enough to treat your depression or it might not but give it a try but it’s known to be very effective i know a friend who’s made a full recovery on it

And he’s doing really well on the medication so i think he’s on saturday probably 20 milligrams but there’s a different there’s a huge dose range from this medication you know find the right type and the right dosage that suits your depression and pulls you out of it give it a try you look like says you all get side effects like any other type of medication but

Um it was the wrong one for me to be prescribed with in the first place there was no need for me to be on satellite so i’m going to give it a negative review because not because of how it was it was the spot zero effect you know it was like swallowing skittles or eminem’s you know what i mean zero effect so there’s more of you wants to teleport sorry it’s been

Negative but again if you’ve got any questions any tips advice or anything you want to leave in the comments feel free from this video put me down do what you’re gonna do or if you have any questions or anything like that please drop in the comments and i’ll get back to you um in the next video i’ll talk about how things got worse from there because when i saw

My psychiatrist again he still refused to put me on abilify and he prescribed me another medication where things got even worse so my journey doesn’t end here my journey continues to be a hell hole it gets really more worse and again we’ll see where we go from here but it doesn’t get any better from here so please like comment what you got to do have a nice

Day everyone and get well soon hope you make a full recovery peace out

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Citalopram (Celexa) review By Anticenaguy