June 9, 2023

Just a little update video hope you like

Go along so what’s up guys um i’m back it’s been a while since i uploaded a video but i just want to let y’all know that i’m doing great i’m still taking the citalopram and everything is going great being my girlfriend still together i’m still enjoying life still doing good minor side effects like before so for the touch base with you guys and talk a little bit

About what’s been going on first off i just want to thank everybody for coming in and view in my last video i never expected that many people to view it but the good thing is is that you know i was trying to reach out to everyone to let them know that you know your guys are not alone um we’re all in this together we all fight this each and every day but you know

What stay positive and look forward look forward in your life because you start looking backwards and you know you’re going to you’re going to get caught up with everything else and uh the good thing is i’ve been taking this i tallip ram 20 milligrams i haven’t up the dose any it’s still working great for me i’ve learned two other ways to manage my anxiety i’m

Working out again heavy um i’m eating good everything’s going good so far like i said i’m actually working now you know i’m a certified personal trainer at a gym and things you know i’m doing a lot more than i’ve ever done in my life but for all those people out there who aren’t doing so well i want to let you all know that you guys have something to look forward

To because like i said one time in my life i used to sit around and you know i didn’t now i never thought that i would be able to move on from anxiety i never thought that i could be where i am today but i’m thankful that you know i was giving the opportunity by the doctors and support from my family support from my girlfriend ooh get up and do something about it

And if you guys are sitting at home and you’re scared you’re nervous things are going well you know what the best thing to do is get up and do something with your plan i know for the longest time my problem was was just admitting to myself into the others around me that i have anxiety and a lot of people they don’t understand what it feels like actually having

Xiety and i was telling my girlfriend i said i would never wish anxiety upon anyone it’s that bad it can be that bad at times and i know that she you know like helps me the best she can by giving me support and stuff like that but i don’t think she really understands what it feels like and no one really does unless they have it and if you have it like me and you

Know you have it um you know like yourselves that do have it you understand what i’m talking about so i just wanted to touch base with a little short video just to follow up that’s been like what november since i posted so i will be making some more workout videos here soon i plan on doing that that is my passion that is what really got me out of the house doing

Workouts and things of that nature that’s what really got me going i just got a new car just recently it’s a camaro it’s a 2014 camaro so i did get a new car well new car for me it’s not brand new but you know it’s on a couple years old and low miles on it so i went ahead and got that i’m working now i’m feeling great still living out on my own with my well with my

Girlfriend but everything’s going good and if you guys got any questions you know about anxiety or if you just you know you want to leave a comment you know be sure to just ask you know i can help you as much as i can now you have to do a lot on your own each and every one of you you all have to do it on your own but if you can just you know dig down find yourself

Find the positive in your life you you can achieve things that you never thought was possible trust me i never thought i would you know fly across the country and and be on my own and be out having a normal job and enjoying normal things like it’s crazy like i don’t want trips i take trips like on the weekends and i drive hours away and i you know and it’s like i

Never thought i would do that and here i am doing it and i know there’s a lot of people out there that say you know those uh ssris they’re bad for you and blah blah blah blah listen when i was sitting at the house you know for 10 years not wanting to go out do anything and for the last year of my life able to do the things i’ve done i will take a few side of family

Because i’m living life and i’m having fun and i am happy and that’s the one thing in life you need to learn that is to be happy if you have all the money in the world you can have everything in front of you but if you’re not happy and life’s nothing you have to be happy in – you got to dig deep to find a happiness and i just want you all to know that there is

Help out there there’s doctors out there you know there’s a lot of doctors out there they will just force-feed you though force-feed you there’s anything they want but if you do your research you find the right doctor you’ll find one that cares for you you’ll find psychiatrist as that will air for you and you can work on this and you can get better i did it i

Still happy about myself well guys getting kind of late i want to make a short video i want to let you all know that i’m doing well everything is going great and i’m still around so i’m going to cut it off there but before i go you guys really like my videos you like what i’m doing then please subscribe and like and if you liked it subscribe and i get enough

Subscribers than you know what i’ll keep doing these videos i’ll keep helping you i don’t mind it i love helping people you know i’m not i’m not doing it for anything else but to help people you know i like i like working out i like showing you guys what i do in the gym and i also like talking to you about what i’ve went through in my life and i’m gonna leave it

At that because like i said i could get up early i go to the gym i got trained people got to work it was good i know feels good to go to work but hey i was there like you got it we all we can get through this and remember don’t remember anything else for this video remember this there is people out there that understand and can help you don’t give up keep digging

Deep and remember we’re all in this together thank you guys and you know the 6,000 views i want to thank you all and i hope that can help you have a great night god bless you you

Transcribed from video
Citalopram Celexa Update and words of support By Jeff C