February 1, 2023

That was wrong with this bed my life sucks good morning sir my name is tracy i’m a nurse today okay can you tell me your name and date of birth david scott one month 75 okay perfect i’m going to go ahead and get some vitals to start with now what brings you in today hate talking about it but i just might just been depressed lately i my family left me and live in

A pink house and then a third semester nursing school and my instructors they think i’m superman i just don’t have time to get it all done and manage my life it’s just it’s a wreck the dogs are gone my life’s like it’s like a bad country song all right well you’re applying pressure normal one to number 72 which is good you have a good off spin saturation all your

Other vitals are normal i just have a few questions to ask you would you say that within the past two weeks you have felt down depressed or hopeless good food definitely and within the past two weeks would you say that you lost interest or pleasure and things that you want me to yeah i just i don’t want to do anything i just want to drink and smoke and you normally

They can smoke yeah not two packs a day i’ve been smoking a lot and i wasn’t drinking a whole lot but now i am every day so i got feel like i have nothing to live for do you ever feel like hurting yourself i don’t know have you ever felt like hurting yourself before made a plan to go all right that’s all i need from you the doctor will be in to see you thank you

So you stand okay mr. scott i talked to the doctor and it looks like he is prescribed you cycle tram also known as alexa this is going to be a sample pack for you to take home with you have you taken anything like this before ever and are you taking in the mao eyes no no but i’ll take anything else anything else okay and if you have any allergies penicillin so this

Is going to be 20 milligrams cavs take once daily by mouth and this is also a child resistant package so how you’re going to open it is by pressing down here and then pulling this out it’s also labeled with the days of the week so you can keep track so if you want go ahead and try that out i’m going to go print you an instruction sheet with all the side effects and

Everything so that you can take that home cool i will discuss that a little bit more i’ll be right back thank you okay and with that sheet for you you have any questions for me yeah how exactly does this work um well you did mention that you’re in nursing school have you learned anything about serotonin yeah i’m a glee remember the hormone that regulates the mood

And appetite belief exactly so that’s the main thing that this drug affects it’s a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor so basically what that means is it blocks the reuptake of it so it allows more to stay available to act on your brain cool happy pills happy pills yes so um some side effects to be aware of our nervousness insomnia anxiety and tremors and if

You are having nausea vomiting and tremors it’s very important that you call your doctor your prescriber right away and also be aware if you have any suicidal thoughts or anything like that call your doctor as well as soon as possible um do not take it with alcohol if you are drinking wait until the next morning they’ll take your ghost don’t take it together it

Can make you really drowsy be careful when operating machinery or driving a car if you do take any other medication to make sure you confirm out with your doctor first and then also for the full effect sometimes it can take anywhere from four to six weeks for you to start feeling changes but i’ll be giving you a call about two weeks to see how things are going if

You have any other questions you can always call office as well thank you it’s no problem i’m excited hello hi is this mr. shaw yes it is hi this is tracy your nurse from several weeks ago going to follow up with you about the site ala firm you were prescribed oh yes thank you for calling i appreciate it no problem how are you feeling oh just sipping on a frosty

Anw living the good life so what do you say that you feel that things have improved yeah i think they definitely have i’m feeling much better good and have you experienced inside effect in the very beginning i was sometimes i was feeling shaky when i was taking it and and sometimes i was a little tired and then sometimes i was a little wired up so i kind of had

To play around with my times that i was taking it and seems like it works better that i take it in the evening before i go to bed and and i’ve been feeling a lot better though overall now now that it’s been in my system okay good yeah that is pretty common and have you had any thoughts of suicide no not at all okay good that sounds like thing for improving so i

Told you before sometimes for a fool that it does take four to six weeks please all may notice some changes do you have any questions for me no i guess when uh when my 30-day pack runs out do i just call my physician or is he just gonna have that refilled um you should already have a prescription for you just let him know when you’re close to being panelist that

Sample package in a gym awesome yes i feel much better i appreciate you calling – okay good and i’ll also be following up with you again and another two weeks okay sounds good okay thank you mister huh thank you have a good night yeah bye bye

Transcribed from video
Citalopram Presentation By R. Dare